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COLOURS RELAX AND TREAT Ruta Gecaite Gintare Dabkeviciute.

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1 COLOURS RELAX AND TREAT Ruta Gecaite Gintare Dabkeviciute

2 POWER OF COLOURS There are lots of methods how we can keep our internal energy. A range of colours is one of the oldest methods of psychotherapy.

3 THERAPY OF COLOURS Therapy of colours was used in the ancient times. According to the scientists of antiquity colors help us to recover.

4 THERAPY OF COLOURS The therapy of colours was used in Egypt, China and Persia. For example, doctors recommended to wear clothes and to be in the room of certain colours.

5 THERAPY OF COLOURS TODAY The impact of colour on human psyche and health is felt today too.

6 RESEARCH I Johan Goethe said – colours affect souls of people. They can bring to life our feelings, emotions and thoughts, which calm or excite a person, make a person sad or happy.

7 RESEARCH II Jacob Liberman has been making a research about an impact of colours on people for 30 years. He concluded that colours and light of the sun can change the remedies.

8 RESEARCH III Max Lucy created the test of colours, which is very famous now. He said: Tell me something about your favorite colour and I will say who you are in fact.

9 COLOURS RELIEVE Psychologists have proved that colours have a strong impact on mood, labor productivity and well – being.

10 COLOUR OF GOLD Gold colour is the strongest of remedial colours. This colour strengthens biological field.

11 RED COLOUR Red colour affects heart, activates blood flow and metabolism, stimulates immune system, so it makes your body warm and brings to life person’s feelings.

12 YELLOW COLOUR Yellow colour gently stimulates and strengthens the system of nerves, intelligence of a person, activates logical thinking, helps to concentrate, feel more optimistic and to become self-confident.

13 GREEN COLOUR The colour of harmony is green colour. It is used to treat disorders of nervous system and heart diseases.

14 BLUE COLOUR The colour of truth, wisdom and harmony is blue, which helps to unwind, stops bleeding, suppresses fever. Too much of blue colour causes depression and sorrow.

15 COLOUR OF SILVER Colour of silver helps to avoid some diseases. Leukemia can be healed with this colour.

16 COLOURS IN FOOD All kinds of food give energy. It means that we can enhance or reduce influence of particular color, when we eat.

17 COLOURS AFFECT US It is said, that a person chooses colour, which can obviously show the state of mind.

18 TO CONCLUDE Colours are very important in our life. Colours always accompany us.


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