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Promote the Culture of Legality to prevent and fight the illegality MUNICIPALITY OF KUÇOVE ALBANIA.

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1 Promote the Culture of Legality to prevent and fight the illegality MUNICIPALITY OF KUÇOVE ALBANIA

2 Local government in Albania is regulated by the Law no. 8652, 31.07.2000, "On the Organization and Functioning of Local Government", as amended. This law regulates the relations of individuals with local government itself. Since this law is based also on other legal acts and legal sections, local governments themselves determine the internal organization of the administration for their proper functioning.

3 One of the purposes of the administration is also informing citizens about the laws that applies to their different relations with local government. The different directories of local government conduct affairs in different fields; they have also the responsibility to inform the citizens on the laws that regulate the relations between their respective field. Given this relations between local government and citizens, the modalities of information on executing and respecting the law are different.

4 One of the ways is by informing citizens through official notebooks, which are the source of official information for any law or new regulations, or amendments. These official notebook are listed in the a legal library, and are helpful to the employees themselves but also to the citizens, in order to ensure transparency of administrative actions. Ways to promote legality

5 Another way is through the various departments/directories of local government. Given that they are regulated by special laws by area covered, they are a source of information and promotion of legal culture directly to citizens. The direct meetings, as well as leaflets (for any new/amendment law are the most usual forms. Ways to promote legality

6 Another route of information in law enforcement and legality to the citizens, is through the Public Information office in our municipality, as part of the Directory of Legal Affairs&Programming, that is at all times in contact with the citizens, giving a more complete information on laws and their applicability. Ways to promote legality

7  Another way, to promote the culture of legality is through the Institutions of the Municipal Council, along with Citizen Commission. The municipal council, is a collegial body that besides being a local decision making body, gives the opportunity to the citizens to discuss the local decisions in open meetings so they voice can be heard and make them part of the legal decisions, promoting a culture of legality with active participation of the community. Ways to promote legality

8 The Citizen Commission is a fair representation of citizens entitled to the promotion of legal culture, as it is an institution built for precisely for a wider culture of the legal applicability and decision-making proposition. Ways to promote legality

9 Without neglecting the information through the local newspaper that gives precise information of each local decision or any new/amended law. By becoming a promoter of legal culture to citizens, it also raises the awareness and brings controversial views of a higher number of citizens. Ways to promote legality

10  The civic education program is meant to teach youth to be a good member of society, introducing the basic notions of living while respecting unwritten and written laws, human rights and social integrity. Civic education program in schools

11  The role of Youth Center as a local institution is to educate new generations on negative aspects of society such as use of drugs, human trafficking and juvenile crime. It is a center that gathers the Youth in their after school hours and gives them variety to pass this time. This way we avoid any of their involvement in streets band criminal activity. They develop their talents and make new friendships, altogether while getting information and education on the risk of getting involved in illegal activities. The role of Youth Center

12  The importance of promoting the legal culture in private sector is of outmost importance for a prosper development of the community.  We have been involved in 2012 in a program financed by USAID/PLGP to increase transparency in:  Public communication  Urban Planning and Management  Taxes and Fees  Digital information of community Business and the private sector

13 The results of the project until now are:  A more professional and transparent communication with the community  Raise awareness on the need to respect Urban Planning Regulations  Information on laws and regulations related to taxes and fees for the general public and private sector  Creation of a web portal of Municipalities that contains very detailed information for the public Business and the private sector

14 Info brochures on laws and fees

15 The Municipality of Kuçova has tried to promote a legal culture through open communication with the community, welcoming dissenting opinions and hear the voice of every citizen, because respect for legality is effective only in the case of a close cooperation between government and citizen.

16 Thank you!

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