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Management of Internationalisation at an European University: UB AUDIS Meeting Leuven, 5 June 2008 Mar Campins Eritja Vicerector for International Policy.

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1 Management of Internationalisation at an European University: UB AUDIS Meeting Leuven, 5 June 2008 Mar Campins Eritja Vicerector for International Policy and Mobility Universitat de Barcelona

2 The Spanish University System One system for all Spanish universities Total number of Universities in Spain 73 –50 (68.5 %) are public institutions meaning: The student fees covers between the 10 to 20 % of the total budget of the University. 85% of the total student population. –23 (31.5 %) are private or church founded institutions Some non profit foundations / others. 15% of the total student population.

3 UB: 558 years of history people-centred a reference point in the world of science and the university renowned for its history and for the quality of its teaching a pioneer and leader in research internationally recognized a respected member of its society actively engaged in the social and economic life of Catalonia a modern, public, independent, Catalan university, fully committed to the country’s development The UB is Catalonia’s oldest (1450) and is the originator of the country’s university system. The balance between tradition and modernity, past and future, makes the UB a point of reference in the university world

4 The UB in the city of Barcelona A University firmly rooted in the urban environment

5 Facts and figures (2006-2007) Students (total81.878 –1at-2nd cycle50.563 –Bologna masters960 –Doctorate2.548 –Postgraduate9.811 –LLL-IL321.900 Faculty & research staff4.586 Administration & services staff2.125 Built-on area (sq.m)577.829 Budget 2007365.338 M€ Faculties & university schools20 Affiliated centers8 Departments105 Degree courses71 Bologna Master courses41 Doctorate programs98 Postgraduate courses406 LLL-IL3 courses545 Ph.D. theses575 Graduates (1st & 2nd cycle + Ph.D.)7.904

6 The UB Group Fundació Josep Finestres Cultura Innovadora i Científica UB Fundació Montcelimar Fundació Universitària Agustí Pedro i Pons Fundació Amigó Cuyàs Fundació Guasch Coranty

7 UB students in the Catalan university system The UB teaches 33% of Catalonia’s university students and half of those in lifelong learning

8 Research at the UB The UB is the leader in scientific output in Spain and the first in the ranking of Spanish and Latin American countries Established research groups (awarded by Catalan gov.)229 Coordinated thematic networks70 Ongoing research projects619 Patents14 University Research Institutes8 Research & documentation centers22 Observatories5 Scientific publications2.728

9 Knowledge and technology transfer Members of the Group UB Innovation System

10 International activities all over the world

11 International mobility (2006-2007 ) 742 UB visiting students at foreign universities 1.824 foreign visiting students at the UB Socrates-ERASMUS program: – UB students at European universities 677 – ERASMUS students at the UB 1.135 Bilateral Agreements – UB students at foreign universities 65 – Foreign students at the UB 689

12 Visiting students (the 10 top countries) at the UB & from the UB (2006-07): Foreign visiting students: Italy: 314 Germany: 254 France: 176 Portugal: 81 Netherlands: 67 United Kingdom: 53 Poland: 50 Belgium: 47 Greece: 27 UB students: Italy:164 France: 82 United Kingdom: 76 Netherlands: 72 Germany: 67 Sweden: 42 Portugal: 36 Belgium: 29 Denmark: 28





17 Total foreign full fee international students: 4.402 (2006-07). The 20 top countries: Mexico: 427 Colombia: 404 Argentina: 404 Italy: 366 Peru: 326 Brazil: 253 Chile: 238 Portugal: 191 Andorra: 152 Germany: 140 Morocco: 128 Ecuador: 123 Venezuela: 119 France: 109 Romania: 64 Bolivia: 60 USA: 51 Russia: 49 Rep. Dominicana: 49 Greece: 47

18 Joint / Double degrees (2006-2007) Official degrees – government funded degrees (undergraduate, master, doctorate, joint master’s and Erasmus Mundus master´s) taught in conjunction with other foreign universities 10 UB-endorsed degrees – non government funded degrees (postgraduate) taught in conjunction with other foreign universities 24


20 International Research (2006-2007) 6 EU FP: 100 projects (4 coord.) / 19,276,269.74 € 7 EU FP(until February 2008): 25 projects (4 coord) Planning of the Seventh EU Framework Program and other international programs International profile of UB research, which is firmly based on co-operation with international research teams and active participation in furthering EU policy and objectives.



23 International Aid and Development (2006-2007) - 4 doctorates - 4 UB-endorsed master’s degrees - 133 agreements - 90 projects with aid and development organizations



26 International agreements - Europe: 224 - Central & South America: 196 - North America: 37 - Maghreb and Arab countries: 22 - Asia & Oceania: 22 - Africa: 4

27 International (regional) studies centers Tibet and Central Asia Observatory Confucio Institute Canadian Study Center Australian Study Center

28 International networks Coimbra Group Forum International des Universités Publiques (FIUP) IRUN Université de la Meditérranée Euromed Permanent University Forum (EPUF) Peace Programme Eurolife HACU CINDA Grupo deTordesillas Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP) EUCEN / RECLA


30 The UB’s international dimension UB SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION


32 Internationalization at the UB Internationalization as an area of strategic dimension: Integrating “international” into teaching, research and service functions of the UB + quality assessment / improvement Driving forces (labour market, influence of research collaboration, EU programmes, Bologna process, competition, funding...)

33 Internationalization at the UB Students / professors & researchers / adm. staff mobility Internationalization of curriculum International programs at home / abroad Joint and double degrees International research Solidarity & development projects International networks Languages

34 Internationalization at the UB  Mapping the external situation (2007)  Analysis of the internal situation: Assessment ANECA (February-June 2008)  UB Strategy and action plan (September 2008)

35 Internationalization at the UB Governmental level: legal framework (Spanish & Catalan) Central UB “political” level (Rectorate) Central “management” level (OMPI, OPER, other units) Faculty & School level Department level Students / professors & researchers / administrative staff

36 Internationalization at the UB  Strategic choices  Priorities  Resources  Quality methodology


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