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2 Index CFIE This presentation contains the following items:  Background CFIE  Objectives CFIE  International network  Team CFIE Govert Derks Alain de Vera Hans-Peter Christen Wolfgang Braun  Industry Focus  Buyer search  Action Plan and Timing  Customer profiles  Valuation  Current personal IT mandates  Team IT closings and projects  P ersonal closed projects

3 Background CFIE  Funded in 2001 after team members previously gained M&A and CF experience at investment banks and multinationals  View of GAP in European cross border M&A support for middle- sized SME’s (20 – 400 employees)  International experience and background team members  Flexible and pragmatic structure with high quality (investment banking) M&A services CFIE team has long experience in the European M&A market

4 OBJECTIVES CFIE  Help business owners sell their business in Europe (retirement or other reasons)  Create liquidity (cash) for business owners  Bring people from different countries together hence improving the quality of businesses  Make the M&A market of European economies more efficient  Fill the GAP left by large investment banks who don’t focus on middle-sized SME’s CFIE team helps European business owners sell their business and create liquidity

5 International (European & US) network CFIE’s team uses it’s international background:  All CFIE team members lived and worked in various countries  Strategic partnership with Vercor Advisor (US) for US IT buyers: Strategic International focus and good contacts to European (and US) IT buyers

6 IT Team CFIE: Govert Derks CFIE team has strong background in the IT industry  Govert Derks has more than 10 years experience in international M&A. During his career Govert worked on many international M&A related projects in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Rumania and Turkey.  Govert helped many IT business owners buy and sell IT companies. Govert started his career with General Electric Capital in the headquarters in the US with Corporate IT where he was responsible for organizing contracts with IT vendors worldwide  Govert graduated in International Economic Studies (Macro Economics) from the University in Maastricht. During this study he spend one year at the University of Regensburg. Further, Govert has a degree in Business Economics from the Economic Business School in Enschede, the Netherlands.  Today Govert is the Managing Director of a Corporate Finance in Europe in the Netherlands helping European IT business owners sell their companies to European buyers.

7 IT Team CFIE: Alain de Vera CFIE team has strong background in the IT industry  Alain has 20 years of experience in General Management and Marketing - Sales operations management for global IT leaders (Apple, DEC, EDS, Seer and Sequent), consulting and Internet innovation Companies.  Entrepreneurial spirit, established in the Operational Consulting, IT, Internet, Digital Marketing Services and Insurance Services. Full M&A processes in IT-Media-Telco, including Consulting, Digital Marketing and Mobile Services within international geographies (Europe, Ukraine, Brazil, India, USA).  Experience areas: Strategy Management, Corporate Development, M&A and Funding Advisory Services for European small and medium sized businesses, Marketing and Sales Management for TMT Companies (Consulting, Software, IT Outsourcing and Professional Services, Digital Marketing Services).  Today Alain is the Managing Director of Corporate Finance in Europe in France helping European IT business owners sell their companies to European buyers.

8 IT Team CFIE: Hans-Peter Christen CFIE team has strong background in the IT industry Hans-Peter Christen has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, of which more than 15 years in management positions. Hans-Peter worked in management or board positions for companies like the Dicom Group, Kofax and Isource AG. His broad experience include business sales (trade sales, management buyout), the acquisition and integration of enterprises, the start and growth of start-ups, the construction of new global business units, the management of national and international teams and turnaround management in crisis situations. Today Hans-Peter is supporting Corporate Finance in Europe in helping European IT business owners sell their companies to European buyers.

9 IT Team CFIE: Wolfgang Braun CFIE team has strong background in the IT industry  Wolfgang Braun acquired and integrated more than 50 High Tech companies worldwide and contributed to Screening (Targets Buy and Sell side), deal negotiations (based on fair value formula) and Post Merger Integration (Change Management, Crisis Management, Management Development) improving business value (shareholder value concept).  Wolfgang is an expert to align IT and innovation with business processes. Wolfgang helps clients in strategy development (strategy process) in strategy execution (business planning and controlling) and strategy reviews (skills and competencies assessments) to sustainably increase their competitive position.  Wolfgang worked in management positions for companies like HP, Digital Equipment, Daimler, Cap Gemini (the integration with debis systemhouse) and the META Group (acquired by Gartner).  Today Wolfgang is supporting Corporate Finance in Europe in helping European IT business owners sell their companies to European buyers

10 IT Industry Focus CFIE Focus on M&A for specific IT area’s:  Networking and Infrastructure  Managed Services  Data Centre  Security  Unified communications  Consulting  BPO IT Industry specialization specific strategy CFIE

11 Buyer Search CFIE’s team is specialized in finding the right buyers:  Large personal network of IT buyers via CFIE’s current M&A advisors  Subscriptions to company databases to find adequate buyers based on specific criteria (Onesource, Hoovers)  Large M&A network and related PE databases (2000 PE Groups)  Experience with Internet screening to get to possible buyers Strategic focus on search work (most suited buyers)

12 Action Plan & Timing

13 IT Customer profile Overview CFIE’s type of customers:  Middle and large SME’s  20 – 400 employees  Revenues of 2M to 100M Euro  Interest and potential for international buyers CFIE is organizing cross border SME IT M&A deals

14 Valuation  The true valuation is determined by the price in the market. A price where a willing seller and buyer agree on.  Enterprise value: Based on various different methods. Equity value: Deduct Long Term Debt from Enterprise Value  CFIE can prepare detailed valuation models (science), but well positioning (art) is also important. The objective is to find the buyers that appreciates your profile  Bring more (international) buyers in a guided process and ask for proposals to maximize actual bids and valuation Market and clear positioning will determine Final Value

15 Current Personal IT projects  German IT services company (10M+ revenue, 80 employees), international sale expected, term sheet discussions with international parties  Belgium IT networking/infrastructure company (3M revenue, 30 employees), company visits arranged for international buyers  Dutch IT Managed Services (30M revenue, 300 employees), buy- side mandate for international buyers CFIE is organizing cross border IT SME M&A deals

16 Team IT projects closings and experience  Large nr of IT M&A projects worked on among CFIE team ( 50+): E.g: Tertio SMS (UK) to Devoteam (FR), Infrastructure Management E.g: buy and build strategy for international buyers E.g: Exaprobe to Devoteam (FR), Software and computing services E.g: Software producer for manufacturer plant (IT) E.g: Stepinfo (sale back to old shareholders of a 6M revenue unit) E.g: Back-office software Private Banking/Retail Banking MBO (NL) E.g: various acquisitions for Meta Group  Project Management Binck (NL, Internet Broker, stock listed)  Experience GE Capital Corporate IT (Stamford) 90’s, IT contracts, ERP implementations CFIE team IT experience and Govert IT background

17 Some Personal closings


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