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ESS VIP PROGRAMME An overview ESSNet workshopWG LUXEMBOURG 22/11/2012.

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1 ESS VIP PROGRAMME An overview ESSNet workshopWG LUXEMBOURG 22/11/2012

2 ESS VIP programme Scope Objectives
a set of coordinated projects launched at ESS level experimenting new mode for corporate development in the ESS using resources efficiently Objectives transforming the ESS business process developing the underpinning common infrastructure towards a "to be state"

3 Drivers for change Increased demand of new and better statistics
Severe budget constraints and cuts Necessity to cut the burden for respondents, enterprises and citizens alike Increased competition by private and public information providers Challenge of globalisation and complication of statistical phenomena New opportunities provided by Information Technology developments

4 Business Case Need for change Benefits
The way we produce EU statistics The way we cooperate at ESS level The ESS statistical (IT, methodology, ..) infrastructure Benefits Agility – reduced time to produce new products on the basis of existing information (admin sources, web data, …) Lower production costs and higher efficiency Higher quality through standardisation & harmonisation

5 To-be-state Users European Statistics - Dissemination
Other Partners OECD IMF European Statistics - Dissemination ESS Secure Bus Shared Services Storage Production Dissemination European Statistics – Production Processes European Statistical System European System of Central Banks Other Statistical Actors NSI ESTAT ECB NCB STAT Interoperability standards & common metadata Primary Collection Administrative Sources - Surveys – Official Sources – Private Sources

6 Links with previous projects
Extension and streamlining of previous approaches based on Eurostat Vision Infrastructure Projects (VIPs) ESSnets projects Building on on-going flagship projects EGR SIMSTAT VIP Validation Census HUB

7 Outline of the approach
7 ESS VIP (tentative) projects that aims at changing/improving the business process freeing resources reducing burden on the system 5 Cross cutting infrastructure developments to enable the realization of business projects to be reused by other projects in the future

8 Outline of the approach
Supporting functions Programme governance/steering at ESSC level Programme office for active monitoring Enterprise architecture to guide development Human Ressource management Adaptation of the legal framework Design and testing of new mode of cooperation in the ESS like the Centre of Excellence

9 ESS VIPs and Cross-cutting issues
CC – "Technical" CC – "General" ADMIN Information models Communication NAPS Network / BUS Governance ESS DW PRIX and TRIS Data warehouse Human resources EGR / EBRs Shared services Financial resources SIMSTAT Validation architecture Legal framework ICT Implementing strategy Common validation policy

10 Outline of the approach
The programme will start in 2013 and continue till 2017 The priority is put on realization of the 3 business projects ESBRs, SIMSTAT, New Validation Policy required adaptation of the current ESS infrastructure in the short term (EDAMIS, SDMX-RI, …) definition and agreement on the target common architectures (information management and data warehouse, service oriented architecture, network & communication architecture, validation architecture)

11 State of the art Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Autumn 2012 till June 2013
First ideas and underpinning principles were discussed in DIME and the ESSC Summer 2012 Eurostat designed on a first proposal Autumn 2012 Discussion with MSs in Directors groups and at ESSC on 15 November 2012 till June 2013 Intensify discussions with MSs to finalize the programme (new business projects, better define the actions and activities)

12 Programme organisation and synergies
Programme is made of projects which are closely tied together Business and IT developments NSIs, Eurostat and possible external partners ESSnets projects are imbeded in ESS VIP Development and agreement on target architecture and standards in the first 2 years may require "SPRINT" sessions Synergies with activities at UNECE level will be sought

13 Next steps Creation of the High level group (at ESSC level) to finalize and steer the programme Start/continue the realization of EsBRs, SIMSTAT and New Validation Policy projects Continue discussion with MSs on others projects (ESS VIP discussed at subject matter directors groups, cross cutting issues in DIME/ITDG groups) Launch feasibility studies and architecture definition

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