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Developing a Quality Assurance Framework

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1 Developing a Quality Assurance Framework
BEST project Kick off Meeting Doncaster February 2012

2 What is Quality? means different things to different people
very few Member States use the same quality system and core criteria difficult to identify the causal link between a quality approach and the quality achieved difficult to measure the quality of non formal and informal learning

3 European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQUARF)
a quality assurance and improvement cycle (planning, implementation, evaluation, revision) for vocational training Provides ways of monitoring performance - common quality criteria - indicative descriptors - indicators.

4 CEDEFOP 2003 “The challenge must be to measure what is valuable, rather than to value what is easily measured.”

5 Benefits: Quality assurance
Quality Assurance Framework Establishes credibility through assessing, testing and reviewing Provides a framework for reviewing, evaluating and improving

6 Quality and Standardisation
Quality Management system Set of Enterprise Competencies Set of indicators to measure against

7 Quality Management system
Stage 1.Identify competence and assess against indicators Stage 2. Test the competences/indicators Stage 3. Conduct peer review against indicators Stage 4. Revise competencies/indicators

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