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MOTHER AND DAUGHTER AT SCHOOL. It is the biggest public literacy campaign in Turkey.

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2 It is the biggest public literacy campaign in Turkey.

3 It was launched in 2008 with the cooperation between Ministry of Education and Halk Bank and it has been implementing by Provincial and District Directorates in local.

4 What was the motive of this project? In 2008, Turkish Statistics Agency declared that nearly 5 million people ( more than 3 million women) in Turkey didn’t know reading and writing, the most important skills of person in his life. (in 2008, the population was 71.517.100) There also was a shocking statistic that most of those illiterate people were living in 9 big cities of Turkey (Ankara, Adana, Mersin, Şanlıurfa, Antalya, İstanbul, İzmir, Diyarbakır and Bursa). The total number of people who do not have writing /reading skills consisted of 40% of the overall population in these cities..

5 What was the situation in Tekkeköy/Samsun? 2008-2012 PlaceNbr, People not knowing writing/readin g 2008 Number of Literacy Courses 2008-2013 Nbr of people who accomplished the courses 2008-2012 Rate of accomplish ment Samsun103.649294664.23361% Tekkeköy3783125230359% Turkey5.571.100over 25.000over 3.500.00060% appx.

6 How have we worked for the project since 2008? We have opened 125 literacy courses in our district since 2008. Learners were between 30 -60 years old. And all partcipants have got their accomplishment certificates at the end of the courses. To foster the public awareness for the courses and campaign, we hung a big banner in the street, we had regular visits to villages and gathered with people to introduce the campaign, to assess the results and ensure that people were aware of the courses. We made regular public announcement from municipality building. We organised some occasions like reading competition, reading festivals, certificate ceremonies and gave prize for the winner of competition to make the people more eager to attend to these courses.

7 How was the result? The campaign has gone very well in our distrcit and in the country as well. 2303 people( 100 men, 2230 women) got their certificate of accomplishment of literacy courses since 2008. As a result, the rate of literacy for women has reached 95,92 and for men 93,22% in Tekkeköy. There are still people who do not know writing/reading and we continue to open literacy courses for them and still carry out the campaign.

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