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ENHANCEMENT OF CITY ENERGY PLANS TUESDAY 16 TH JULY 2013 Strategies Towards Energy Performance In Urban Planning.

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1 ENHANCEMENT OF CITY ENERGY PLANS TUESDAY 16 TH JULY 2013 Strategies Towards Energy Performance In Urban Planning

2 Aims of today To help enhance the city energy plan for Glasgow by: – reviewing the existing plan to identify strengths, gaps and issues – involving stakeholders in the process – looking at the wider context of city strategies and plans that SEAPs sit within – building shared vision for the new plan

3 What is STEP-UP? €3m EU project Nov 2012- June 2015 – coordinated by University of Strathclyde Partnership between 4 European Cities – developing a new approach to sustainable urban energy planning

4 Page 4 Create a model for energy planning to deliver further/ greater impact on EU 2020 energy targets. Help deliver wider policy objectives i.e. energy security, regeneration, reduction of fuel poverty, greening the city. Make cities better places to live, work, learn and do business. STEP-UP Outcomes

5 Page 5 What we are doing

6 Page 6 Structure of the project

7 WP2: Enhancement of City Energy Plans D2.1 Stakeholder analysis D2.2 Gap and issue analysis for existing SEAP D2.3 Analysis of current and projected energy flows within the city D2.4 Vision and targets for each of the partner cities D2.5 Inventory and assessment of energy actions D2.7 Enhanced SEAPs D2.8 Implementation Plan – actions, monitoring, review D2.9 Documentation of STEP-UP approach to enhancing SEAPs

8 Gap and Issue Analysis SP reviewed all local, regional and national policies relating to SEAPs (buildings, transport, energy management, renewables etc) Mind mapped these to show picture of legislative and policy framework Spreadsheet summary to see where SEAP and City Plan 2, GCV SDP etc align and where not Helps us move forward with the SEAP and input to LDP

9 Policies of the existing SEAP Existing Glasgow SEAP submitted to CoM in Nov 2010 – Energy management – Reduce use of high carbon fuels – Low carbon energy systems – Low carbon heating: District Heating and CHP – Transport – Attitudes and Behaviour – Business Models and Financing – Creating Supportive Public Policy – Next Steps

10 What's working? Working: – Energy management – Low carbon energy systems – Low carbon heating (but slow and fragmented) – Supportive public policy (need to go further) Not as well as elsewhere: – Transport (city centre traffic reduction) – Business models and financing – Attitudes and behaviours

11 Process issues Vision and ambition in Glasgow are strong Stakeholder involvement seems generally good Some data used in baseline inventory for SEAP missing e.g. electric vehicles, solar pv, biofuels Cost estimates of actions missing Local political commitment for some recommendations missing (traffic reduction in city centre) Infrastructure to deliver on the ambition

12 What are the opportunities? Huge opportunity for a new City Energy Plan Linked to ambitious policies in the LDP (and Supplementary Guidance on Energy and Climate) Spatial framework for energy opportunities in Glasgow can be updated in light of new heat map Integrated heat networks can be planned and initiated covering large parts of city and supported by LDP policy A pipeline of projects can be elaborated through STEP-UP Investment can be sought for these new opportunities Through STEP-UP ability to do this on European scale developing new model for energy planning

13 Glasgow: An Integrated Heat Network Solution? 13 Queens Cross HA & GCC Luddon & Scottish Canals GCC Youth Olympics / GHA University of Strathclyde City of Glasgow College Glasgow City Council Glasgow Caledonian University NHS – Glasgow Royal Infirmary

14 Page 14 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village Project Investment : € 240m approx. (£200m approx) Examples of expenditure: £8m remediation land; £7m retrofitting post games Housing model: 300 for private sale; 400 homes for rent (Housing Associations).

15 Key outcomes of STEP-UP Enhanced SEAPs in all partner cities Innovative integrated energy projects A model for delivering integrated SEAPs A learning network of cities Training programmes for professionals A new Masters Course on Sustainable city planning and implementation

16 Interactive session Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats For the Strategic Energy Action Plan (City Energy Plan) for Glasgow On flipcharts One person to feedback on one theme in the plenery

17 Interactive session Ambitions for the Glasgow SEAP On post it stickers write 5 ambitions (one on each sticker) for the ambition you have for an enhanced SEAP for Glasgow We will post these up and group them

18 Sum Up Analyse the results of today and feedback to you Involvement from some/all of you as we develop the SEAP Further events for stakeholders as we develop the enhanced SEAP Keep you informed via website and newsletter at

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