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Psychologists at work Made by Kamilė Gasinska (18/11/2007)

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1 Psychologists at work Made by Kamilė Gasinska (18/11/2007)

2 Plan Psychology Subfields of psychology Biological psychology –The teenager’s brain –The female brain –The male brain –Homer’s brain Clinical psychology Developmental psychology Forensic psychology Industrial-organizational psychology Personality psychology Social psychology –Behavior impacted by interactions with others School psychology Some facts Salaries Bachelor's Graduates Master's Graduates Doctoral Graduates References References for pictures Conclusion

3 Psychology Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes

4 Subfields of psychology 64 subfields the most popular: –biological psychology –clinical psychology –developmental psychology –forensic psychology –industrial-organizational psychology –personality psychology –social psychology –school psychology

5 Biological psychology combination of basic psychology and neuroscience other titles: behavioral neuroscience, psychobiology, and neuropsychology exploration of the relationship between the brain and behavior

6 The teenager’s brain

7 The female brain

8 The male brain

9 Homer’s brain

10 Clinical psychology the largest specialty area in psychology applying psychological principles and research to assess, diagnose, and treat patients with mental and emotional illnesses psychologists work: –in private practices –in community centers –at universities and colleges

11 Developmental psychology study of the physical and cognitive development that occurs over the course of the lifespan psychologists specialize in an area such as: –infant, child, adolescent, or geriatric development –effects of developmental delays

12 Forensic psychology applying psychological principles to legal issues involve studying criminal behavior and treatments, or working directly in the court system Psychologists: –conduct evaluations, screen witnesses –provide testimony in court cases

13 Industrial-organizational psychology psychology of workplace psychologists work in areas such as: –human factors –ergonomics –human-computer interaction research in this field is known as applied research because it seeks to solve real world problems

14 Personality psychology study of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that make each person unique psychologists work in academic settings as instructors or researchers

15 Social psychology study of social behaviors psychologists: –conduct research in academic setting –work in areas such as advertising and government

16 Behavior impacted by interactions with others

17 School psychology working within the educational system collaborating with teachers, parents, and students to find solutions to academic, social, and emotional problems school psychologists work in: –elementary and secondary schools –private clinics, hospitals, state agencies, universities –private practice –serve as consultants (with a doctoral degree in school psychology)

18 Some facts (U.S., 2004) psychologists held about 179,000 jobs in 2004 about 25% of these psychologists worked in: –counseling –testing –research –administration at educational institutions almost 20% worked in health care 40% of all psychologists were self- employed

19 Salaries (U.S., 2004) Median Annual Earnings in the Industries Employing the Largest Numbers of Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists (U.S., 2004) –offices of other health practitioners: $64,460 –elementary and secondary schools: $58,360 –offices of physicians: $58,360 –individual and family services: $42,640 –individual and family services: $37,490

20 Bachelor's Graduates assistants in rehabilitation centers teaching psychology in high school for-profit business settings, usually the sales/service sector (2/3 in 1999): –employment counselors –correction counselor trainees –Interviewers –personnel analysts –probation officers – writers

21 Master's Graduates 2/3 are employed outside psychology handle research and data collection and analysis in universities, government, and private companies jobs in health, industry, and education, the primary work settings for psychology professionals with master's degrees community mental health centers often work under the direction of a doctoral psychologist, especially in clinical, counseling, school, and testing and measurement psychology. industry and government jobs in compensation, training, data analysis, and general personnel issues

22 Doctoral Graduates health service provider subfields, industrial–organizational psychology, educational psychology, other fields with applications in these settings 1/3 are employed in academe

23 Conclusion psychology- the science of all of us a big spectrum of choice great future psychology can be funny

24 References Dawn Rosenberg McKay. Psychologist: Career Information. ologist.htm (11/18/2007) Kendra Van Wagner. Subfields of Psychology. ds.htm (11/18/2007) American Psychological Association. Careers in psychology. (11/19/2007) s (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007)

25 References for pictures (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) psychology-exam.html (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) (11/18/2007) social-proof/ (11/18/2007) wh_n=news16 (11/18/2007) html (11/18/2007)


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