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SWG Modern housing “The Sectoral Working Group Activities” Venice, March 14th, 2012.

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1 SWG Modern housing “The Sectoral Working Group Activities” Venice, March 14th, 2012

2 The Network Region of Veneto, Lightning Cluster Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia Emilia Romagna Region, Larcoicos-ICIE Cluster Bulgaria Economic Forum, Bulgarian Furniture Cluster Association of Business Clusters (ABC) Maribor development agency, Cluster Energy Optimized Construction, ŠTP Technology park, Chamber of commerce & industry of Štajerska, Slovene Construction Cluster, Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship Piran Hungary - HITA cluster Pro Wood, cluster Green Energy Biomass, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Development Bulgaria, Institute of Economic Forecasting Serbia - City of Niš, "Dundjer" cluster BIH - Republic Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, SD Energy Cluster

3 1st SWG Meeting (Maribor, 26. and 27.10.2010) WP 4 activities and planning of the Budapest meeting Presentation of the participating regions and cluster-activities Joint development of SWG activities Cluster manager profile Planning next SWG Meeting / Timetable Sharing of good practices in cluster organisations Individual meetings

4 2nd SWG Meeting (Venice, February 16th, 2011) Briefing on meeting objectives On site visit to local cluster. Examples of building restoring in Venice, Sharing best practices in clusters organization (The experience of public building and cultural heritage restoration in Venice) Presentation of activities implemented after the 1 st SWG Discussion on the preparation of PEV Cluster manager profile Transnational agreement Draft programme of next SWG meeting in Banja luka Summarization of the results of PPs workshop

5 3th SWG Meeting (Banja luka, 17. & 18.03.2011) Presentation of the Adriatic - Danubian Clustering Project The genesis of cluster development in the European Union, cluster development in Slovenia, the experiences at the regional level Cluster development in Republika Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina Republika Srpska experiences – presentation of Cluster “Drvo” Prijedor Pannel discussion - Topics: –Vision of cluster development in Republika Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina in next 5 years –The functions of clusters we want to develop in the future –Identified problems so far and the models of most useful assistance from the European Union –The most interesting forms of international cluster cooperation Visit to the GRAMES Construction Fair Workshop: implementation of WP4 activities, agreement proposal, ADC cluster management activities, ADC local offices Workshop: PEV programme, transnational MH cluster database

6 PEV Event (Maribor, May, 31 st and June 1 st, 2011) Presentation of sectoral working group results Future Modern housing network Agreement signature Project development – ideas Public presentations – cluster managers Cluster2cluster meetings, B2B meetings

7 Main outputs -Exchange of experience in development and management of MH clusters, -Identification of clusters / networks / institutions / companies interested in cooperation in transnational ADC MH network (to be continued), -Future transnational activities identifined; including the concept of local offices, -Transnational Modern housing ADC agreement, -Business cooperation between cluster members started, -Information about clusters and cluster supporting institutions is available on the project web platform

8 Conclusions -There is no magic formula for transnational cluster cooperation, we need dedicated people and professional institutions; -The process of networking must be additionally developed to reach the sustainability; -Clusters and cluster supporting institutions must provide resources for transnational cooperation; -Cluster manager can (short term) be provided by coordinator of SWG


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