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3 Age group 16-18 (3 rd class of the Vocational Courses for Food Preparation and Bar and Room service)

4 Main purposes The main purposes of this Activity Package are the following: - Encouraging students’ participation and cooperation - Working in staff to realize a common project aimed at the preparation and presentation of a menu based on a local and typical product (RICE) and matched with locally produced wines - Valorization of local food and products through the knowledge of their nutritional values and chemical properties

5 Materials used Local and seasonal food products (rice, wines, mushrooms, onions, walnuts, pumpkin, peppers, pears, quails, sausage, soft and hard cheese, etc) Cookware and utensils

6 Procedure and results 1) The students are grouped into 6 teams, each consisting of 3 students of the Food Preparation course and 3 students of the Bar and Room Service course 2) Each team chooses to prepare one recipe having RICE as its main ingredient (starter - first course – dessert) 3) For each recipe the team also chooses the best local wine to match and the best way to present and serve the dish

7 Procedure and results 4) After selecting the ingredients the students proceed with the calculation of the right quantities needed and with the practical realization of the dishes.

8 Procedure and results 5) At the same time the restaurant room is aesthetically arranged in order to present the dishes in a pleasant and attractive way

9 Procedure and results 6) In order to examine more closely the nutritional functions of the rice carbohydrates, the analysis and presentation of the chemical characteristics of RICE are carried out by the students of the Comenius partner school LICEO A.BANFI (4 th year)

10 Procedure and results 7) The students describe to the jury (consisting of teachers, professionals and the foreigner visitors) the dishes they have prepared and the wines they suggest to match

11 Procedure and results 8) The members of the jury taste the different dishes and vote to elect the winning team.


13 Procedure and results 9) At the end of the competition the students proceed with the cleaning and tidying up of the room and kitchen

14 Discussion In the following days, the students are encouraged to discuss with their teachers the results of the competition and to give their opinions and ideas.

15 Conclusion The results of the discussions allow teachers and students to understand what has gone well and what could be improved for a future similar activity.

16 Sharing the idea in Finland Some traditional Finnish dishes are also made from rice. Christmas porridge (rice porridge) Karelian pies Liver casserole Carrot casserole  Rice competition can be organized in Finland too!

17 Activity Package produced and developed by: Istituto Santachiara – Stradella (PV) – Italy: Prof. Silvano Vanzulli – Pierluigi Perinetti – Luisella Gastaldi – Enrica Marzatico- Antonella Buttazzoni – Luisa Quaroni Liceo A, Banfi – Vimercate Prof. Marina Porta


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