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Digi Cellular Solutions Connecting Remote Devices and Sites Enterprise & M2M applications.

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1 Digi Cellular Solutions Connecting Remote Devices and Sites Enterprise & M2M applications

2 Digi International Background Founded in 1985 as DigiBoard® – Public offering in 1989 – NASDAQ: DGII – Based in Minnetonka, MN – 660 employees - Revenue $182M Past, Present & Future – Originally manufactured server-based serial cards – Now Leader in wireless device enablement (Cellular / ISM Radios) – New Positionning : Global provider of M2M solutions Recent acquisitions – Sarian Systems a leading provider of cellular routers EMEA – MobiApps LEO Satellite Modules, Multi-mode m2m platforms

3 Digi Office Main Distributors Offices in 13 countries worldwide Distribution in 80 countries Support centers in US, Europe, India, Hong Kong and Japan Digi Worldwide Presence Digi HQ

4 Sales and Marketing HQ France (Paris) Regional Sales offices Belgium (Antwerp) France (Paris) Germany (Munich, Dortmund) Russia (Moscow) Poland (Varsaw) Spain (Madrid) The Netherlands (Rotterdam) UK (Ilkley, Birmigham) Support locations Germany (Dortmund) UK (Ilkley) Germany (Breisach) R&D locations Germany (Breisach) Spain (Logroño) UK (Ilkley) Digi in Europe

5 Embedded Connectivity Solutions Processors 8 and 32 bits Core Modules Rabbit & Digi Embedded DeviceServers Devices & Terminal Servers Console Management RF & ZigBee Modules 868 MHz – 900 MHz – 2.4 GHz RF & ZigBee Adapters 868 / 900 MHz – 2.4 GHz USB & Serial Connectivity Digi Provides the Broadest Platform of Network Connectivity Solutions Cellular Routers Wireless Gateways RF, ZigBee, Satellite, Cellular Satellite modems Management Platform

6 Digi End to End Solution From device side secure routing to head end Concentration with central network management We offer the end-to-end secure & resilient product set


8 Evolved High-Speed Packet Access is a wireless broadband standard defined in 3GPP release 7. – HSDPA = Release 5, HSUPA = Release 6 Data Rates – 21 Mbps downlink Current HSDPA is 7.2Mbps – 5.76 Mbps uplink Current HSUPA is 2Mbps Current EMEA deployments – 45 HSPA+ networks – 15-20% of total HSPA network deployments


10 WiMAX Technology Extreme High Speed Data-Only Network - Up to 40Mbps – e, OFDMA – WiMax 2.3 to 2.4Ghz AND in the 2.5 to 2.7 Ghz spectrum (3.5GHz also used) – Downlink: 27Mbit/s with 2 antennas, 16MBit with 1 – Uplink: 6Mbit/s – MIMO, 2 antennas required – Attractive data-only rate plans

11 WiMax Coverage Check out:

12 WiMax Products Digi Connect WAN 4G Digi ConnectPort X4 4G – First Industrial grade WiMAX routers for high speed connectivity to remote sites and devices – Featuring multiple interfaces including Ethernet, Serial and wireless ZigBee for flexible connectivity to M2M devices and device networks Value Proposition – Rugged WiMAX routers for Remote/Mobile connectivity to mission critical applications with secure, high-speed, low latency communications requirements Performance – 6Mbit/s down, 2Mbit/s up – 50 to 80ms latency In Development – ConnectPort X4H 4G – TransPort family


14 New WiFi Standards Wi-Fi Direct – Wi-Fi Alliance standard for Mesh networking on top of – Higher speed (up to n level) – Longer distance (compared to Zigbee/BT) – Consumer products focused – Certification/interoperability initiated s – Mesh networking on top of – IEEE standard release mid ac – Up to 1Gbps data rate, 6Ghz – IEEE standard release date ad – Up to 6Gbps data rate, 60Ghz – WiGig Alliance; standards date 2013

15 ROUTERS EWC 5020 – Wireless Connectivity

16 Digi Connect WAN/Connectport WAN Family Overview Small, Cost Optimized Cellular Routers with VPN Rugged (and optional Industrial) design with integrated modules 2G, 2.5G,3G and 4G options (WAN 3G upgradable) Management, routing, VPN & custom scripting support Snapshot Interfaces Cellular: Integrated GSM GPRS/EDGE/ HSPA Ethernet: 1 or 4 x 10/100 Base-T (LAN) Serial: RS 232/422/485 USB and Sensor Port (WAN 3G only) Optional GPS Integrated 9-30 VDC Power Input Selling Points Rugged design: Small metal enclosure, -25 C to +75C operating temp Industrial Models: Class 1, Div 2, Din rail kit, terminal block power Robust routing and integrated VPN Custom Scripting for local applications Modem Replacement Industrial/Utilities Remote Monitoring ATM/POS Traffic Kiosks/Signage Security / Video Surveillance Mobile/Transportation Backup/Failover Top Applications

17 Digi Transport WR Family Overview 3G Multi-function router including standard 4 port Ethernet switch with WiFi, Serial, USB and GPS, multiport serial and I/O options True Enterprise-class routing, security and firewall Remote Management Software Top Applications ATM/Financial POS/Retail/Lottery Mobile/Transportation Public Safety/ Transit Remote Monitoring Remote Office Snapshot Interfaces Cellular: Integrated HSPA WiFi Access Point with Autoswitch from 3G Ethernet: 1 or 4 -10/100 LAN ports Serial: 1 Standard DB-9 RS-232 (multiport serial and sync optional) GPS & Telemetry I/O options 1 USB, Dual Sim Extended Temp and Hardened versions Selling Points High performance multifunction options WiFi, Ethernet, Serial, GPS, IO Specialized POS/ATM support Enterprise routing, VPN, and Firewall Dual SIM for GSM carrier redundancy Remote Management Software

18 Digi Transport DR Overview Branch-in-a-Box DSL Modem with built-in 3G Backup True Enterprise-class routing, security and firewall 4 port Switch with Wi-Fi Access Point and PSTN options Remote Management Software Snapshot Interfaces Cellular: Integrated GSM HSPA WiFi Access Point Ethernet: 4 10/100 LAN ports Serial: Multiport (1, 2 or 6 sync/async) 2 USB, Dual Sim Selling Points Integrated ADSL modem Primary and Backup all-in-one 4 Port Ethernet Switch + Wi-Fi option Enterprise routing and VPN Dual SIM for GSM carrier redundancy Remote Management Software Remote Office Enterprise Primary & Backup Retail/POS Mobile/Transportation Disaster Recovery Top Applications

19 Digi VC7400 Interfaces Rack Mounted Ethernet: 4 10/100 LAN ports Gb Ethernet (VC7400 only) Fast Sync / X.25 interfaces (2Mb/s) Selling Points Advanced VPN Concentrator designed to work with Digi VPN routers including Digi TransPort and Digi Connect VPN devices Compatible with, but much lower cost than Cisco / Juniper devices with the same level of functionality Very low power consumption Remote Office Enterprise Primary & Backup Retail/POS Mobile/Transportation SnapshotTop Applications Overview VPN Concentrator True Enterprise-class products 4 port switch / hub plus 1 Gbps WAN Remote Management Software

20  Works with all Digi Gateways and Routers Transport VC

21 Transport Features Updated WebUI – Easier to configure – More consistent with Digi Connect – Now available: v5121 and later iDigi Support – Now available DIA – In Development – For Telemetry, GPS, CAN daughter cards Realport – In development ADDP – Allows use of Digi Discovery for locating devices on a LAN – Eliminates need for Connection Manager

22 What’s New - Routers WR21 3Q2011 – Single or Dual Ethernet – Single DB9 Serial – Single or Dual SIM – USB – Integrated SIM Door cover WR44 v2 3Q2011 – Gigabit Ethernet – Support for n – Optional ADSL, VDSL – Integrated USB Bus to support faster throughputs 22

23 New Product Transport WR44 Rugged – Extended Temperature -30 to +75C – Die Cast Enclosure – Vibration Tested EN , Level 2.5 – Integrated SIM Door cover – Availability: March ’11 – RD – Extd Temp,Fused DC Lead – RK – Extd Temp, AC Power 23 New

24 New Product Transport WR41 Extended Temperature – Extended Temperature -30 to +75C – DC Power Input, Molex Connector – Availability: April ’11 – XD – Extd Temp,Fused DC Lead – XK – Extd Temp, AC Power 24 New

25 Router Roadmap Connect WAN Connect WAN 3G WR41 ConnectPort WAN WR44 DR64 WR21 WR41 WR44

26 Accessory Options Pigtail cable (Do not cut the cable from the Power Supply) ( ) Extended Temperature Power supply ( ) 48VDC to 12VDC converter ( ) Din Rail mounting kit ( ) Multiple Antennas – Check Product Page for details

27 Application Stories

28 ENERGY Remote Monitoring

29 ENERGY Street Light Management

30 TRANSPORT Connecting Remote Devices

31 TRANSPORT Connecting Police Vehicles

32 TRANSPORT Public Transportation

33 33 TRANSPORT Traffic/Speed Camera Monitor Traffic for handling emergencies Images available for public viewing Budget did not permit cost for installing wireline solution to all locations

34 FINANCE POS/ATM (Primary) Special features – Sync ports – POS/ATM protocols IP enable legacy ATMs, POS devices, lottery machines 34

35 ENTERPRISE BROADBAND Primary & Backup Special features – Advanced routing, VPN, firewall – Built in DSL, cellular Branch-in-a-Box –Remote offices can use one router for primary and backup with built in VPN

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