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S 1 Intelligent MultiModal Interfaces Manuel J. Fonseca Joaquim A. Jorge

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1 S 1 Intelligent MultiModal Interfaces Manuel J. Fonseca Joaquim A. Jorge

2 S 2 Presentation Outline Problem Tools/Solution Objectives Project Overview Task Analysis 2D Sketch Editor Sketch-Based Retrieval Current Status

3 S 3 Problem Longer product cycles Inflexible separation - design and engineering Raise manufacturing costs and Time-to-market CAD systems allow very complicated models “Bad” Usability at early stages of product design (pencil/paper reign) Early design phase dissociated from product definition Large conceptual gaps Mental model vs Geometric models

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7 7 9 Weeks to get the Virtual model

8 S 8 Tools/Solution Alternative input modalities and new interface technologies New sketching applications supporting what we call Calligraphic Interfaces. –Remove artificial dialogue constraints (WIMP Uis) –Allow designers to work as they would with more traditional media (pencil/paper)

9 S 9 Objectives Rethinking Usability of design Research into better input modalities RISC Interfaces, Drawing as metaphor User-centered approach Computer-based tools in initial stages of product design

10 S 10 Constraint Based Model Assembly Personal Design Assistants Immersive Surface Modeling Retrieval by Example

11 S 11 Task Analysis We visited Industrial partners –CENTIMFE –ItalDesign –ELASIS Observed/Videotaped users in action Interviewed themand presented questionnaires They answered to 11 questions Reports for each site How ?

12 S 12 Task Analysis 1.Who is going to use the system? 2.What tasks do they perform? 3.What tasks are desired? 4.How are the tasks learned? 5.Where are the tasks performed? 6.How often are the tasks performed? 7.What are the time constraints? 8.etc. What did we ask?

13 S 13 Task Analysis Identify critical tasks Define user requirements Recommendations and guidelines for the project Assure that our work is based on Real Data not on our imagination! Why ?

14 S 14 Task Analysis User Requirements –Larger drawing area –Bigger and easier to identify icons –New tools for the left hand –No mouse and no keyboard –Access to past projects –Possibility to use the touch sense for modelling –Software integration (2D+3D+presentation+...) –... Final TA meeting (Sept 9-10, Lisbon) –Final report almost done Results/Conclusions

15 S 15 On Going WPs API Specification 2D Sketch Editor for Modelling 3D Surface sketching in Immersive Environments Constraint-Based Scene Modelling Sketch-Based Retrieval

16 S 16 2D Sketch Editor Recognition-based Interfaces Reduced Instruction Set Interfaces Handle Imprecision and Ambiguity in uniform manner Less (More expressive) Commands

17 S 17 Current Status Simple prototype using IRIT (geometric kernel)Simple prototype Make it more robust using better geometric kernel such as ACIS or ICEM Add more functionality 2D Editor

18 S 18 Sketch-Based Retrieval Designer re-use drawings CAD Systems do not support retrieval Text indexing not sufficient for CAD Need Innovative methods for CAD databases Simple geometric features + Spatial relations Indexing + Matching algorithms

19 S 19 Query by Sketch How do designers retrieve? (Library Component, Past project) – Videos from TALibrary ComponentPast project Our proposal Sketched Query Suggested Results Retrieval

20 S 20 Matching System Architecture ClassificationQuery Retrieval

21 S 21 Current Status Description using Topology Graphs Graph Matching using Eigenvalues New Indexing Structure, NB-Tree –High-Dimensional Data points –Outperforms recent structures SR-Tree [Katayama 97] Pyramid Technique [Berchtold 98] A-Tree [Sakurai 00] Retrieval

22 S 22 Performance Evaluation 100,000 points PII@233MHz 384MB RAM Knn = 10 Uniform Data Retrieval

23 S 23 Project Outline and Status Integration and Final Prototype Integration and Final Prototype Final User Evaluation User Requeriments & Task Analysis User Requeriments & Task Analysis API Specification API Specification Field and User Tests Constraint-Based Scene Modelling Sketch-Based Retrieval 2D Sketch Editor for Modelling 2D Sketch Editor for Modelling 3D Surface Sketching Prototypes Done Almost Done Working On It

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