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Page 1 Entry & Mid-range Disk Array ­- Features & Benefits Gavin Cole Storage Consultant SEE

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1 Page 1 Entry & Mid-range Disk Array ­- Features & Benefits Gavin Cole Storage Consultant SEE

2 Page 2 Challenges for Today's IT  Dealing with data growth and capacity constraints with restrictive budgets  Low storage utilization from stranded server DAS storage leads to wasted space, duplicated functions, and inefficient data protection  Provisioning the right class of storage for the right application environment  Dealing with the complexities of managing storage  Dealing with rack space constraints  Reducing CAP-EX and OP-EX, improving business operations

3 Page 3 Emerging Applications  Distributed database applications including CRM, data warehousing/analytics, email – requiring low cost, horizontal scaling storage  Distribution, editing, and reception of content pushing content closer to the edge of the network  Digital content including broadcast, video on demand, multimedia, digital cinema  Web 2.0 applications and services enabling sharing, participation, and collaboration  High performance compute and grid environments

4 Page 4 Sun StorageTek™ Modular Line Sun StorageTek™ 6140 array Sun StorageTek™ 6540 array Ideal for database-driven applications Leader in price/performance Excels in HPTC environments Enterprise-class data protection on a budget Multi-tiered storage Replication target Sun StorageTek™ 2500 arrays Solutions that provide streamlined management, flexiblity, & TCO Affordable entry point within Modular family of arrays Support for variety of host interface options

5 Page 5 2500 Overview

6 Page 6  Cost effective external RAID solutions  flexible connectivity  Simple to implement and manage with intuitive management software  Application driven management  “Pay as you grow” scalability  Start small and grow up to 36 drives  Supports tiered storage within same enclosure  High access and nearline, optimize with right drive technology (e.g. SAS for OLTP, SATA for fixed content/reference) ‏  Solution of choice for small SAN and clustered topologies 2500 Family Introduction

7 Page 7 Introducing the StorageTek 2500 Series * SATA support planned for Q1FY08 Released April Q1FY08 ST2500 is a new series of storage arrays based on a new low-cost SAS/SATA disk subsystem providing consolidated RAID to FC, iSCSI, and SAS host interfaces

8 Page 8 Host Side Cabling Direct Host ConnectivityFabric SAN Connectivity - FC Host Version SAS Host Version Three servers with redundant I/O paths Six servers with non redundant I/O paths

9 Page 9 SAS Overview

10 Page 10 SAS Overview, continued

11 Page 11 Drive Performance Comparison  IOPS  Random, small-block transfers OLTP, databases, Exchange Majority of enterprise applications  Key drive-based performance enablers:  Seek time, latency, rotational velocity, command queuing, number of drives  Throughput  Sequential, large-block transfers Video servers, rich media, seismic processing, HPC  Key drive-based performance enablers: Data transfer rate, maximum I/O transfer size, command queuing FC SAS SATA FC SAS SATA

12 Page 12 ST2500 Capacity Expansion  When attaching enclosures, drive channels are configured as redundant pairs utilizing one connector from each controller and “top-down/ bottom-up” cabling. This helps ensure data access in the event of a path/channel or controller failure.

13 Page 13 6x40 Overview

14 Page 14 14 Sun StorageTek 6x40 Array More Responsive Applications Designed to handle large data sets Enables better application responsiveness Application-Oriented Management Advanced Data Protection Protect from local, site, and even regional outages Centralized management enables complete control Pre-set profiles enable quick tuning

15 Page 15 Sun StorageTek Midrange Storage System Wins Top Quality Award! The Quality Awards identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use. Customers voted StorageTek Midrange arrays top choice, ahead of EMC, IBM, HP, NetApp and Dell. When asked, “Would you buy this company's array again?” StorageTek FlexLine took the top spot at 86.4%, out-scoring all other arrays. StorageTek Wins Diogenes-Storage Magazine Best Midrange Array Award! 2005

16 Page 16 Quality Awards Second year in the top rankings! 2006

17 Page 17 100% redundant I/O paths with auto- failover helps ensure against any application disruption Non-disruptive controller firmware upgrades Switched “SBOD” architecture enables pin-point control over back- end operations Battery-backed cache provides data protection in the event of power failure Chip-level RAID parity calculations help ensure continuous reliability of high performance RAID operations High-quality, High-availability

18 Page 18 ST6140 Two Great Flavors  6140 with 2 GB Cache  4 x 4Gb host/SAN port  2 GB cache  Up to 3 expansion trays Up to 64 drives  100K IOPS  6140 with 4 GB Cache  8 x 4Gb host/SAN port  4 GB cache  Up to 6 expansion trays Up to 112 drives  120K IOPS

19 Page 19 Economical replication and disaster recovery target for other StorageTek™ 6000 Family storage systems Value Savings

20 Page 20  8 4Gb FC host ports  4, 8 or 16 GB cache  up to 224 disks  CSM-II Expansion Trays  SATA and FC drive intermix in same tray  Common Array Manager  Data SnapShot  Data Volume Copy  Data Replicator Sun StorageTek 6540 Highlights  Sun StorageTek 6540  1st 4Gb FC array in the market  Strong bandwidth and IOPs performance Fits with throughput computing applications Still the best performing box in its class Excellent SPC-1 Benchmarks  RoHS compliance  CSM200 Expansion Trays  Full midrange data services

21 Page 21 21 6540 Industry Leading Price/Performance  575,000 dual-controller burst IOPS from cache  86,000 sustained IOPS from disk  1600 MB/s sustained throughput from disk  Modular design for affordable entry

22 Page 22 Common Storage Module (CSM-II) ‏ New Switched loop design – Support for multiple drive types 2Gb FC: 146GB/10k & 300GB/10k 4Gb FC: 73GB/15k, 146GB/15k & 300GB/15k 3Gb SATA: 500GB & 750GB SATA-2 Better RAS / Lower Latency Maximum performance, availability and flexibility  16 Disk Enclosure  2Gb, 4Gb Switched Loop FC ports Selectable loop speed (not auto-sensing) ‏  SATA and FC drive intermix in same tray  All components are hot- swappable  RoHS compliant array

23 Page 23 CSMII With Multiple, Not Single, Tenancy! Switched ESM Path 1Switched ESM Path 2 Multiple point-to-point switched communications Switched ESM Path 1Switched ESM Path 2

24 Page 24 Flexibility, Scalability, Manageability FC-AL SBOD FC Controller Multiple IOMs SBOD CSM200 6540 Control Module 6540 w/ ATA & FC SBOD CSM200 6140 Control Module 6140 w/ ATA & FC 6140 Single FC System Pick a FC Controller to make a 6140 Controller Tray

25 Page 25 Common Features

26 Page 26 Heterogeneous Operating System Support

27 Page 27 ST6000 Systems Are Loaded With Features  Dynamic RAID Migration allows Users to painlessly change the RAID Level on a VDISK without requiring additional capacity.  Dynamic Capacity Expansion allows capacity to be easily added to existing VDISKS.  Dynamic Volume Expansion allows capacity to be easily added to existing Volumes/LUNs.  Dynamic Segment Sizing allows Users to easily change I/O segment sizes on a LUN anytime application requirements or environmental changes dictate a need.  HotScale allows drives & drive enclosures to be non-disruptively added to existing systems.  The Immediate LUN Availability code allows new disks to be accessible as soon as they are added to the system.  Dynamic Mode Switching enables non-destructive, changes between synchronous and asynchronous mirroring on a LUN-by-LUN basis.

28 Page 28 StorageTek Systems Are Loaded With Features  Recovery Guru  Dynamic RAID Reconfiguration  Dynamic Capacity Expansion  Dynamic Volume Expansion  Dynamic Segment Size  Dynamic Defragmentation  Delete a LUN in any order  Non- disruptive code changes  Performance Monitoring  SNMP event compatibility

29 Page 29 Centralized Management Utility Easily manage many arrays Deploy by application type (Storage Profiles) ‏ Up to 1024 volumes RAID 0, 1+0, 1, 3, 5 Dynamic expansion Dynamic re-configuration Save Time Use Storage Profiles to quickly and predictably provision storage to precise application demands. Maximize Performance Easily and dynamically tune any attribute to exact application tolerances. Grow Without Disruption Dynamically scale the volume as the application needs dictate. Sun StorageTek™ Common Array Manager

30 Page 30 Optimize System Performance Quickly visualize performance health, finely tune attributes to reach the optimal configuration for precise application needs. Reduce System Downtime Performance degradation is often a precursor to component or system downtime, performance tracking enables predictive, preemptive maintenance. Performance Tracking Utility Controller, volume and array statistics Track IOPS performance Track throughput (MB/s) performance Track IO characteristics Track write %, read %, cache hit % Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager

31 Page 31 Maximize System Uptime Wherever you are in the world, quickly receive notification of any system health issue...quickly isolate and repair failed components. Optimize System Operations Easily ensure the system is running with the latest patches. Link to Sun Download Center to easily download, install, and track patches as needed. Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Automated Diagnostics Set and track system alerts Easily manage patch distribution Embedded service diagnostics

32 Page 32 Storage Domains  Match applications to storage class  Lower TCO by consolidating storage for heterogeneous hosts  Workloads co-exist harmoniously, with minimal sharing Simplifying Management with Storage Partitions Unmapped Volumes LUN 0 Host A Host B Host Group C Storage Partition A Storage Partition B Storage Partition C LUN 0 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 0 LUN 2 LUN 1 LUN 3

33 Page 33 Application Profiles... W izards that provide quick, consistent results every time Use 15 pre-tested profiles (e.g., Oracle, OLTP, HPC) ‏ Customize existing profiles Create unique profiles Share profiles between storage systems View configuration details at any time Application-driven Profiles

34 Page 34 Let CAM do it all... I want to tell CAM what to do... I will guide CAM... Wizards to support both Experts and Generalists

35 Page 35 Sun StorageTek CAM Highlights

36 Page 36 Why Choose Sun Storage?  Systems approach  Integrated, tested systems reduce cost, complexity, and risk  Innovative technology  Providing a wealth of storage innovation by combining our own and partner technologies to increase service levels and simplify management  Investment protection  Product strategies and built-in upgradeability help maximize the value of your investment  Comprehensive storage portfolio  Feature-rich portfolio of platforms, infrastructure, software, and services to fit your data environment needs

37 Page 37 Thank You ! Gavin Cole Storage Consultant SEE

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