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Innovation – Lab II « Grassroot innovation » PARENIS Tunisian Innovation Ecosystem gets Local around Value Chain Clustering B. REZIG, E. OTTOLINI ANPR/PASRI.

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1 Innovation – Lab II « Grassroot innovation » PARENIS Tunisian Innovation Ecosystem gets Local around Value Chain Clustering B. REZIG, E. OTTOLINI ANPR/PASRI April 16th, 2013 at ENIT

2 PASRI is … The Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS), in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry of Industry (MI), launched "PASRI", the Projet d’Appui au Système de Recherche et Innovation,funded by a grant from the European Union € 12 million. The PASRI is managed by the National Promotion Agency for Scientific Research (ANPR) 2

3 The main objectif of PASRI Improving the R&DI contribution to develop the Tunisian employment, strengthening the links between Research (knowledge) and Enterprises (know-how). It means “qualified people” having “added value” for the Tunisian economy 3

4 The key-components of PASRI Rules Governance: Strengthening the mechanism of National Innovation System ( SNI) Links Networking: Develop national & international "networking“ and Tunisian capacities to be integrated within EU & worldwide research programs Transfer Interfacing: Stimulating the research community, the economic environment and interfacing 4

5 « Networking » means ….. To facilitate better synergy between R&D actors and potential projects proposers To meet sector and enterprises’ priorities To promote innovative projects at territorial, national, international level 5

6 The EU projects … only money? Money is “important”, but participating to EU projects means... to be into virtuous circles... to be in touch with competitive systems The Grassroot project/networking is an excellent reference for further partnership in the EU or other donors projects 6

7 …. But …. Where is the Tunisia now ? Is Tunisia an active and dynamic “receptor” according to the inputs of EU in the field of R&D? Are Tunisian the institutes and the enterprises experienced and skill to be performing partners within “research consortia” ? 7

8 The importance of H2020, the new EU R&D Program (€80 billion budget) Integrated and multi disciplinary projects Relevance to SMEs participation (20%) Relevance to EU key-sectors “Green” vision (as de-pollute the Mediterranean sea) All that means more difficulties to be selected and to be Funded but challenging opportunities for Tunisia 8

9 Examples of PASRI "networking" actions Prospective study on the state of the art and potential of innovation in Tunisia Assistance to TRENET, Intex networks: Statute, operational action plan Communication Support structures in assembling and interfacing the Productive and Innovation Clusters in the priority fields and in priority regions Support the development of the ICT sector according to other existing programs 9

10 Regionalisation process and PASRI The “regionalization” model is a successful model... this is evident and proven in the world (German land, Italian regioni, French régions... “States” of USA). It’s a democratic development driven by innovation within a democratic scenario ( balance, rules, tools between developed and undeveloped territories ) 10

11 Vision Integration of economy/territory To support, develop and improve the existing Value Chains on the territories according to their vision and the R&DI tools To facilitate the transfer of “Best Practices” and the establishment of synergies between developed and disadvantaged Tunisian regions 11


13 The engines for local & regional development PASRI aims to Integrate R&DI system (the soul of the project) composed by its infrastructures (universities, centers, laboratories and units) as well as the Office of Technology Transfer (BuTT) with & within Large Companies and SMEs (industries and services). Other supporting tools will be: Agencies (industry, innovation, development), Techno Poles, Technical/Business Centers. 13

14 Université Technopole Centre d’affaires BuTT API ODNO NORD-WEST REGION: THE R&DI ASSETS 14

15 Cluster is a territorial tool… The cluster is a tool that facilitates the economical development territorial process ( higher added value for the enterprises & better opportunities for people ).... It is the local effort driven by innovation to a better understanding of "who they are“... "what they can do“... “who they will be”... Cluster is a driven Bottom Up process 15

16 Cluster facilite… Company: higher competitiveness, costs reduction, specialization opportunities, access to qualified personnel, integration in the value chain. University: as knowledge, know-how, and R&D skills provider; testing and studies delivery. Institutions: inputs for decisions process about strategic choices, priorities, infrastructures, investments, regulations. 16

17 Local governance: the actors of cluster Production & service Enterprises (value chain ) Obj: competitiveness Locales Authorities Obj: policies and priorities Development Agencies Obj: supporting actions Universities Obj: training/needs R&D Structures ObJ: applied research 17

18 Zoom on potential twinning ODNO CGDR 18

19 1.Information, watch & Communication TTO (BuTT) a supporting R&D innovative tool Services 19 - Advise, Orientation, contact and addresses. - Website : access to faculty staff, scientific heavy equipment, data bases. 2.Protection of the assets of the Intellectual Property - Supports the preparation of the files for IPR and also ensures the deposit and the follow-up. - Organizes actions of awareness and training in collaboration with the INNORPI.

20 3.Valorization & Transfer TTO (BuTT) a supporting R&D innovative tool Services 20 - Looks of opportunities to promote the link between the supply and demand and upping projects or joint actions. - Mobilizes resources to assist in various phases of prototyping, testing and certification of new products and processes. - Ensures that the transactions are recognized in accordance with the professional rules and regulations - Develops university or company resources with commercialization and marketing.

21 Thanks for your attention... and.... Together & Stronger towards a more innovative and challenging green world 21

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