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CEFR Material Workshop CEFR linking to We Speak Criteria and Syllabus.

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1 CEFR Material Workshop CEFR linking to We Speak Criteria and Syllabus

2 Syllabus Levels: ENGLISH has 9 levels (L1 - L9). Units: Each level is composed of the following units: Levels 1 and 2 have 10 units (for now) Levels 3-9 have 20 units One unit takes between 2 hours and 2 hours 10 minutes to complete.

3 Activities Activities: Each unit currently contains 5 different activities, each pertaining to a specific activity type category. Grammar Vocabulary Listening / Reading Comprehension Business 1-to-1 Communication Follow-up As part of the Leonardo Project we will be adding Business Group communication

4 Grammar The composition of the activity includes: an explanation of the grammar point and interactive exercise(s) Length: The activity should take the student 30 minutes to complete

5 Vocabulary The composition of the activity includes: A presentation of the vocabulary through a dialogue or text interactive exercise(s)

6 Listening / Reading Comprehension The composition of the activity includes: A Reading comprehension or Listening comprehension Interactive exercise(s) Length: The activity should take the student 30 minutes to complete

7 Business Communication 1-to-1 Activity The composition of the activity includes a discussion or role-play topic related to Business language that is to be carried out in the telephone class. Length: The activity should take the student and teacher 30 minutes to complete.

8 Group Communication STRUCTURE 0-5 minutesOutline Objectives/Warm-up engagement 1. Objectives should be taken from ISUS activities 2. Warm up activity should be fun and simple and should quickly involve each and every participant, including the teacher. 5- 15 minutesTopic discussion 3. This could include a BRIEF reading or text and some discussion questions which will prepare the students for the rest of the material in the class. 15- 25 minutesControlled language practice 4. The language should be taken from the grammar and/vocabulary activities from the ISUS unit. The examples used should relate to the class topic. Have clear language aim. Design activities which will drill language focus and which will involve all student participants. If necessary include language focus. 25 - 50 minutesCase study/roleplays 5. The topic should be taken from the ISUS unit (comprehension, speaking or follow up activities). Design activity so that all students can fully participate. 50 – 60 minutesError correction and feedback 6. Error correction and feedback

9 Follow-up Activity The composition of the activity includes: An e-mail, a letter, an article etc written by the developer which is related to the material covered in the unit with exercises. This is NOT a free writing activity for the students. Typically the exercise would be one of the following Ordering the sentences to make a complete e-mail Spotting the mistakes Fill in the gaps with two choices. Length: The activity should take the student 10 minutes to complete.

10 Types of exercise Matching Order the words to make a phrase/sentence/question/etc., Order sentences to make a conversation/ letter/monologue/etc. Multiple choice True & False Gap fill Identify and correct the error Classification/Categorizing

11 Unit Structure 6.01 6.01G - Review of future forms 6.01V - Formal introductions 6.01RC - My job 6.01S - Working as a team 6.01GS – How to get on in your career 6.01W - A good boss is…

12 Activity structure 0-5 minutesOutline Objectives/Warm-up engagement Objectives: Talking about your job, your boss and colleagues. Introductions and socializing Icebreaker: The Magic wand 5- 15 minutesTopic discussion What makes a good boss? My ideal job? Read article and discuss the questions 15- 25 minutesControlled language practice Question and answer drilling re. job 25 - 50 minutesCase study and Role-plays: Selling your job 50 – 60 minutesError correction and feedback

13 Warm-up engagement Warm-up game – The Magic Wand You have just found a magic wand that allows you to change three work related activities. You can change anything you want. How would you change yourself, your job, your boss, coworkers, an important project, etc.? Why it is important to make the change?

14 Topic discussion Read the text and discuss the questions below as a group. ‘Finding a career that best fits your personality profile may be a factor to consider when thinking about professional success. Far too often, people start out on career paths for the wrong reasons, mainly taking a job "while they figure out what they want to do" and never moving on. Being at a crossroads in your life and not knowing which road leads many of us to a ditch which we find difficult to climb out of. People who excel in their careers are usually highly motivated and energized by their jobs. They wake up in the morning eager to get to work because their career lets them take advantage of the natural preferences and strengths of their personality. Their job is not a chore to be endured but a vehicle to exercise their talents. They achieve the most important of things in job satisfaction: "a fit" with who they are.’ Do you agree with that some jobs fit a certain personality?

15 Topic discussion (II) What personality types do you associate with the following jobs? A DoctorA P.A.An account managerA designer A HR managerA PolicemanA project managerAn engineer Do you think your job fits your personality? Why / Why not? Do you prefer a structured environment, or is a variety of tasks more important? Do you thrive in crisis situations and work better under pressure? Would you rather work primarily by yourself, or as a member of a team? Are you a big-picture thinker, or do you excel in making sure all the details of a job are completed? What do you think your ideal job would be?

16 Controlled language practice Short Q&A Work in a group taking it in turns to ask and answer the following questions. Use the key sentences below in the example. What is your job?How did you end up in your job? How long have you been in your job?What does your job involve? What do you most enjoy about your job? What is the most challenging part of your job? I am a Training Manager. I started out working as a consultant for a different company and ran specialized courses. I saw the advertisement for training manager and came for an interview and got the job. I have been working here for 3 years now. It mainly involves identifying what our employees’ needs in terms of training and setting up courses for them. I really enjoy seeing people flourish as they learn new sets of skills. Managing the budget and telling people that we can’t afford to send them on courses.

17 Case Study and Roleplay Situation: You are at a team-building conference. Challenge 1 – Mingle around the coffee machine Make a note of your favorite topic for socializing. Eg. The weather, clothes, music, books, work etc. Your trainer will choose someone to kick-off and then you should take it in turns in speaking. Trainer: Lovely day, isn’t it? Student 1. Oh yes, the weather here is so hot. In Berlin it was cold this mornig Student 2. How was your flight? Student 3. It was fine. I had to get up early though. How was yours?

18 Case Study and Roleplay (II) Challenge 2 – My ideal job You have been asked to make a short presentation on your job as you have nominated it as ‘the ideal job’. You can invent a job but it does have to sound like it could be a real job! Make a list of the positive points of your job. e.g. fun, challenging, exciting, varied, work with lots of people, learn a lot, a lot of socializing involved, important, take big decisions etc Make a list of the positive points about working for your company. Flexible working hours, possibility of working from home, great atmosphere, no closed offices, great benefits and perks. Recommend your job to a personality type Would suit someone who is creative, meticulous, organized, funny, hard-working, likes working under pressure. Give a short presentation. Everyone will vote for the job that most appeals to them and explain why.

19 UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER OBJECTIVES Link ISUS syllabus with CEFR Convalidate content with CEFR Descriptors

20 CRITERIA CEFR framework. Pedagogical Checklist and Content Validity. Operational validity: Pilot Results Internal validity of standard setting ( TE workflow) External validation (University of Ulster workflow)

21 CEFR FRAMEWORK DESCRIPTORS Independent User B2 Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

22 CEFR VALIDATION THROUGH TRAINERS AND STUDENTS Pilot Testing Results 58% Activities were graded at 4 or over 32% Activites were graded between 3.5 and 3.9 10% Activites need to be revised and modified. ISUS PILOT TESTING PHASE 1.pptx

23 PEDAGOGICAL CHECKLIST Learner Profile Stimulating Interaction Form and Function Authenticity Coherence User-friendly Durability Likeability

24 INTERNAL VALIDITY Development Workflow Developed Approved Pilot Developed Rejected Modified Approved Pilot

25 EXTERNAL VALIDITY – UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER Approval workflow Approval 1 Approval 2 Pilot


27 ISUS AND CEFR COMPARATIVES Progress levels DescriptionBeginnersLower-intermediateIntermediateUpper-intermediateAdvanced CEFR-A1A2B1B2C1 ISUS LEVEL123456789 TOEIC 0-125125-225225-350350-545545-665665-780780-860860-940940-990 Duración (H)100 150 200 250 300

28 ISUS UNITS UNITISUS LEVELCEFR LEVEL 9.219C1 8.288B2 6.336B1 3.353A2

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