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Internal environmental audit - Oana Brinzan – UAV Arad.

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1 Internal environmental audit - Oana Brinzan – UAV Arad

2 What is auditing systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating them objectively to determine the extent to which audit criteria are fulfilled

3 What are the criteria for audit  All of the provisions, procedures and / or requirements used as a reference base: Standards Laws Regulations industry branch / business Contractual requirements Directives, policies Management system requirements Customer standards Regulations

4 What is the evidence for audit Notes verifiable statements or other information relating to the audit criteria

5 Audit results Audit findings Results of comparative audit evidence gathered and criteria: - correlation between audit evidence and audit criteria - deviations from the criterias - drift correction Audit conclusions The end result of the audit team consists of all audit findings, obtained by taking into account the findings of the audit and all conclusions

6 Audits Product / Services audit Proceses / procedures audit System audit Internal audit Internal audit External audit External audit Suplier audit Certificatio audit Audit types

7 The purposeWhich auditorWho demand the audit Internal audit Enterprise intern use Ainternal auditor or a designated person Enterprise manager Qality manager Supliers audit Client use External auditor, client organisation or a persone desiganted by them Client manager Or suplier manager Certification audit External auditor froma a certification organisation Certification organisation Internal and external audit External – market use

8 Turning audit The appointment of the audit team Purpose, scope and audit criteria Establish the possibility of implementing the audit Audit team training Making initial contact with the audited organization Audit activities Running on documents Preparations for the audit on site Develop audit plan Submission of team work Preparation of working papers Execution of the audit on site Opening Conference Keeping in touch during the audit The role of companions and observers Gathering information and demonstration Formulating audit found Preparation of audit findings Closing Conference Creating and distributing the audit report Develop audit report Approval of the report of the audit and its distribution Conclusion of the audit Resulted audit tasks

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