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EUROPEAN CONCRETE PLATFORM By J.-P. Jacobs, Managing Director.

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1 EUROPEAN CONCRETE PLATFORM By J.-P. Jacobs, Managing Director

2 ROLE Privileged vehicle for common activity on Agreed concrete related issues at European level i.e. Energy performance of buildings Fire safety Eurocodes Common environmental and technical matters Sustainable construction … ECP-JPJ

3 OBJECTIVES Develop pro-active marketing & advocacy strategy of the concrete industry at European level Enhance a positive image of concrete through marketing arguments in favour of concrete Develop common positions of the European cement/ concrete industry on key market related issues Increase the concrete industry presence ECP-JPJ

4 ASBL INCORPORATED CEMBUREAU, BIBM, EFCA, ERMCO signed the deed as founding Members on 19 December 2007 President:B. Wolschner (BIBM) Vice-President:J. R. Bujanda (ERMCO) Managing Director:J.-P. Jacobs (CEMBUREAU) Treasurer:F. Biasioli (ERMCO) Secretary:R. Harbron (EFCA) ECP-JPJ

5 MEMBERSHIP UEPG Membership in April 2008  Principle All ECP Members contribute to the agreed projects ECP-JPJ


7 ENERGY EFFICIENCY WITH CONCRETE By choosing concrete, energy efficiency is improved and thermal comfort enhanced European brochure on Concrete for energy-efficiency buildings: The benefits of thermal mass website Adapted at national level: Ireland, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey and UK Web portfolio on case studies showing energy efficient concrete buildings from across Europe issues ECP-JPJ

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9 ENERGY EFFICIENCY WITH CONCRETE To be issued soon General guidelines for using thermal mass in concrete buildings General guidelines for reducing CO 2 in civil engineering works Project under development Examples of whole life cycle of concrete buildings and infrastructure works illustrating (show cases) across Europe all the benefits of concrete in sustainable construction ECP-JPJ

10 FIRE SAFETY WITH CONCRETE Concrete can be used to provide life safety, protection of property and of the environment European brochure on Comprehensive fire protection and safety with concrete buildings including website Adapted at national level: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Turkey and UK European Brochure on Improving fire safety in tunnels: The concrete pavement solution Adapted at national level: France, Italy, Portugal and Turkey European Fire Design Guide in English, French and Dutch versions ECP-JPJ

11 DURABILITY AND STABILITY OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES Tools for the design of economic and innovative concrete structures with Eurocode 2 (EN 1992) Concise Eurocode "How to" leaflets website Being adapted at national level Commentary to Eurocode 2 giving background to EN 1992 Worked Examples to facilitate early understanding of the Eurocodes ECP-JPJ

12 ECP AND SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION ECP Book on the Sustainable benefits of concrete structures  Presentation by Martin Clarke Forthcoming soon WBCSD CSI brochure on concrete recycling Project under development Toolbox "A Common language for sustainable construction" ECP-JPJ



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