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, Pécs2010 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE ” “Economic background of AV industry developments” Pécs, 28.June 2010.

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1 , Pécs2010 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE ” “Economic background of AV industry developments” Pécs, 28.June 2010


3 POWERSHIFT (Alvin Tofler)  WHAT WE HAD  COAL AND URANIUM MINES  TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURES  MECHANICAL ENGENEERING  WHAT WE LOST  The mines were closed by 1995.  Traditional manufactures were closed around 1990  More than 20.000 workplace had been lost. THE POWER OF MANUFACTURE IS OVER !

4 POWERSHIFT (Alvin Tofler)  First document, mentioning the need for establishing Creative Cluster is the Regional Innovation Strategy (2004)  One of the flagships of the Competitiveness Poles of the city is the cultural economy besides the environment and healthcare industry.  Pécs has a firm- and (well-operating) cultural institutional network. 4000 people work in creative industry and each branches of the industry is represented in the city THE NEW POWER OF MIND and CREATIVITY !

5 South Transdanubian Cultral Industry Cluster

6 Employment rate in GDP (2002) Hungary Copyright sector 6,67% Agriculture 4% Machine industry 7,53% Chemical industry 4,43% Building 5,32% Dr.Penyigei Krisztina 2005.

7 Cultural assets in the Region KIKK survey 2007.

8 Film industry in Hungary and Pécs  One of the oldest and most successful branch of cultural industry is film industry.  The hungarian film industry has great and old traditions – and it also has international fame.  The Motion Picture Public Found grant is 19,2 M Euro/Y. Almost all is in centralised to Budapest.  The filmindustry size in Hungary : app. 178 M Euro/ Y  City of Pécs has decided to create a film-fund that is being attended by the Cultural Innovation Competency Centre Association [KIKK]  As a spin-off company, the KIKK founded the Southern-Transdanubia Filmfund Cultural Non-Profit Ltd. Which is going to be owned by Commerchial Chamber to manifest economic approach.

9 European Approach

10 Regional impacts at European filmfunds Filmfund Turnover / impact Film I Väst (Sweden)Turnover 200 M Euros in the moving image sector, approx. 50% of the turnover in feature films & tv drama MITTELDEUTSCHE MEDIENFÖRDERUNG Funding development, production, distribution, festivals, cinemas in the region, training, supporting features, TV drama, documentaries, animation, short film, games, new media/platforms Budget 12.782.295 euros PACA (France)Turnover 8 M Euros on 1 M Euros invested Wallimage (Belgium)Yearly budget 3.5 M Euros (4 M in 2009) Return 300% in last 10 years

11 Filmcommissions for Av developments

12 In post communist societies the economy development sources are still centralised, consequently the AV industry is concentrated in capital regions. There are no regional authorities which could form regional policies for cultural industry developments. Even the word : Cultural industry sounds weird ! Therefore regional film funding is a heavier task than it seems for first guess which lays out us a clear goal :

13 Establish competence centres ( or consider the development funds as a CC ) for AV industry developments. These competence centres should collect, develop and share competences about new media and funding possibilities among regional talents and professionals for their education, visibility and participation in AV industry. They have to develop competences in cultural industry to force stakeholders and decision makers to support the new ways of AV industry developments.

14 Main goals :  Generate, attract sources for regional AV industry development  Enhance Av initiatives  Build up the Regional centre of Film music and sound post production  Develop, attract and support AV production. Activities :  Lobby for regional source distribution  Consultancy in facility development for music centre  Education and training core materials development  Managing the region into European professional public opinion  Organising of professional events  Film music centre marketing Southern Transdanubian Filmfund Non-Profit Ltd.

15 The Vicious Circle From outside  There are no facilities, no professionals in cities  Its is expensive to move a production out from Capital From inside :  Without production we can’t offer job for local professionals  Without facilities we can’t attract productions SUPPORT

16 Innovation:  the creation of film-fund itself  using the already existing values, capacities and assets differently Economic growth  The arrival of film and music productions into the region – vitalising the already existing creative capacities in the region Employment & Development of SMEs  New SMEs are founded, already existing SMEs gain more orders – their benefit grows, by that their possibility for employing more people increase.  Productions, coming to the region, vitalise the business life of designers, costume designers, programme organisers, etc as well as logistic, security, hotel, restaurant and other side businesses.International effects Effects – results of the film-fund

17 Increase of education level: Special education and training is planned which is going to increase the employment possibilities of the future employees Exclusive education are at three faculties of the University of Pécs (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Music and Visual arts, Faculty of Engineering International-relations: Southern Transdanubia Film Fund is a member of CINEREGIO, which is network of European film-funds, and as such it is a member of the European knowledge-base Effects – results of the film-fund

18 CINEPÉCS INTERNATIONAL FILMFESTIVAL Case study Budget 166 000 Euro Local effect124 000 Euro Participants: Organising29 SME Accommodation & catering15 SME Communication9 SME Design & Web 3 SME Workflow : Cluster SME = Small &Medium Enterprise

19 Discussion How can we able to participate in this industry? How can we find our special values and assets in our city? –Surveys ? –Database development ? –Service support ? Are we strong enough to find the way of coproduction and cooperation between different branches of Av industry ? How can we find the focus of our local industry values ? Are we opened enough to find synergies to establish or develop a sustainable Av Industry ? Are we able to form an European framework of Av industry clusters to achieve a work share based, sustainable cooperation?

20 Thank you for your attention ! Janos Keresnyei President Southern Transdanubia Film Fund +36 30 9168001

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