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A case for research? Tuinuane A church based savings and credit groups program.

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1 A case for research? Tuinuane A church based savings and credit groups program

2 Tuinuane Tuinuane – “Uplifting each other” A saving and credit group program tailored for a church Implemented by the Free Pentecostal Church of Kenya Financed by the Norwegian Pentecostal Mission and Norad Borrowed from VSLA (CARE) and PACT “Copied” by Baptists in Congo and NUDIPU in Uganda

3 Saving and credit groups Autonomous groups 20-25 members, mostly women Save a fixed weekly amount into a pool The members can borrow from the pool Time bound – share out at the end of each year Normally start out saving between 20 and 50 US Cents weekly

4 Tuinuane in numbers Started slowly in 2005 Now 550-600 groups and growing rapidly 11000-12000 members 150 locally incentivized volunteer field agents 5 staff Around 700.000 USD mobilized after 6-8 months Around USD 60 on average per member Members seem to be saving a little more than one month’s income during one year

5 Tuinuane – how it works All FPFK churches across the country are targeted (very wide geographical scope) – To avoid strife and struggle in the church – But in a systematized manner The staff train the first leaders of the first groups in a new region Self-instructive system with a self-explaining manual Manual includes issues on self-esteem, IGA etc. Very basic accounting system and savings passbooks After around 6-12 months the best leaders are asked to become field agents Field agents receive their incentives from the new groups they mobilize

6 Tuinuane and the church The groups are autonomous Most groups meet in the churches Most groups start their meetings with songs and praises Sometimes a pastor comes a share the word of God Persons from within and from outside the church are members in the groups

7 Testimonies from members 10 members have become Christian People are leaving Kenya Women to join Tuinuane A widow: “Tuinuane is now my husband” My familiy now respects me Let them be blessed those who brought us Tuinuane Now I can even wear a purse Tuinuane has taken away our shame Tuinuane builds me Before we were small not we are proud for ourselves The group has covered my shame Tuinuane is better because it we have a Christian Fellowship Now I can stand up before other people Tuinuane has build me to see me as a great person Tuinuane has given me leadership experience I thought I was too old but I was accepted Tuinuane makes us self-reliant Tuinuane is better than other groups because we share the word of God and sing

8 Testimonies from church leaders Tuinuane helps to increase the income in the church Tuinuane boosts the church Tuinuane has changes some of our traditional Christian habits (long sleeves, long dresses etc.) Tuinuane has helped us to dig into the scripture. Before only Heaven, now also life on Earth Tuinuane provides the church with leaders Tuinuane is a ministry Tuinuane makes the church more respected in the community Tuinuane gives the church members with more confidence Tuinuane makes the church more self-reliant and less dependent on foreign donations We can not compare FPFK now and before Tuinuane. We have changes. No longer so conservative. Now we are Christ like.

9 Possible research questions? Can the effects be isolated? Are the Tuinuane groups influenced by the church? – Is the church affiliation enhancing trust in the groups? – Are people more willing to be members of the groups? – Are the groups more sustainable (continue longer)? – Do the groups mobilize more savings? – Are the groups more or less autonomous? – Are non-Christian members excluded? Is the church being changed because of Tuinuane? – Increased emphasis on “life today here on earth”? – More members in the church? – More and better leaders in the church? – Better standing in the local community? – More involvement in social activities? – Change in outreach and evangalization strategies? – Increase in members’ donations (tithes) to the church?

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