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SOFT SKILLS (Sometimes known as People Skills)

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1 SOFT SKILLS (Sometimes known as People Skills)

2 Soft Skills Soft skills are either a natural talent, taught or learned through practical experience. Soft skills are influenced by your own behaviours, beliefs and attitudes.

3 What are Soft Skills? Soft skills are the social skills that people have. People have different levels of these social skills. Soft skills can be learned and improved upon. Soft skills are needed for everyday life as well as work. Soft skills are how we relate to each other.

4 Are Soft Skills Important?
They are the interpersonal skills that help you to get along with other people. They are the skills that enhance your interaction with others. They are the skills that can enhance your career prospects. They are the skills that can enhance your job performance.

5 Discuss what you think Identify some of the soft skills a Receptionist would need:- Examples: The ability to listen to customers. Judge customers’ needs and awareness of cultural diversity. Honesty and integrity. Have a polite, considerate and friendly personality. Good personal appearance (cleanliness and clothing).

6 Think about it Would you like to work with someone who never smiles, always looks on the negative side, has no sense of humour and is always in a bad mood? Do you know someone who never takes part in things, never helps or listens to others and only does the minimum yet takes all the credit? ARE YOU THAT PERSON?!?!? .

7 Think about it Class discussion:-
Have you been in a situation where you have worked with or been a customer served by someone with poor soft skills?

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