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ITALY April 2009. Epicentro The day after.

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1 ITALY April 2009







8 Epicentro

9 The day after


11 A B R U Z Z O 2009 6th April Earthquake

12 Environment and geographic configuration of Italy 2/3 of territory covered by mountains, critical hydrological situation High density of hystorical monuments and buildings more than 500 years old 3 active vulcanoes : Stromboli,Vesuvio,Etna with more than 600.000 inhabitants around 2/3 of national territory under earthquake risk

13 Civil Protection structure : Sistema Italia Structure based on the national administrative organization Gouvernment ↔ Dipartimento Nazionale Protezione Civile ↨ Central Headquarter in Rome - h24 ↨ Region Headquarters n° 20 - h24 ↨ Province Headquarters n° 110 - h24 ↨ Municipalities n° 8100

14 Sistema Italia : Volunteers system Under actual regulation since 1992 National groups : more than 500 Total volunteers : 1.300.000 Volunteers rolls levels (Albi) –1. national –2. regional –3. provincial –4. municipality Advantages for roll’s volunteers –1. Leave from the job with salary during emergencies and training activities –2. Insurance –3. Financial support for teams –4. Costs refund

15 EMERGENCIES TYPES AND CHARACTERISTICS LEVELS – Type A : Local – Type B : Regional – Type C : National CHARACTERISTICS –Natural emergencies : plans prepared in advance –Special evenements : studied with a certain time notice –Terrorysm : only a general preparation

16 EMERGENCIES TYPE C Structure activated 1.National volunteers groups 2.C.M.R. 3.Dipartimento fixed structures On the territory 1.Creation of DI.COMA.C and CCS 2.Activations of COM ( Municipalities emergencies structures) 3.Local areas set up for population

17 ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE CHARACTERISTICS Municipalities: 72 Population: 70.000 Structure of territory :mountains with several lateral valleys DI.COMA.C: Aquila C.C.S.: Pescara C.O.M.: 7 Areas: 42 with 3.289 tents Field kitchens: 24 P.M.A.: 16 (advanced healt structures) People homeless : 19.734 Peoples death: ab. 309 Volunteers : people involved by shift 440.000


19 Abruzzo telecommunication characteristics Fixed telephone lines : collapsed Cellular telephone line : working but with initial cells saturation HF emergency net 1.immediately activated by Rome 2.Headquarter at 6.990-7.045 and 3.643 Mhz 3.In activity only for 2 days VHF/UHF 1.working with the local repeaters existing in the area installed and maintained by the different radioamateur associations 2.working with installation of several transponders in order to connect COM and the 42 Areas expecially on lateral valleys Others frequencies used by different voluntary associations,fire protection,rescue,security,red cross,misericordie etc for internal communications

20 ACTUAL SITUATION ANALYSIS The actual structure of national radioamateurs association can support only the local emergencies with a certain time notice. For national emergencies is absolutely inadequate for the following reasons Way and activation time inadequate It doesn’t existe a data base of ham available to partecipate with detailed characteristics Operating on emergency is very different than at home Lack of training for logistic preparation Lack of training for psychological aspects on the emergency Lack of preparation for being a part of a Civil Protection system

21 SUGGESTIONS FOR ITALY To create a radioamateurs structure dedicated only to emergency support,included on voluntary roll at each levels,municipalities,provinces,regions and with national Department To have a detailed and up-dated data base for volunteers availability To arrange a specific training for radioemergencies communications,NVIS techniques,wi-fi,satellites,digitals(Pactor!) To arrange a specific training for psycological and logistics aspects,including teams working in international missions

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