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IP-SMEs KIMconference Monetizing Intellectual Property.

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1 IP-SMEs KIMconference Monetizing Intellectual Property

2 IP-SMEs KIMconference + 12 speakers + 110 companies + 20 public institutions + 150 attendees + 4 countries Last 26th of April, KIM celebrated a new ediction of the KIMconference, “Monetizing IP”, with the presence of:

3 Lessons learned In this document, we have collected some of the reflections, knowledge, and extracted conclusions by those attending the KIMconference 2013.

4 #Lesson1 “The intellectual property is not a passive defensive element. It is an asset that must be activated in different ways, so as to generate return on investment in their generation. " “It is essential to think about the knowledge that organizations have as a tradable asset.” “To speed up the transfer process, it is necessary to think of collaboration with specialized agents.”

5 #Lesson2 “The target market is no longer our city, region or country, the knowledge market is the world. Therefore it is necessary that organizations structure their culture around international orientation.” “The economic map and knowledge of the world has completely changed and we must be aware of this and adapt. Asia, Latin America, and even Africa, are royal markets.” Photo: In the image, Laura Schoppe, President of Fuentek, and Airani Ramli, Vice-president (Business Development) of Transpacific IP, participating in the event, for videoconference, since USA and Singapur.

6 #Lesson3 “There are always opportunities but organizations have to work in their niche market, being aware that technology and knowledge are often controlled by large companies. The work, strategy and collaboration are key to the competitiveness of organizations. They have to move fast, use the knowledge of others and, above all, start selling.” Photo: Mattew Rainey, Innovation Division Director of WIPO, during his speech at the KIMconference in 2013.

7 #Lesson4 “500 of world´s largest companies, own more than 70% of the world technology supply” Alex Blauensteiner, Managing Director (Europe) of Technology Reserve And guest speaker Photo: Alex Blauensteiner, during his intervention in the KIMconference.

8 #Lesson5 “To launch an innovative project you can opt for two tracks, the related public officials and direct private. In either case, it is important to find specialized agents who can assist in the process. It is important to learn and understand the system of support for innovation and entrepreneurship. ”

9 #Lesson6 “If you are looking for funding for an innovation project, you must be open to find support outside of your country " Legaltis, attending company

10 Thanks! From KIM, we would like to thank the speakers and the audience, who have shared with all of us their knowledge and thoughts about the monetization of intellectual property.

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