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ONRC/ON.Lab Overview 1 Bring innovation and openness to Internet & Cloud Infrastructure.

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1 ONRC/ON.Lab Overview 1 Bring innovation and openness to Internet & Cloud Infrastructure

2 Stanford/Berkeley SDN Activities With Partners 20072011 2008 20092010 Ethane Demo Deployment Platform Development OpenFlow Spec v0.8.9v1.0v1.1 Reference Switch NetFPGA Software Network OS NOXSNAC Beacon Virtualization FlowVisor FlowVisor (Java) Tools Test SuiteoftraceMininetMeasurement tools GENI software suite Expedient/Opt-in Manager/FOAM Stanford University ~45 switch/APs ~25user In McKeown Group CIS/EE Building Production Network US R&E Community GENI: 8 Universities + Internet2 + NLR Many other campuses Other countries Over 68 countries (Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, etc.) VM Migration (Best Demo) Trans-Pacific VM Migration Baby GENI Nation Wide GENI“The OpenFlow Show” – IT World SDN Concept (Best Demo) SIGCOMM08 GEC3 SIGCOMM09 GEC6 GEC9 Interop 2011 +Broadcom

3 Scaling of SDN Innovation Standardize OpenFlow and promote SDN ~100 Members from all parts of the industry Bring best SDN content; facilitate high quality dialogue 3 successive sold out events; participation of ecosys Build strong intellectual foundation Bring open source SDN tools/platforms to community SDN Academy Bring best SDN training to companies to accelerate SDN development and adoption

4 Where is SDN right now? Adoption Hype Curve Now Early Adopters Main Stream Scalability High Availability Debuggability OpenFlow optimized merchant silicon More use cases SDN definitely represents a new paradigm of networking Huge market as per analysts SDN still requires many key capabilities to become main stream

5 Organizational Structure Berkeley Scott Shenker Sylvia Ratnasamy Open Network Lab Exec Director: Guru Parulkar VP Eng: Bill Snow Chief Architect: Larry Peterson ~20 Engineers/Tech Leads (includes PlanetLab team) Tools/Platforms for SDN community OpenCloud with XaaS and SDN PhD/Postdocs Research Stanford Nick McKeown Guru Parulkar Sachin Katti

6 Leadership National Academy of Engineering ACM SIGCOMM Award Winners Fellow of IEEE and ACM Entrepreneurs Impact on practice of networking/cloud KP, Mayfield, Sequoia Professor, Stanford Bob Kahn Professor Princeton Professor, UC Berkeley Chief Scientist, ICSI

7 Scalability Reliability Debuggability Flow Space Network Map Virtual Network Logical Crossbar Systems Abstraction Capabilities OF Switch OpenRadio Research Agenda Hierarchical SDN Control Optimized OF Switch Open Radio STS Edge-based Virtualization Hassel NetSight (SDN Troubleshooting)

8 Tools & Platforms 3 rd party components Network OS Apps Network OS Apps Open Interfaces Network Hypervisor Forwarding FlowVisor, OpenVirteX MININET, Cluster Edition ONOS SDN-IP Peering TestON with debugging support NetSight

9 Development & Test Environment

10 Build Community Starting with Open Source Development Practices Jenkins Automated build/test Code Coverage Github Open Source Automated Test

11 Development & Test cycle  Source code on github  Agile: 3-4 week sprints  Mostly Java and many utility scripts  CI: Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Coverage, TestON  Vagrant-based development VM  Daily 4 hour of Continuous Hours of Operations (CHO) tests as part of build  Several CHO cycles simulating rapid churns in network & failures on instances

12 Conclusion ON.Lab is committed to delivering high-quality open source products – This takes time and effort to deliver We plan to open our entire development process in the near future We are in the process of detailing our open source governance structure

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