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WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? That is the question… You will find our answers on the following slides. Please, be tolerant – some of.

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3 WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? That is the question… You will find our answers on the following slides. Please, be tolerant – some of our objects are a bit too big for such a glass so we just imagine them there. However, to keep you busy we have prepared a task for you. There is such a saying in Czech: „Co je psáno, to je dáno“ ( in Latin „Littera scripta manet.“; in English „ The written word remains.“ ) So, our written texts are correct but each of our recordings contains three slips of the tongue. Your task is to find them.


5 - A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER When I was in the first class of primary school, I met a beautiful girl. We were best friends. Maybe some time later she loved me, but I didn’t know it. She gave me a nice present for birthday. I got a four-leaf clover. Two months ago, I found it. I remembered my childhood. Now, I don’t know, where she lives or where she studies, but I will remember her forever! - A ICE-HOCKEY STICK Ok, I know it is a bit too big, so I just imagine it. I got it 8 years ago from Jan Starý, who’s really a good ice-hockey player. He played in Hc Moeller Pardubice. I put it into my wardrobe. So, every day, when I get up and dress up, I see his stick. - A SEASHELL When I was in Turkey, we were on a trip. The trip wasn’t amazing, but I saw a shop, where the Turkish people were selling nice souvenirs. I bought a really nice seashell. - A CUTE SOFT TEDDY BEAR I got him from my friend one year ago. She gave him to me for my birthday. I was happy and the little teddy bear was happy too. Every day I take it out of the glass, put it on the pillow and I sleep with him. - A BOOK Ten years ago, I was sick. My grandmother bought me a book. I hate books, but this book changed me. When I am sick or when I am in bad mood, I read the book from my grandmother. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

6 - A BRACELET I was in a summer camp when I was 14 years old. I met a good friend there. Her name was Denisa. Last day of the camp, there were competitions and a fair and we bought the same bracelets. Always, when I see the bracelet I think of her. - LITTLE HEARTS When I was little I got a chain with heart from my mum and dad. When I am sad, I know that they are with me. After a few years, I got a second heart pendant. It was from my friends. They gave it to me at school on my birthday. They made a little birthday party for me. - A DRY ROSE When I was 14 years old I celebrated my birthday and I went along the school corridor. Suddenly there appeared my elder brother and he gave me a yellow rose for my birthday. - A THEATRE TICKET On one day of the Christmas holiday, I with my friends went to Prague. The boys went shopping and the girls didn´t know what to do there so we decided that we could go to the theatre. But we had a very big problem - we didn´t have formal clothes so we went to a shop. After the shopping we went to the theatre. We had many rucksacks and we had only dark nylons. We looked awful. The performance was boring. After the performance we met the boys and we went to Christmas markets. At the end, all day was really unforgettable. - AN ICE CREAM BOX A few years ago, my brother and me went to Hradec Králové to visit my sister. She studied there. The whole day was great and we finished it with ice cream. I kept the box as a memory of the day. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

7 - A MATRYOSHKA DOLL It is a small wooden doll from Moscow, which I got from my best friend George. It’s a small thing but I’m happier because of it. I’m not worried with the doll. - A NECKLACE WITH HEART It is a pendant in the shape of heart and I got it six years ago. I passed the entrance exams for high school and the pendant brought me good luck. It didn’t matter if I would get to school or not it shouldn’t have been a reward but it gave me courage. - A JINGLE BELL IN THE SHAPE OF A TEDDY BEAR I have carried the jingle bell in my wallet for almost eight years. I got it from my mom in the second grade of elementary school. It happened when I was seven years old. We had problems with a two years older classmate. The jingle bell meant a lot to me. - A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER When we flew witch parents to New Zealand in 2001, my grandmother brought me a dry four-leaf clover to the airport. Already at the age of three years, I understood its meaning. I carried it in the pocket of a jacket all the time. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

8 - A GOOSY FEATHER I have had it for many, many years. That’s because when I was younger I really loved Indians. Mainly I loved Vinnetou and his friend Old Shatterhand and the other Indians. So my brother was a leader most of the times and me and my friends were fellows of his tribe. It was really nice that our parents let us sleep in our garden. That was a really exciting adventure for us. - A BROKEN HOCKEY STICK Ok, I just imagine it in the glass because it is a bit too big for it. I played Ice- Hockey for a few years and I got a medal for second place. When I see the broken stick, I can always remember my play in offense and how the opponents broke it. - A TINY MODEL OF A TREE HOUSE I unfortunately just imagine having it but it would be wonderful to have it in the glass. I can remember the times when I was younger, friends and me were creating a lot of treehouses. We started with a big one in our garden. When we kind of „destroyed“ that tree, we moved to the forest. There we built a kind of a colony. It’s a bit sad, that those houses were destroyed and we were banned from doing it again in the forest, but I sometimes remember those great old times with my friends. I would like to get a kind of a small copy of one of those treehouses. So maybe once with the 3D printers? WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

9 - A PHOTO In the photo there is my great-grandmother and it is in the frame. I made the frame when a was small and my great-grandmother died. I loved her and she looked after me very often. When she died, I was confused and I didn´t know where she was. So I produced this frame for the photo, which she had given to me. On the frame there is a glued four-leaf clover. - A PLUSHY BEAR I got him for Christmas from my boyfriend. He smells of lavender and the filling of the bear can be taken out and put in the oven to get warm. Than the filling returns back into the bear and it stays warm and smells nicely for several hours. - EARRINGS I got them from my grandmother. The earrings are from Swarovski. They have the shape of beads and they are silver. They were my favourite earrings, but I cannot wear them any more, because I´m probably allergic to something that they contain. - A WATER CONTAINER It´s not just any water container. It is in the shape of a hippopotamus and it has a straw. It´s purple and I like it very much, because drinking of it is very good. I drink from it all the time. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

10 - LITTLE STONE Its name is Upalit, it is transparent, but if you look at it, you can see the colours of the rainbow. I bought it, when I was young in one kiosk and I have had it for many years. I hope that it brings me something special. I think, that it is part of me. - PHOTOS They are photos of my friends and family. I do not know, where I will be in the future. These photos are a good memory for me. - VARIOUS TICKETS FROM ROME Last summer, I was in Rome with my family. I have a lot of tickets from there, e.g. the tickets from Basilica of Saint Pablo, Roma Dal Cielo, Musei Vaticani, the air tickets to Rome and to Prague. That holiday was one of the best for me. - A RECEIPT FROM ATM This receipt can remind me of my first day with ATM. I had not activated my credit card and ATM started to make a noise. I was scared and didn´t know what happened. I thought, that was the alarm for thieves. - SOME OLD COINS Some of them are really old. I found them in our cottage and in the garden of my grandfather´s cottage. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

11 - MANY STONES I collected some of the stones for example in the mountains or in the sea, when we were on holiday. Some stones were bought on the Earth day. I have a little black one, a little blue one and a crystal heart. - TWO BEAUTIFULL PORTRAIT WITH THE FAMOUS SINGER ELLIE GOULDING AND ACTOR ROBERT SHEENAN I got them from my best friends. Honestly, I don´t have the portraits in the glass, I have them on my wardrobe in my bedroom and everyone who enters my room likes them. - A SUIT FROM PAPER Once (in TERCIE) we had a school academy and we performed a play, whose name was “PAPOUŠEK KAKADU”. It was very funny. The lead role was played by my friend Dan. He had an interesting suit from paper. I took from him a little yellow part of the paper for memory. - PHOTOS They are for example photos of my family, friends or my dogs. I think, photos are really amazing things. The camera can catch very special moments. I think camera is a good invention. - LITTLE STATUES I got many little statues from my relatives and friends. A lot of the statues are cute dogs, because I love dogs. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

12 - SMALL GLASS BEAD I got it when I was little from my dad. It is a bead of glass. I love this glass bead because it plays all of the colours of the rainbow. - KEY OF CLAY I got it when I was first day at school. Honestly, I don´t have it in the glass, I hung it on my lamp next to my bed. It´s green on one side and on the other side it is brown. - A RING It´s a small ring with a red Czech garnet. I got it from my granny and I got it fact, I don´t know, when I got it. It is very small and it doesn´t slip over on my finger now, but it is very important for me. - A STONE It is a small stone from Croatia. We were there on holiday. One evening we went up a small mountain near the coast. I found this stone. The stone is orange with bits of quartz (I think it´s quartz). It is a memory on my holiday. - A SMALL PORCELAIN ELEPHANT It is a blue elephant with a pink flower. I got it from my mum when I was six. I played with the elephant when I was child. WHAT IS IN MY GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS?

13 WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR GLASS FULL OF HAPPINESS? We are looking forward to your presentations, videos, …


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