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1 AbCheck s.r.o. An Antibody Technology and Discovery Company Company Presentation.

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1 1 AbCheck s.r.o. An Antibody Technology and Discovery Company Company Presentation

2 2 Profile 2 AbCheck is an antibody technology and discovery company We are specialising in discovery and generation of fully human antibodies Our services range from antibody discovery to lead optimization We have a track record of isolating more than 25 different antibodies The antibodies are derived from 3 diverse human libraries Using 3 different libraries significantly increases the likelihood of success We are dedicated to finding the antibody that best meets the customer´s needs AbCheck is located in Plzen, Czech Republic, combining attractive cost structure with full freedom to operate and no commercial obligations to third parties

3 3 Management Dr. Volker Lang (Managing Director) 16 years experience in the biotechnology sector, spanning basic research, industry R&D, Business Development and Licensing, commercial operations and management Background as scientist and project manager combined with extensive experience in the commercialization of biotechnology products Considerable CMC/Production experience in his previous positions as Chief Business Officer (Affimed Therapeutics AG) and Vice President Corporate Development (Scil Technology GmbH) Dr. Vera Molkenthin (Chief Scientist and Head of Discovery) Many years experience in the selection of antibodies using phage display PhD from the Faculty of Biology in Mainz with main focus on construction of a phage display library and the selection of stabilizing mutations Head of Screening at Affimed with responsibility for the management of the screening group, with special emphasis on generation of highly diverse antibody libraries, and design and execution of the most appropriate selection procedure for a particular target

4 4 Superior Technology AbCheck is using three distinct fully human libraries Natural library derived from immune system’s antibody gene repertoire Fully synthetic library Semi-synthetic library combining aspects of both naïve and synthetic antibody libraries Advantages Higher probability of isolating very specific human antibodies against any target High diversity; approximately 10 10 not only in sequence, but also in structural diversity Validation Quality of libraries validated by more than 10 pre-clinical programs Outstanding screening expertise proven by isolation of >25 different molecules including: Several complex cell surface receptors as well as GPCR Subnanomolar affinities Very high specificity

5 5 Fully human library In vivo created diversity of antibody sequences comprising sequential as well as structural diversity New combinations of VH and VL chains from multiple healthy donors No bias due to amplification of the VH chains by IgM specific priming Special assembly technology guarantees > 70% functional clones Natural Antibody Library Reliable and rapid selection of highly specific and high affinity antibodies on recombinant proteins or cells

6 6 Synthetic Library Synthetic library Generated by introducing randomized sequences in the antibody binding site of selected frameworks Ensuring reliable folding and high expression yields Diversity generated in vitro thereby Avoiding counter selection against anti-self antibodies

7 Semi-synthetic library Combining the advantages of the natural and synthetic library Diversity and reliable folding and high expression Increasing the diversity of binding molecules even further 7 Semi-Synthetic Library

8 8 Track record in isolating Antibodies Proven track record of more than 25 different antibodies isolated including: High affinity binders Extreme specificities Targets including complex surface receptors as well as GPCR Sophisticated screening approaches developed Adapted to requirements of different targets Differential screening Screening on the surface of eukaryotic cells, etc. Strong Experience in Lead Optimization Selection of most suitable antibody for custom’s need from usually more than five different candidates Affinity maturation by light chain shuffling and randomization of contact residues

9 9 Affinity and affinity maturation Examples of scFv affinities (measured by surface plasmon resonance, SPR) Affinities in recent screenings within the low nanomolar Region Affinities increasing with library optimization Monovalent Binding Transfer into bivalent IgG usually increases binding strength by orders of magnitude Affinity maturation If required several means of affinity maturation can be applied Affinities can be increased by several orders of magnitude

10 10 Specificity and Functionality Specificity Antibody specifically binding the A isoform of the FcgRIII receptor CD16A Not binding to the B isoform despite 96% homology Targeting exclusively the activated form of the platelet receptor GPIIb/IIIa Functionality Binding to eukaryotic tumor or other cells expressing targets on their surface Examples Anti GPIIb/IIIa antibody: inhibiting binding of fibrinogen to activated thrombocytes Anti IL13R antibody: Interruption of the IL13 signalling cascade The diagram illustrates the percentage of cell-binding antibodies among all antibodies isolated in a protein-based panning process. If the target is a cell surface protein AbCheck guarantees binding of the isolated antibodies to target cells by this technique in most cases. Alternatively, panning on the cell surface is used.

11 11 Our Discovery Capabilities Target Expression Cloning of target proteins Production in bacterial or eukaryotic expression systems Screening Screening for binders to the recombinant antigen Differential screening to exclude certain specificites Screening on the surface of eukaryotic cells Tests for binding to recombinant antigens (ELISA) Tests for cell binding (FACS) Affinity ranking The entire sequencing process The cloning of sub-libraries for affinity maturation Characterization Recloning in the IgG format Production in eukaryotic cells Purification Specificity Affinity In vitro functionality

12 12 The AbCheck Value Chain Superior Antibody Seqence Human Sequence High Affinity Specificity highly adapted to functional requirements of targets

13 13 Business Strategy Establishing partnerships with renowned biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies Generating revenues by: R&D funding Upfront Fees Milestones payments Royalties on end products AbCheck’s potential clients include: Large Pharma/Biotech Midsized companies Product orientated companies based on novel platform technologies Small Biotech companies with proprietary targets

14 14 Partner Benefits Highly productive and validated technology Senior team with a proven track record of over ten years in discovery and research of therapeutic antibodies Strong IP position No royalty obligations to third parties Flexible, tailor-made deal structure High grade of technology validation combined with attractive cost structures

15 15 Typical Deal Values

16 16 Why partner with us? AbCheck uses three distinctly different proprietary human antibody libraries containing about 10 10 antibodies The use of three different libraries offers a significantly higher chance to identify the antibody that best meets the customer’s needs Proven track record of isolating more than 25 different fully human antibodies Experienced management team with a proven track record and over 10 years experience in isolating antibodies AbCheck combines a high grade of technology validation with attractive cost structure, no royalties and no commercial obligations to third parties

17 17 Contact Volker Lang, PhD (Managing Director) Phone: +420 378 05 1500 AbCheck s.r.o. Vedeckotechnicky park Plzen Teslova 3 CZ-301 00 Plzen

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