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IPM – an element of IE education ? Prof. Krzysztof Santarek Warsaw University of Technology AIM'2008 Conference Zürich, 25-28.09.2008.

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1 IPM – an element of IE education ? Prof. Krzysztof Santarek Warsaw University of Technology AIM'2008 Conference Zürich, 25-28.09.2008

2 Changes, trends - globalisation - new business players - new technologies /innovations - environmental issues - raw materials - new demands, new markets -.... - nobody is capable to do everything alone - urgent need for new business models

3 Closed paradigm for managing industrial R&D

4 Closed innovation

5 Changing patterns of R&D outsourcing

6 Open innovation

7 Open innovation, today

8 individualinstitutional COMPANY PRO – Public Research Organisations individual institutional Scales of collaboration between PRO’s and companies

9 R&D - research needs freedom -... basic knowledge - Nobel Prize - target : publications, citations,... -... Business - formal procedures -... new products - time to market - target : income from new products,... -... Two parallel universes

10 IP is a hidden (intangible) asset IP has a certain value (in a balance sheet)‏ Patent / trade mark as a product IP is tuft (know how, brand name, etc.)‏ C-level (upper level management responsibility eg. chief executive officer, chief scientist,...)‏ Intellectual Property - IP

11 ability of exclude expected use ability to enforce Measures of the business quality of the IP IP value creation- R&D people IP value protection - legal people (lawyers)‏ IP value extraction – business people

12 IP protecting – what ?

13 trade mark ® (brand name)‏ patent (can opener)‏ trade secret (beverage)‏ patent (method of metal forming)‏ copyright © (graphical design of a can)‏ industrial design (can form)‏ IP protecting – what ?

14 IP protecting – why ? protect what is important for your business, for your customers not only what is original (novel)‏ IP – ability to keep competition out of attractive markets „blocking patents” don't patent invention – protect your road map, markets, competitiveness no market = no reason for patenting not all patents/trade secrets offer equal value doe's holding them advance companies their business plan ?

15 patentabl e work identified file patent complete develop ment identify/ research market/ customer needs begin marketin g product or service release product IP protecting – when ?

16 Source: EPO Scenarios The classic patent system Blockage of the classic patent system The classic patent system and its disadvantage

17 function financial dimension pendency scope of patent claims maximum patent terms technical infor- mation content up-front costs renewal fees patent invalidation enforcement Securing lead time Freedom to operate Bargaining chips Licence revenue generation Promotion of innovation/ technological diffusion and increase of technical information High profit generation through IP Low deadweight loss due to monopoly pricing Long (in some technical fields)‏ Short BroadNarrow LongShort LowHigh Low High (to filter out low quality)‏ Low High (to promote early abandonment)‏ Difficult Easy for low-quality patents Easy Balanced Interests of patents applicants vs interests of society Patent applicant wantsSociety wants

18 Different IP Models Source: EPO Scenarios

19 Legal-led vs business-led IP protecting - precize- entreprenerial - methodical- innovative - risk adverse- risk tolerant - passive- proactive - IP for defence- IP for offence

20 visionary integrated profit center cost control defensive 80 % of today’s IP owners 15 % of today’s IP owners 5 % How do I manage my IP ? (minimise risk)‏ How do I cut costs ? (a path to cost reduction)‏ How do I make money ? (a path to value generation)‏ How do I align IP with business ? (IP as a product – open innovation)‏ How do I use IP to change the direction of my business ? (a path to enhance strategic value)‏ IP Management hierarchy

21 advances in fundamental knowledge technology improvement measurement results / impact

22 I ntellectual Property Management for Poland project goals - establishing of common standards of IPM accepted by partner Universities - identification of best practices of IPM - new MSc curricula (3-4 semesters) - curricula for postgraduate studies (1-2 semesters)‏ - curricula for short training cources target market: - students of different but complementary (in terms of IPM requirements) disciplines : law, economy, management, engineering, life sciences, medicine,... - scientists, researchers, engineers, lawyers,... dealing with IPM issues

23 IP Management – project partners (academia)‏ Jagiellonian University. Cracow University of Warsaw Warsaw University of Technology Main School of Commerce, Warsaw Academy of Life Sciences, Warsaw Academy of Medicine, Łódź

24 engineering economics finance law management life science medicine IP Management – project modules


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