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2nd project meeting COMENIUS Lisbon March 2005. Speculum an on-line magazine for transversal policies.

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1 2nd project meeting COMENIUS Lisbon March 2005

2 Speculum an on-line magazine for transversal policies

3 Presentation of the participating countries  Belgium  Greece  Italy  Lithuania  The Netherlands  Poland  Portugal































34 Issue number one: Youth and and their future plans, dreams and expectations

35 Logo of issue number one


37 An overview of the 10 sections 1.Book or film review 2.Short quotes: ‘the future is…’ 3.Designing the future 4.Cartoons and jokes 5.Interviews 6.Prophecies 7.There is no future 8.A European language 9.Song 10.Poll

38 The future is … what we make of it.

39 Book or film reviews

40 Belgium

41 Italy


43 Poland Film ‘Sex mission’

44 the future is... something that we can’t predict

45 Designing the future Lithuania

46 ‘The future teacher’

47 ‘The future car’

48 ‘In the future’

49 Designing the future Italy

50 ‘Future shoes’

51 ‘Future trousers’

52 the future is … something philosophical, what is the future?

53 Italy Cartoons and jokes




57 Poland

58 Crocodiles In 2100 three crocodiles are lying on the river banks: - We used to be green once – says the first one - And we used to be able to swim – adds the second one - That’s enough – shouts the third – Let’s fly to collect some honey!

59 Prison What’s the difference between future and prison? For some people it’s long, for others it’s short, but nobody does life sentence there.

60 the future is... a dream

61 Interviews Poland

62 Famous sportsman Tomasz Kucharski double gold medallist of Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004) in rowing cuples of light weight.

63 Interview Lithuania

64 VILIUS PURONAS a famous designer

65 Interview Italy

66 Famous doctor Dr.Bruno Gridelli Head of the Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies ( ISMETT) of Palermo

67 the future is … strange to think about


69 On the positive side, I think people are becoming smarter and smarter, and so we will be able to exterminate diseases and we will become conscient of the importance of nature.

70 We are becoming less social: family is taking a less important place in our lives. We are all individuals: we don’t feel a real connection with other people anymore.

71 More and more people are becoming victims of modern culture. The factories of the products we use have bad influences of the people in the third world.

72 the future is … not yesterday, not today, maybe tomorrow



75 the future is … a reflection of the past

76 A Strange Fluid I think that we won’t use electricity anymore but we will use some kind of strange new fluid. This fluid will be similar to water but it will be a lot heavier. Electricity will be replaced by this new invention. This also means that we won’t use batteries anymore. Just a little bit of this strange fluid will be enough to replace 10 pairs of batteries. You can see that this invention is very positive for nature because less batteries results into less pollution. In the future this new fluid will also be used in the car industry. It will replace the gas and fuel that we use today. Continuing the car-topic, I think that everybody will drive the same car, only one type of cars will be produced and sold. By doing this, discrimination will no longer be a fact. So I can come to the conclusion that life in the future will be better than current life.

77 Powerful Women In the future all people will have more friends because no one is going to be selfish anymore. The people will see that you achieve more with honesty and respect than with lying for your own good. So eventually there will be world peace because there will be no more lies. Technology will be controlling everything. Even cleaning your house will be done by a computer. So housewives will be unnecessary and all women will go out to work. Their careers will be priority number one. A result of this situation is that 65% of the world leaders will be women. Men will be feeling attacked in their egos and will all be cissies. Another problem is that children will be abandoned by their parents and they will be put in child hotels. Child hotels are buildings that you can compare with shelters but more luxurious. Children will stay there all week without any contact with their parents because their parents are too busy with work. This means that children will only come home at weekends.

78 A European language Belgium class 5Aclass 5Bclass 5C schools∩lkotholos bookb∩klibrotorsep manManvintkozak womanwuf kozek teacherterfropchetlar boygonjonnefuso girlgilmaskefisa

79 the future is … a lot of chances

80 Song about the future Greece In the year 2525 If machines are still alive If chips can survive They may find In the year 3535 Ain’t gonna tell no lies Everything you feel,do and say Is exactly what you feel today.

81 In the year 4545 Ain’t gonna need no lifting,no face cremes You won’t find a single flaw Beauty is what you hide within,no? In the year 5555 Your arms open in a hug,that’s life Your legs ready to run to meet other people No machine can teach you how to love or tear-tickle

82 In the year 6565 Ain’t gonna need to hide You’ll pick your friends Your words shall be what heart sends. In the year 7510 If God’s-a-coming he ought to tarry by then Maybe he’ll look around himself and say Guess it’s time for Revelations Day

83 In the year 8510 God shall smile in the open He’ll say I’m pleased where man is now He’s torn his world and built it again,no? In the year 9595 If memory is still alive All the past sadness shall leave And in its place lie nothing

84 Now it’s been 10,000 years Man has fought a billion fears There are only still a few But now their time is through Cause through eternal fight He has brought his world to light It was so far away But it’s come at last today

85 In the year 2525 If machines are still alive If chips can survive They may find In the year 3535 Ain’t gonna need to tell no lies Everything you think,do and say Is exactly what you feel today

86 the future is … maybe not real

87 Poll Vision of our students on the future

88 Year of birth

89 gender

90 What studies?

91 After finishing school I would like to…

92 Would you like to have children?

93 How many children?

94 At what age would you like to have your first child?

95 When I have children…

96 Chances on a job

97 The meaning of studies

98 Importance of making good money

99 Succes in the job

100 Develop talents in the job

101 Evolution of world peace

102 Evolution of environmental problem

103 Third world

104 Evolution of democracy

105 Terrorism in the near future

106 More welfare (1)

107 More welfare (2)

108 More and better jobs

109 More social justice

110 Better understanding of cultural differences

111 Greater scientific development

112 Better international relations

113 the future is … as important as nowadays

114 Belgian students




118 Portuguese students

119 Dutch students


121 Lithuanian students

122 Italian Students



125 Greek Students

126 Polish Students

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