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Station Next. Susanne Wad Film Studies Director One of the Originators of Station Next.

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1 Station Next

2 Susanne Wad Film Studies Director One of the Originators of Station Next

3 Why

4 Limited flexibility in the time table No film education in teacher training Lack of equipment and skills Filmmaking is difficult and time consuming

5 What

6 Film school for young people in the Film Town-Copenhagen in Aarhus and in Faaborg Denmark

7 Station Next

8 What The Foundation Station Next: Non-profit Cultural Organization Primarily funded by grants from the Ministry of Culture

9 What Objective: To give young people the possibility of expressing themselves through moving images

10 What Main target group: Children and young people between 13 and 18 years from all of Denmark

11 Who

12 The Initiative: Came from a united pedagogical, and film and TV environment

13 Who The Founders: The Municipality of Hvidovre The Youth Town – The National Innovative Centre for General Education Danish children and youth film clubs

14 Who The Founders: The Association of Danish Film and TV Producers Nordisk Film & TV A/S Zentropa Productions APS TV2 Denmark The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

15 How

16 Hands on – Stand up – Students responsible for their own productions Professional filmmakers as teachers/coaches – respecting the students Realistic film environment Focus on the finished product – improves the working process

17 How Qualifying students: Communicative qualifications Esthetic qualifications Technical qualifications Planning/logistic qualifications Critical/democratic qualifications Cooperative/social qualifications

18 How Greenhouse Talent nursing After School Activity Film Camp Class Station Next Short Courses Class Station Next

19 How Greenhouse – Copenhagen, Aarhus and Faaborg - Workshops – Film production Objective - To teach our students the craftsmanship of Film production - To establish contact between the young people and the Film Industry

20 How Greenhouse One evening per week for three years Studies of every aspect of filmmaking Workshops of craftsmanship alternating with film production – two short films per year

21 Station Next

22 How Film camps Objective That the students go through an exemplary film production so that the class experience an optimal working process enabling them to improve their future film production To encourage ordinary students to train and get jobs within the film industry – making them aware that there is a great variety of jobs within filmmaking

23 How

24 Short Courses Day courses covering ten different film subject areas e.g. scriptwriting, editing, cinematography, production planning,

25 Station Next Activities Twenty Film camps per year Two hundred day courses per year Seven Greenhouse classes per year Various courses for students Various courses for teachers 7500 student course days per year Various teaching materials Participation in Festivals worldwide International cooperation

26 Station Next Station Next is based on a co-operation between the film industry and the school system Station Next is mainly funded by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs

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