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Konstantina N. Kyriakopoulou Social worker, coordinator Open Polyclinic of Patras Doctors of the Wolrd.

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1 Konstantina N. Kyriakopoulou Social worker, coordinator Open Polyclinic of Patras Doctors of the Wolrd

2 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights (Article 1). Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. (Article 2). Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. (Article 6). All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.





7 Human Rights & Reality

8 Social exclusion is a phenomenon and a consequence of specific policies which caused gaps in society and hence disruption of cohesion, equality and therefore freedom.

9 As Levitas (2004) supports «The socially excluded are identified as a group outside the mainstream of society, sometimes even as a group outside the boundaries of the concept itself society (Levitas, 2004, sel.226).

10 The provision of cultural mediation in Greece, though a state obligation nevertheless is left in the wider friendly assistance and action of NGOs. No policy to eliminate the phenomenon does exist in Greece, apart from the little money given for example in educational centers for the training of cultural mediators. However, the theory must be put into practice in order not to perpetuate a problematic situation.

11 MEDICINS DU MONDE “Medicins du Monde” is an international, medical, humanitarian, nongovernmental organization. MdM –Greece, maintaining their autonomy, both operational and financial, organize, staff and finance missions through the Greek department. MdM - Greece were established in 1990 and they constitute a unique Greek Organization which follows its own path based to the particularities of Greece, maintaining its economic and administrative independence. At the same time, however, they remain part of the International Net of MdM which consists of 14 departments; Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, United States, Cyprus,Greece,Italy, Netherlands, Portugal,United Kingdom,Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Argentina.

12 Open Polyclinic of Patras The program “Open Polyclinic” operates with the aim of providing primary medical health care and social support to people who lack access to the National Health Care System (as the immigrants), the refugees without legal license of their stay in the country, the poor people or these without insurance, homeless people and Roma populations.

13 With the translators’ aid we provide primary medical care, social support, legal assistance

14 Respecting the country of their origin, their cultural frame of reference, the specific needs, with active listening and empathy, we inform our clients for the obligations and rights arising from the possession of “red card for applying asylum, the opportunity for voluntary repatriation, and the referral to shelters. Furthermore, many of our clients, wanting to achieve social integration, they proceed to actions editing working permits.

15 Realizing their living conditions (most of them are homeless) we provide basic hygiene items, clothes and sleeping bags. We also make campaigns, and try to aware agencies and residents for the specific target group.

16 We utilize a network of volunteers composed of doctors from various specialties to cover additional needs of the population

17 Considering the demands of our clients, we make proposals for the improvement of their living that will assist them in order to be totally integrated

18 Doctors of the World”, operating in this context and understanding that multiculturalism is not only related to the immigrant or refugee but also to the person that comes from a different socioeconomic status, implement programs with a twofold objective: to prevent multi-problematic situations, and on the other, they offer medical care to all those who are excluded from the public health system




22 Doctors of the World Sapfous 12 Athens Kapodistriou 92 Patras 2610310366

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