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AHMET TATAR Provincial National Education Directorate of Eskisehir.

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1 AHMET TATAR Provincial National Education Directorate of Eskisehir

2 13-11-2007 Development Economics Warsaw University 2 Economic growth models Where is education? What is the connection between education and economic growth? Discussion

3  Education fires up technological progress  Ideas, knowledge and skills– ability to use more advanced capital goods  R & D spillovers,  international trade

4 Technological change accounts for differences in the rate of economic growth & income differences across countries Technological change; innovation and imitation requires human capital as an inputFormal and non-formal education is an important source of human capital

5 Growth Educational stock Educational investment

6 6 * Human capital stimulates productivity growth directly or indirectly *... growth * Investment * Human capital as a vehicle for technical progress *...levels * Quality of human capital

7 Education and training Educational expenditure


9 Public expenditure (% of GDP) Private expenditure (% of GDP) Expenditure on public & private educational institutions per pupil/student (PPS for full-time equivalents) 200420092004200920042009 EU-275,065,410,650,795.4876.504 Belgium5,956,570,340,386.2517.659 Turkey3,07:0,08::: Czech Republic4,204,380,58 3.6644.621 Denmark8,438,720,320,337.6459.114 Germany4,625,060,920,806.1847.299 France 5,805,890,550,61 6.121 6.988

10 * Educational quality – measured by what people know – has powerful effects on economic growth. * individual earnings, on the distribution of income, and on economic growth. * Just providing added resources to schools is unlikely to be successful; improving the quality of schools will take structural changes in institutions. CONCLUSİONS


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