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1 4CB Status report T2S Advisory Group 19&20 November 2013.

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1 1 4CB Status report T2S Advisory Group 19&20 November 2013

2 Agenda 2 Product Readiness / Specification & Documentation Product Readiness / Development Operational Readiness / Infrastructure & Network

3 Product Readiness Specification & Documentation 3 Status: - UHB: From UHB V1 published in December 2012 and after further exchanges with the market in the first half of 2013, two Document Change Notices describing the changes to be integrated in the UHB V2.0 have been released in July and October. The UHB V2.0 will be released in March 2014 for market review. - UDFS: Two DCNs describing the changes resulting from the Change Management process and to be integrated in the UDFS V2.0 have been released end of June and September. The UHB V2.0 will be released in April 2014 for market review. -Change requests (see separate Eurosystem presentation) -Change requests resulting from testing activities -Change requests from Migration Sub-group -Other change requests (omnibus accounts).

4 Product Readiness Development (1/2) 4 Status (end of September milestone): - Development: Completed for the core functions. Development of Non core functions continued till the end of October 2013 (Statistics, Billing). - Module Testing: 100% of the module tests performed for the core functions. - End-to-end testing (IAC): 72% of the end-to-end tests performed for the core functions (slightly below expectations), due to some difficulties encountered in July in the integration of the new software version. Risk: T2S application performance below expectations Risk response: - Formalisation of the volumetric assumptions and the workload distribution of the business day to be finalised without delay. - Architecture design / reliable and well proven system components/ proof of concepts : done. - Bottleneck tests over the project phase: ongoing. - Global tests on system performance: Non Functional Test cases finalised including additional tests on Market Specific Attributes. Test execution to be started in 2014.

5 Product Readiness Development (2/2) 5 Risk: Insufficient time to stabilise the application before the delivery for acceptance. Risk response: - Strict limitation of the changes to be taken on board in the version 1 of T2S - Non critical tests might be arbitrated to give the priority to the stabilisation of the core functions - Further optimisation of the organisation of testing activities - Reinforcement of the human resources dedicated to testing - Additional measures to address the difficulties encountered in July - Close monitoring by the 4CB and the T2S Board The risk has increased since the last AG. The high concentration of testing activities is, as such, a risk factor which will be closely monitored by the Eurosystem.

6 Operational Readiness Infrastructure & Network 6 Status: - Infrastructure: Activities on track (procurement completed for the main components, implementation of the different environments on going). - Network: - VAN providers: the Acceptance of the solutions is completed. - Middleware: Development and testing completed. - Dedicated Links: as no CSD/NCB opted for this solution, a change request has been adopted to withdraw this connectivity solution from the documentation and the 4CB will not implement this solution.

7 7 Thank you for your attention

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