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FUTURE FUNDING OF NGOS Marek Šedivý President AVPO AVPO - Marek Šedivý1.

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1 FUTURE FUNDING OF NGOS Marek Šedivý President AVPO AVPO - Marek Šedivý1

2 Future Funding of NGOs GRANT OPERATORS that will be discussed: –Hyundai Foundation Fund (administrated by the Open Society Fund Prague) –Open Society Found –Czech-German Fund For The Future –Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program –Partnership Foundation AVPO - Marek Šedivý2

3 Hyundai Foundation Fund Name of the Program: Strengthening of the civil society Aim: –to support the civil society and community projects dedicated to protecting and improving the environment –to support activities focusing on the development of a democratic society and controlling activities concerned with transparency in decision making, conflict of interests or access to information AVPO - Marek Šedivý3

4 Hyundai Foundation Fund Area of Financing a.The involvement of citizens in decision- making and the promotion of the public interest b.Community projects c.The professionalization of nonprofit organizations (existing or newly created) AVPO - Marek Šedivý4

5 Hyundai Foundation Fund Rules of Access for NGOs –meaningful activities with social necessity and usefulness –a high level of public participation –project feasibility and adequacy of the budget –sustainability of positive impacts of the project in the future –to prove difficulties in obtaining other financial sources AVPO - Marek Šedivý5

6 Hyundai Foundation Fund Timing: –Application deadline: 13. 4. 2012 Total Value: –Maximum Grant Assistance: 500 000 CZK –Grants generally do not exceed 250 000 CZK AVPO - Marek Šedivý6

7 Open Society Found Name of the Program: The East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program Aim: –to support collaborative exchange of information, experience, expertise and knowledge through multi-national initiatives which seek to build international networks of informed, empowered people, who act to engage citizens to affect positive change in the realization of ideas and practices of open society. The Program is implemented in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Central Asia and Mongolia and with partners in Slovenia, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania and Hungary. AVPO - Marek Šedivý7

8 Open Society Found Area of Financing The program supports long-term initiatives within themes encompassing good governance and public policy, rights protection and social inclusion, and global perspectives and international dialogue. AVPO - Marek Šedivý8

9 Open Society Found Rules of Access for NGOs Evaluation criteria: –The need / urgency of the problem, which the project focuses. –Mutual sharing of experiences between partners of the project. –A realistic chance of meeting the objective. –Sustainability and utilization outcomes for future work –Innovation. AVPO - Marek Šedivý9

10 Open Society Found Timing: –Application deadline: ongoing Total Value: –Financial support is always partial – it is expected co-financing from own or other sources, but the required amount is not determined. AVPO - Marek Šedivý10

11 Czech-German Fund For The Future Name of the Program: Czech-German projects focused on the future Aim: –to support understanding between Czech and Germans in various ways –to increase the number of bilateral meetings –to expand co-operation through support of joint projects, thus actively contributing to the renewal and strengthening of Czech-German relations AVPO - Marek Šedivý11

12 Czech-German Fund For The Future Area of Financing –is very diverse in order to create opportunities for as many different forms of co-operation as possible (from science and culture through educational programs, youth events to ecology, etc.) AVPO - Marek Šedivý12

13 Czech-German Fund For The Future Rules of Access for NGOs Projects must: –bring Czechs and Germans closer together and increase understanding between them, –be focused on the future, –be creative, –involve the public of both countries to the greatest extent possible. The essential criteria for decision-making: –a logical financing proposal – to be able to cover at least half of the costs from own resources or the resources of a third party, –a clearly visible and permanent positive effect on the process of Czech-German understanding. AVPO - Marek Šedivý13

14 Czech-German Fund For The Future Timing: –Application deadline: 4-times a year September 30th of the previous year December 31st of the previous year March 31st of the relevant year June 30th of the relevant year Total Value: –Financial contribution - up to 50% of total project costs AVPO - Marek Šedivý14

15 Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program Name of the Program: Partnership Fund Aim: –to reinforce mutual cooperation and partnership between Czech and Swiss bodies and hereby contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities between the Czech Republic and more advanced countries of the enlarged EU AVPO - Marek Šedivý15

16 Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program Area of Financing a.contribute to the solution of specific problems in the Czech Republic in accordance with the goals defined in the Framework Agreement; and/or b.strengthen the professional capabilities of authorized applicants by the exchange and transfer of experience and best practice between partner bodies; and/or c.contribute to the strengthening of the partnership with sub-project activities AVPO - Marek Šedivý16

17 Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program Rules of Access for NGOs (1/2) 1.Proposal shall be submitted in Partnership with the Swiss entity. 2.A natural personal may not be a partner. 3.The applicant’s history should be at least a year long. 4.The amount of the requested grant shall be at least CZK 170 000 and at most CZK 4.3million. 5.The maximum length of execution of the sub-project shall be 18 months. 6.Co-financing of at least 10% of total eligible costs of the sub- project shall be arranged by applicant. 7.If the co-financing is arranged through a bank loan, a loan commitment shall be presented. 8.In the case of NGOs, the ability of the applicant to co-finance the sub-project shall also be presented (e.g., annual report showing the state of management, bank account statement) AVPO - Marek Šedivý17

18 Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program Rules of Access for NGOs (2/2) 9.Proposed activities are always non-profit and in the public interest 10.The sub-project proposal may not have the characteristics of public assistance. 11.It is not possible to finance activities from the Structural Funds or other programmes. 12.CVs shall be presented in the case of Czech experts. 13.Sub-project proposals may include – as an additional activity - Purchase of equipment and material and Small-scale construction work necessary to execute the sub-project. 14.Costs expended on the purchase of equipment/material and small-scale construction work may not exceed 35% of total eligible costs. 15.In the event a grant is awarded, the Partnership Agreement, containing a description of the roles and responsibilities of the partners and a description of financial flows between grant recipient and the partner, shall be presented. AVPO - Marek Šedivý18

19 Swiss – Czech Cooperation Program Timing: –Application deadline: Ongoing basis It is open for the duration of the PF (July 2009 – June 2013) or until the exhaustion of the funds allocated to the PF. Total Value: –The total funds allocated to the Partnership Fund for 2009 - 2013 is CHF 3 million. AVPO - Marek Šedivý19

20 Partnership Foundation Name of the Program: Basic Grant Program 1.Information Projects 2.Influencing legislation at European and national level in favor of the environment 3.Campaigns and participation in decision-making Aim: 1.informing the general public in the key areas for environmental and civic engagement. 2.decision-making in legislation related to the environment at the EU level or at the level of the Czech Republic; conservation efforts and improved of the rules for the citizen participation in environmental decision making process support activities of organizations that are dedicated to the protection of environment and nature. AVPO - Marek Šedivý20

21 Partnership Foundation Area of Financing –The Foundation focuses on the areas that state and local government do not support or support limitedly. –Such as: citizen participation, the right to obtain information, consumer behavior, or topics that are neglected in public debates. AVPO - Marek Šedivý21

22 Partnership Foundation Timing: –Application deadline: In 2012 Basic Grant Program is not declared because of missing financial resources AVPO - Marek Šedivý22

23 AVPO - Marek Šedivý23 Thank you for your attention

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