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Hydrogen Production and Distribution

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1 Hydrogen Production and Distribution
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) 2nd Stakeholders General Assembly Hydrogen Production and Distribution Professor Peter P. Edwards UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium (UK-SHEC) Head of Inorganic Chemistry University of Oxford 26th October 2009

2 Hydrogen: First on the Periodic Table

3 Metallic Hydrogen

4 Metallic Hydrogen

5 Hydrogen: The First Alkali Metal

6 The Hydrogen Economy P.P.Edwards, V.L.Kuznetsov, W.I.F.David, N.P.Brandon, Energy Policy, 36, (2008), p.4356

7 The Innovation Landscape
Research Applied Research and Development Demonstration Pre-competitive demonstration and deployment Market deployment Research Councils Technology Strategy Board Energy Technologies Institute Carbon Trust Environmental Transformation Fund Market-based mechanisms Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

8 The UK Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Scene
Strong research base – universities Relatively small number of potentially world-class companies Regionally focused activities including infrastructure development UK has been a good source of capital Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

9 Research Base SUPERGEN directed programmes in Hydrogen (2) and Fuel Cells (1) Socio-economics is integrated within the work of the UK Sustainable Hydrogen Consortium (UK-SHEC) University spin-off companies Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

10 Some UK Fuel Cell Companies
Fuel cell developers Intelligent Energy (PEM) Ceres Power (SOFC) Rolls Royce Fuel Cells Ltd (SOFC) CMR Fuel Cells (DMFC) Component suppliers / Other Johnson Matthey (MEAs, catalysts) ITM Power (electrolysers) Acal (Liquid cathode technology) Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

11 Support for Industrial Research, Development and Demonstration
The Technology Strategy Board supports industrial research and development in a wide range of technologies through a series of competitions. Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

12 Regions / Devolved Administrations
North East – hydrogen and electric vehicle recharging Midlands – British Midlands Hydrogen Ring London – London Hydrogen Partnership, buses Scotland – Aberdeen hydrogen highway Wales – Renewable Hydrogen Centre Ray Eaton, Assistant Director, Department of Energy & Climate Change

13 SUPERGEN Consortia 14 consortia £62m support since 2003
Delivery of Sustainable Hydrogen 14 consortia £62m support since 2003 Over 40 institutions Programme finishes

14 H&FC Research at UK Universities
University of Glamorgan University of Leeds Loughborough University University of Sheffield University of Nottingham University of Birmingham University of Oxford Imperial College London Rutherford Appleton Laboratories Newcastle University Strathclyde University University of Warwick Swansea University Cardiff University University of Salford University of Surrey University of Reading University of Southampton University of St Andrews University of Greenwich University of Manchester University of Ulster University of Sussex Kingston University Heriot Watt University Queen Mary, University of London University of Cambridge University of East Anglia University of Bath University College London University of Glasgow University of Edinburgh University of Liverpool University of Hertfordshire UK-SHEC 14

15 The UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium (UK-SHEC)
Vision UK-SHEC considers that hydrogen ultimately derived from renewable sources and used as an energy vector must be considered as a major component of a sustainable energy future in the UK and internationally

16 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo 2006
400 Exhibitors: 23,039 Professional Visitors “There exists the necessity for an epoch-making advance in new materials for hydrogen storage…. This is the hardest challenge” Masatami Takimoto Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Corporation

17 Hydrogen Storage: The Options 17
R.Helmolt, U.Eberle (General Motors), J. Power Sources, 2007, 165, p.833 17

18 The Light Periodic Table

19 Hydrogen Utilization P.P.Edwards, V.L.Kuznetsov, Turning Points in Solid-State, Materials and Surface Science, Chapter 4, 2008, RSC Publishing

20 Hydrogen Storage Utilization
J.Kilner, P.P.Edwards, V.L.Kuznetsov, Materials World, July 2009

21 Nature Materials, 7 (2), 138 - 141 (2008).

22 Metal-Organic Framework Materials
X.Lin et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2006, 45, 7358 –7364

23 Tuning Promising H2 Storage Materials Towards Automotive Applications
Hy StorM Tuning Promising H2 Storage Materials Towards Automotive Applications A Technology Strategy Board Funded Project

24 High throughput materials discovery and characterisation
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford University, Ilika, Johnson Matthey In-situ bulk characterisation Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford University ISIS

25 Chemical control of decomposition temperature (LiK(BH4)2)
LiBH4 E. A. Nickels, M. O. Jones, W. I. F. David, S. R. Johnson, R. L. Lowton, M. Sommariva and P. P. EdwardsAngewandte Chemie Int. Ed., (2008)

26 Oxford Energy Cycle Renewable Energy (all Known Sources)
Electricity - then electrolysis of water Hydrogen Sequestered CO H2 CO + H2O 2H2 + CO (CH2)n + H2O Hydrocarbons Store energy as hydrocarbons Transport energy as hydrocarbons Use hydrocarbons as liquid fuels Hydrocarbons + air CO water NET production of carbon dioxide in ZERO Professor Malcolm L. H. Green, Professor Peter P. Edwards

27 Delivery of Sustainable Hydrogen
UK EPSRC Supergen Consortium XIV 1st October Principle Investigator – Ian Metcalfe (Univ. Newcastle) Research Director – John T.S. Irvine (Univ. St. Andrews) Project Manager – Martin J. Smith (Univ. St. Andrews)

28 Delivery of Sustainable Hydrogen
Main focuses: Conversion of electrons, hydrocarbons and biomass-derived fuel sources into hydrogen or indirect hydrogen carriers Lower cost and improved efficiency Socio-technical impacts Technical elements: Catalytic and electrocatalytic processes Separation membranes – oxide, metal, polymer Chemical cycling & CO2 re-use Alternative H2 carriers – urea & NH3 Efficient small scale liquifaction

29 Oxford: A Chemical Grand Challenge
Turning CO2 into Fuel

30 The UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium

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