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Guadalete River Basin 2025 The Vision of the Future.

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1 Guadalete River Basin 2025 The Vision of the Future

2 The Guadalete River Basin: An example for the world where nature comes hand in hand with human activities. The Dancing Parrots

3 Other Scenarios Low Natural Value Hippy way of Life -Space for river -Helophytes -Less agro-chemicals -Natural Parks Garbage city -Cheap energy solution -More polution -Low education and awareness -Desertification -No proper WWTP -Corruption -Health problems Polluted Wonderland Elysium -Proper WWTP - Population with high education and awareness levels - landscape polllution -Sustainable infrastructures, energy sources and agriculture High Natural Value Low access to moneyHigh access to money -Very industrial -City growth -Landscape, light, air, noise pollution - Better money management -Increase of infrastructures Clean and Green for All

4 Clean and green for all In this case the people are educated and aware of the situation in their government, in order to decrease corruption. Next, natural parks will be expanded, which will be followed by ecotourism. Community based organization, in order to allow transparency in the system. Finally, sustainable energy and infrastructures will be developed further.

5 Dam with bypass And hydroelectricity Expansion of natural park WWTP with helophytes

6 Measures  Create awareness trough education  Prevent corruption  Sustainability certificate  Promote ecotourism  Produce green energy  Improve water quality  Improve nature values  Improve drinking water system

7 Worked out measures  Increase population of otters (lutra lutra)  Increase natural values  Improve existing dams  Fish passages  Sediment transport  Improve waste water treatment  Improve water quality  Make the local people aware

8 Community based organization Spain Andalusia Sustainability Certificate River Basin Forum Voluntary WorkMunicipality Individuals + Companies Transparency

9 River Basin Forum  A meeting for all the communities involved in the Guadalete river basin  One or two people of each municipality, depending on the size  Discuss issues concerning:  Guadalete River Basin  Sustainability Certificate  Voluntary Work

10 Sustainability Certificate  Funded by Greenpeace  Prevent pollution and abuse of Earth’s ocean, land, air and fresh water.  Goals:  Local Products  Smart Energy Management  Recycle, Reuse and Cradle-to-Cradle

11 Voluntary Work  Education (awareness)  Schools  Communities  In Field  Cleaning up the river  Mandatory field trip for schools

12 Transparency  Information campaigns (awareness)  Promote voting within the local population  Educate children on the governmental system and votes

13 Political Education  4-5 times a year (extra in voting times)  Adjusted to age of the student  Non biased information

14 Plan B  If the volunteers to not come in, two possible solutions have been looked into:  Enlisting the help of the “Ecologistas en Action” and/or the action group “Delfins”  Getting Universities to help. The students would be provided with free credits for every class or information campaign they do

15 Dams Possible environmental impacts  Water temperature increases  Reduced food supply  Loss of habitat  Cuts the flow of sediment

16 Dams Possible solutions  Bypasses  Fish ladders - lamprey ladders - Fish lift  Valves for sedimentation


18 Bypass design

19 General bypass requirements  Capacity fish passage 2-5% of annual discharge  Lure flow must be strong, but not turbulent  0.8 – 2.0 m/s velocity  Erosion resistant bottom and walls

20 Waste water treatment 13 WWTP in the lower part of the river basin. 5 villages without WWTP Only 3 WWTP comply with the requirements 13 WWTP in the upper part of the river basin. 3 villages without WWTP Only 3 WWTP comply with the requirements

21 Possible solution Helophytes filters:  Low costs  Water quality improvement  Habitat for fish and wildlife  Tourism (birdwatching)  Aesthetics and landscape enhancement

22 Helophytes  Blue flag iris  10- 80cm  Attractive flower  Broad leaf cattail  1.5 – 3 m  Attractive flower  Spatterdock:  5-12 cm high  tolerates fluctuating water levels.

23 Example: jerez WWTP  Key numbers helophyte filters  47489 m 2 land  2.4 million euro  8 year loan from bank  Cost per person per year = 1,59 euro

24 Otter ( Lutra Lutra)  Near threatened species  Top predator  Extremely vulnerable to man made change Lutr a Lutr a otte r Ang uilla ang uilla Eel Mac roin vert ebr ates Orig inal veg etat ion Lu tr a Lu tr a ot te r A n g ui lla a n g ui lla E el M ac ro in ve rt e br at es O ri gi n al ve g et at io n

25 Measures  Restore river shore (removal eucalyptus, replace original trees)  Improve water quality  Improve migration possibilities near dams  Expand the population 4 phase strategy


27 Finance  Government  Municipality  Regional  National  European Union (EU)  Natura 2000  European Energy Efficiency Fund  IUCN: Red List  Otter: Lutra Lutra (Near treatened)  Eel: Anguilla Anguilla (critically endangered)  Stakeholders  Sponsors

28 Time schedule

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