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1 Project overview Presented at the Euforia KoM 21-24 January, 2008 Marcin Płóciennik, PSNC, Poland.

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1 1 Project overview Presented at the Euforia KoM 21-24 January, 2008 Marcin Płóciennik, PSNC, Poland

2 2 Motivation  Scientific community  the ICT technology is still not present at the appropriate level  but is demanded by the users to empower the daily work processes  There is strong interest of scientific groups of users that are eager to profit from Remote Instrumentation e-Infrastructure This is the reference for DORII, with experimental equipment and instrumentation, which is not integrated or integrated only partially with the European infrastructure  We collected requirements from various owners of equipments, selected scientific disciplines (only areas where hardware instrumentations are required for experimental work)  The current capital investment, collected since a few years and coming from many international and national projects, where we were co-operating together  7+ years experience  High interests worldwide  RISGE-RG –OGF research group  Instrumenting the Grid 2007

3 3  Integration of instrumentation and selected applications with e-Infrastructure and maintenance on production level  Adaptation of e-Infrastructure across selected areas of science and engineering  Step forward in accessing scientific instruments  combine the experimental science community and its research facilities with the support given by e-Infrastructure  Deployment and operation of persistent, production quality, distributed instrumentation integrated with e-Infrastructure  to provide added values of e-Infrastructure in the integrated environment of scientific and engineering instrumentation, networking, visualisation and computational infrastructures  Generalize and deploy a framework environment that can be used for fast prototyping  to use expertise and demands collected from various groups/owners of scientific instrumentation  to integrate selected functionalities from infrastructure and IST-oriented projects Objectives

4 4 Scientific community  Earthquake community:  Network-centric seismic simulations  Earthquake early warning system  Environment community with selected applications:  Oceanographic and coastal observation and modelling  Mediterranean Ocean Observing Network  Experimental science community  On-line data analysis - synchrotron and free electron lasers  Reference installation mentioned by ESFRI  Deploying the results to a wider community outside the project  MOON (Mediterranean Ocean Observing Network),  European organisation EuroGOOS  ECOHYDROS – represents the industry area (SME)

5 5 Project activities  Coordinated by PSNC  11 partners  30 months

6 6 Project strategic areas  steering, monitoring and accessing remote instrumentation (GRIDCC, RINGrid, VLAB, CRIMSON)  Interactivity in grids and distributed environment (Int.EU.Grid, BalticGrid, CrossGRID)  visualisation (Int.EU.Grid, CrossGrid)  collaborative tools (GRIDCC, Int.EU.Grid)  building software frameworks for fast prototyping and easy adaptation (g-Eclipse, Int.EU.Grid, CrossGrid)  workflows (VLAB)  networking, quality of service and bandwidth on demand (GN2 project)

7 7 Technical background  Open software components to be adapted and integrated from the following projects:  GRIDCC: VCR based on GridSphere Portal, Instrument Element  Int.EU.Grid: Open MPI, Migrating Desktop, gLogin  g-Eclipse: An integrated, Grid-enabled workbench based on Eclipse  GN2: Network Infrastructure  VLAB : Dynamic Workflow Manager (WFM)  EGEE: gLite middleware for higher level services with contributions from Int.EU.Grid  We take as a base GEANT2 for networking and EGEE/EGEE-2 middleware for higher level services

8 8  Standardisation  Research group at OGF – Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment  Scope (part of):  Provide an overview of existing solutions and best practices for interactive service oriented infrastructures  Integrating research: interactivity and visualisation in typical workflows for remote instrumentation  Interactivity in Grids  Visualisation Frameworks  INGRID – conference (planned as annual event, exchange forum) - Some of the topics  Workflow management for large-scale experiments  Visualization techniques  Management of large data sets  Management of large-scale physics experiments  Supporting interactive applications in the grid environment  Usage and extension of some of services and middleware  Example: Migrating Desktop Platform environment (to be deployed also in DORII), mpi support Possible common field of interest

9 9 INGRID 2008  3rd International Workshop on Distributed Cooperative Laboratories: Instrumenting the Grid  April 9-11, 2008 Lacco Ameno, Island of Ischia, Italy  The DEADLINE for paper submission is JANUARY 31, 2008  OGF RISGE-RG session in conjunction with conference

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