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TV CAMPAIGN TO PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE DRINKING. Background  Website launched in January 2008 to.

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2 Background  Website launched in January 2008 to promote responsible drinking.  Aim: to support consumers to make an informed choice regarding alcohol consumption

3 Background When asked, Spanish people believe that a majority of others misuse & abuse alcohol, But the reality is quite different… The latest data, from the Ministry of Health, showed us that 96.6% of the population have responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption.

4 Objectives  To promote responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption.  To reinforce the existing attitudes of those who have responsible consumption habits. The importance of having individual responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption

5 Target Groups All consumers from 18 to 40 and over  18 to 25 year olds: this age group is still developing drinking attitudes  our objective is to become a reference for their drinking patterns.  26 to 40 year olds  our objective is to reinforce the responsible attitudes which already exist within a majority of consumers.  40 and over: this age group already has fixed habits and responsible drinking patterns. They must perceive the message as a social labour  our objective is to offer a reminder of the importance of responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption.

6 The advert During the first part of the TV spot, the images portray a consumers mind set, where responsible acts are being processed. Several stills are filling bottles with a liquid in the shape of letters, spelling out the sentence “ ENOUGH FOR TODAY”

7 The advert Comparison between the process of generating an alcoholic beverages and a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption.

8 The advert During the second part of the advert the message “ENOUGH FOR TODAY” passes from the brain and out through the eyes of a young adult, who is in a bar drinking with friends. This part is the connexion between the imaginary world and the real world. You can see a young adult who is being offered another drink and rejects it, as a result of a responsible attitude elaborated in his brain before.

9 The advert At the end of the advert, you can see different aged people socialising and drinking responsibly. They represent the “Mediterranean drinking pattern”.

10 The advert

11 Mass Media The campaign was launched during the Christmas period, when alcohol consumption is at its highest: a good moment to remind consumers of the importance of drinking responsibly. The campaign was launched on national TV (on five channels). The budget was over 900.000€. Great impact on www.consumo- 14.159 visits in 15 days compared to 23.715 visits for the whole year.www.consumo-

12 Evaluation Consumers’ identification with responsible drinking patterns & Influence on the perception of consumers’ alcohol consumption habits  68% of consumers recognise in the TV advert their responsible drinking behaviour  47% of consumers confirm that the information showed in the campaign will have an influence on their drinking behaviour and patterns.  60% of consumers believed that the campaign helped have an influence on their self-control related to alcohol.

13 Evaluation  85% of consumers regarded the information positively important.  68% of consumers recognised the social aspect of the campaign.  57% perceived the responsible drinking message as credible and outstanding.  60% of consumers considered FEBE even more credible as a result of launching this type of message.  67% of consumers found that this campaign contained different information than other alcohol campaigns because it was based on self- control and in a positive tone

14 Conclusions  Consumers liked the advertisement, especially the positive tone of the message.  The message has been perceived as being credible and relevant.  Consumers identify themselves with the message and drinking patterns portrayed.  Consumers appreciated the active message launched by FEBE.  The campaign had a positive effect on consumers’ attitudes towards alcohol consumption.

15 Thank you!

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