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Young advocates – it is possible! ‘The experience of the EFCCA Youth Group’

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1 Young advocates – it is possible! ‘The experience of the EFCCA Youth Group’

2 This is... the story of a journey but, above all, a dream that became an amazing, concrete, experience the story of the EYG and also...a personal experience

3 WHY Several youngster group were established in some National Association The German team thought to invite representatives from other countries, in order to exchange views And so...Once upon a time, in 1998: the first EFCCA Youth Meeting in Erlangen is the beginning of our story. The tremendous success led to the second meeting, in Amsterdam, held in 1999 and still funded by a National Association

4 Amsterdam Days...

5 1999 50 participants 12 countries a fantastic environment a participant with an idea: to creat a “commission” inside EFCCA for discussing problems related to young people with IBD one year later: the youngsters spontaneously started using the name “LOEKIE COMMITTEE”


7 Who’s Loekie ?

8 HOW NOT AN EASY NEGOTIATION ECTIC REACTIONS SKEPTICISM (are they going to resist ?) GENERATIONAL GAP EMERGES TECHNOLOGICAL BARRIERS (internet was not that developed...and we had analogic modems)

9 HOW /2 Overcome barriers through mediation Definition of the age-range: 18-30 Creation (2003) of a Joint Commission 2004: the EYG was born officially

10 ACTIVITIES Vision and mission sharing Good practices exchange Common framework co-design Networking (e.g. CYE) Concrete projects development and implementation

11 some of the EYG projects youngsters developing activities for kids: the GAME (now available in 11 languages) the SUMMER CAMP

12 POLICY MAKING Preparatory work: 2 team bulding meetings 2 focus groups on group management and leadership quarterly meetings EYM as key moment of EYG activity

13 POLICY MAKING /2 day to day work: EYG-Zine dedicated space in the EFCCA GA and Board

14 GOVERNANCE 5 youngsters (+ 2 subst.) elected indipendently by the youth delegates at the annual EYM in charge for 3 years (1 for subst.) direct management of an annual budget approved by EFCCA GA considered as a special “EFCCA group” EYG leader can participate in the EFCCA Board

15 MUTUAL BENEFITS Youth Point of View Better mirror needs and peculiar visions Dedicated services “P - 2 - P” approach Empowerment = > L.O.T.

16 MUTUAL BENEFITS / 2 EFCCA perspective: Possibility of better meet needs of a key target of the disease Some “generational” problem Increased use of communication tools Investing in our future => L.O.T.

17 L.O.T. Leaders of Tomorrow program teaching how the organization work providing tools and resources provinding a fertile environment for creativity learning from each other exchanging weaknesses and strenght

18 and... feeding the new generation of volunteers and leaders (motivated, skilled and inspired) paving the way towards our handover spending much less than you can imagine !!!! does it work ?

19 ACHIEVEMENTS 14/48 EFCCA delegates have attended at least one EYM meeting 4/8 member of the EFCCA Board have been in the L.O.T. program the actual chairman of EFCCA founded the EYG and led it for 6 years.

20 Conclusion YES, WE CAN ! if...UNITED WE STAND !

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