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FA Forest Oy - Ash handling - FA Forest Oy (2012).

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1 FA Forest Oy - Ash handling - FA Forest Oy (2012)

2 Development of company -Established 1995 -Owned by private persons -Begun with aerial spreading of fertilizers, trials with ash 1995 ->, in practical scale 2000->

3 Ash management consulting Sampling and analyses -planning of handling and logistics - Equipments for ash management

4 sampling granulation sampling storageing packing


6 Non-fertilized area Ash fertilized area 8tons / hectar 45 years ago An experiment in Muhos

7 Matovaara Valtimo Non fertilized area Ash fertilized area About 5t/ha Ash fertilized and thinned area

8 Distances in Finland Ahonkylän tuhkan hankinta Viitasaaren tuhkan hankinta

9 Logisticts to forest -Peatlands -Mineral soils is under development (with urea) Logistics -Helicopters -Loading equipment -1400kg sacks -Micronutrient fertilizer BT-300 -Tractors -As loose granulated ash Liming in environmental catastrophes and spreading of chemical fertilizers

10 Growth in Peatland Additional increment 0,5-8 m 3 ha -1 a -1 - normally 2-4 m 3 ha -1 a -1 - duration of effect over 20v (Growth in Ruukki – FFRI experiment, 4t DW/ha) (Metla, Moilanen)

11 Frost insulation -Dilute ashes, when not suitable to fertilizer use -Non-hazardous to environment -As granulated – solubility is lower -Easy to store and construct -Good as insulation -Even 1m thinner structure of road -Bearing about as coarse sand / moraine -Lower need for gravel Ash gravel vs. ordinary

12 Regulations Quickly developing and changing Confusing, uncertain and sometimes conflicting Laws related to using ash and ash production: Law on Environmental protection ja –decrees, National law of waste, waste directive and End of Waste-criterias, Decision dumping sites, Waste taxation, Sideproducts, Direction on using ash (as waste) to soil construction, Safety Products are regulated by: Law of fertilizers and directions, - different products to silvi- and agriculture - REACH, (Mixed ashes) - CE-, - Law on radiation Recommendations for sideproducts (Trafic administratives, Concrete industry, Asphalt industry)

13 Forward and upward… -> Regulations has affected recently positively -> General opinion favours Aim From waste to product

14 Foreign countries? -Questions -What? - Share of business, role of FA Forest -Where? - Location -How much?- potential customers (power plants, demand of products) -Why not?- Legislation, cost levels etc. -When?- Project in background / changes in taxation or legislations, other determinants for time If positive answers exist for both sides, we are willing to continue.


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