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Charly Kahl-Gortan; Vera Hahn How do you motivate your members to learn? Evaluation of the questionnaire no.1.

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1 Charly Kahl-Gortan; Vera Hahn How do you motivate your members to learn? Evaluation of the questionnaire no.1

2 Return of the questionnaires Aim: 45% return of questionnaires Result: 62% return of questionnaires (out of 39)

3 Return of questionnaires

4 Languages Danish English German Swedish Russian Estonian French Spanish Italian

5 Computer skills Basics Internet Word Excel Windows XHTML Power Point Layout ECDL (1st level)

6 Something else, what? Sports (yoga, n.walking) Health care Literature Mathematics History Studying skills Performance skills Reading newspapers Cooking Workrelated mentoring Career guidance Food hygienic certificate Reception tasks Snackbar tasks Peer group Daily living Horticulture Philosophy group First aid certificate Communication/ conflict solving Arts (drum/guitar course needle work, music, photo workshop, writing workshop

7 Do you personally ask and motivate the members to participate in a course?

8 How do you draw attention to the courses? Morning-/ Housemeetings Motivation through members and staff Posters Articles in the clubhouse newspaper Announcements at info boards Website Study program leaflet Internal tv Calling the members Speak about it

9 Do you offer courses for beginners?

10 Do you offer courses for intermediate?

11 Any options to repeat the lessons? If yes, what? Lessons are individually organized Copying scripts Repeat the lesson Depends on the course in question Personal support from teacher or other participant Informations about the last lesson

12 Who offers the courses? Members Staff Volunteers Teachers from outside Students which are doing their pracitcal training

13 Learning opportunities during the Work Ordered Day Computer skills Handling hand tools Cooking Selling drinks/snacks Communication training and techniques Handling conflicts Work in the garden Answering the phone Renovation How to organize the sparetime Discussions about how to live the standards How to make films Cleaning/hygiene skills Economics Book keeping/to manage the cashierregister Introduction of new members

14 Do all members have a mentor/ mentorrole? Yes (12) –most of them (2) –some of them (2) No (2) –Not in particular, but multiple relations are taking place (2) –Not found a functioning structure yet (1) –Because the CH has just started (1) –Not every member is ready to be a mentor (2)

15 Do your members ask for special courses? Sports Different computer programs Communication Hygiene Memory group Studying skills cooking Different arts Different languages Economy/calculation Relaxing methods Job applying Wellness CV

16 Do you support members in taking courses apart from clubhouse? Giving informations Applying Looking for schools and visit them Talking with student counselors Nearly every support they need Good contacts with different educational institutes Educational exhibition once/year Helping to solve problems with social security issues Part of members‘ carreer/rehabiliation planning Announcements Pay a certain amount of the courses or train tickets

17 Do you have documentations about members‘ whishes of special learning subjects? Records from house/policy meetings Goal planning sheet Survey made by a student in 2007 Asking members‘ interests and then try to organize a course Questionary List of whishes and ideas

18 Do you follow up things members learned? Action plans/goal planning Inner self evaluation No follow up (needs more attention)

19 Who decides in the Clubhouse about the courses to be offered? House/policy meeting If money is concerned the last responsibility lays with the director (teachers from outside) Members Educational committee Full time teachers together with the members

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