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The united kingdom of Great Britain and northern ireland

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1 The united kingdom of Great Britain and northern ireland
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2 The UK is consists of these parts:
England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

3 zpět England Flag of England Royal Arms of England

4 zpět Scotland Flag of Scotland Royal Arms of Scotland

5 zpět Wales Flag of Wales Royal Arms of Wales

6 Flag of Northern Ireland
zpět Northern Ireland Flag of Northern Ireland Royal Arms of Northern Ireland

7 Flag of The UK

8 History evolution of The UK´s flag

9 Royal Coat of Arms of The UK

10 England England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.
The name "England" is derived from the Old English name Engla land, which means "land of the Angles " (Germanic tribes).

11 London London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, located on the River Thames.

12 Scotland Scotland is occupying the northern third of the island of Great Britain. Scotland is derived from the Latin Scoti, the term applied to Gaels, people from what is now Scotland and Ireland.

13 Edinburgh Edinburgh, the country's capital and second largest city, is one of Europe's largest financial centres.

14 Wales The Anglo-Saxon word for 'foreign' or 'foreigner' was Waelisc and a 'foreign(er's) land' was called Wēalas. The modern English forms are Welsh (the people) and Wales (the land).

15 Cardiff Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales and the 10th largest city in the United Kingdom.

16 Northern Ireland Situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland, it shares a border with the Republic of Ireland to the south and west.

17 Belfast Belfast is the capital of and largest city in Northern Ireland. By population, it is the fourteenth biggest city in the United Kingdom and second largest on the island of Ireland.

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