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International Bartenders Association (IBA) program on responsible serving Brussels, April 2009.

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1 International Bartenders Association (IBA) program on responsible serving Brussels, April 2009

2 Alcohol & Health Forum 2007 - Bacardi put up the IBA project on responsible server training as one of its 3 commitments at the Brussels’ Alcohol & Health Forum. Background: Bacardi has a longstanding relationship with the IBA in promoting best practice in bartender beverage serving through the IBA Cocktail Server Awards. Bacardi is keen to support the IBA with additional resources to facilitate its server training programme. Priority: Develop information and education programmes on the effect of harmful drinking

3 Commitment A&HF “To provide partnership and resources to the International Bartenders Association for the development of training tools for IBA Members in responsible serving and social responsibility. The exlusive initiative consists of Bacardi working closely with the IBA to produce the following: The IBA Server Training Book, Training Module and Training Course and following through the company’s own distribution resources”

4 Overview activities 2006 - a Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between Bacardi Ltd. and IBA for the Period 2006 – 2010 on further Educational plans on responsible Serving and the role of the Bartender 2006 – print first books ‘Moderation and Responsibility’ 2007 – translation into Spanish and German 2008 – print manuals ‘Guide to Social Responsibility’ 2008 – translation manual into Russian and Dutch 2008 – start first responsible serving trainings in Asia 2008 – first train-the-trainer session, 8 EU-countries present 2009 – start responsible serving trainings in EU 2009 - DVD with ‘drink cases’ (possible problematic situations and solutions)


6 Séamus McBride CEO as of 2008

7 English VersionSpanish VersionGerman Version Book ‘Moderation and Responsibility’ Copies printed: English: 2.500 Spanish: 12.000 German: 5.000

8 Manuals ‘Guide to Social Responsibility ’ Manual translated in/copies: English: 2.500 Russian: 3.000 Dutch: 1.500

9 Roll out Responsible Server Training I Purpose: Bartenders who are member of an IBA related association have proved to be: fully conscious of their role as responsible person for responsible drinking behaviour of their guests; competent in fulfilling this role. Strategy: To reach the results mentioned above IBA shall call on her associations to organize courses in their country of origin for their members in the sphere of social responsibility. If so desired this can also be used on the long term as an entry requirement for membership. Theory: The IBA can on her turn facilitate in: a. Professional training material (paper-based as well as digital); b. A train-the-trainer course for example board members of the concerning association (the general support for this topic will increase!!).; c. Testing material for : the theory (paper-based as well as digital).

10 Roll out Responsible Server Training II Roll out through: IBA national guilds network – via NEO’s Bacardi network – e.g. as addition to Belief trainings by Bacardi’s Brand Ambassadors Hotel schools

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