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Erasmus Mundus Promotional Event XXX date.  The Erasmus Mundus programme  EM-ACE: your online ‘one-stop-shop’  Useful links TABLE OF CONTENTS 2.

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1 Erasmus Mundus Promotional Event XXX date

2  The Erasmus Mundus programme  EM-ACE: your online ‘one-stop-shop’  Useful links TABLE OF CONTENTS 2

3 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 3 Where it all started…  Launched by the European Commission in 2004 to:  Enhance the quality of European HE through international co-operation  Improve the development of human resources  Promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures  Promote Europe as a centre of excellence in learning around the world

4 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 4 Erasmus Mundus stands for..  Prestigious European Commission Scholarships  Leading European and International Universities  Unprecedented international experience  Strong language skills on a professional/academic level  Intercultural awareness and understanding

5 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 5 What does it offer?  Top-quality masters and doctoral programmes at two or more European universities, in a broad variety of disciplines  Study-programmes outside the EU  Scholarships for excellent European and international students and researchers  A scheme open to students throughout the world!

6 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 6 What can you do in practice ? Joint Masters or Joint Doctorates (Action 1) (mainly in EU unis.) Full-study/research scholarships Multi-disciplinary programmes Study/research at 2 or more universities Joint or multiple degree Study programmes at non-EU universities (Action 2) Scholarships for 6-10 months or for a full degrees (e.g. PhDs) outside the EU Study/research at 1 non-EU university Credits recognized in home uni. OR non-EU degree awarded

7 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 7 Erasmus Mundus courses/programmes differ in:  Countries, universities & languages of study  Length (from 6 months to 4 years)  Requirements & Deadlines  Disciplines & Fields of study

8 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 8 Who can participate? Erasmus Mundus Master Courses (Action 1 A) Graduates (at least Bachelor level) from Europe and all over the world, without any age limit Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates (Action 1 B) Graduates (Master level or equivalent) from Europe and all over the world, without any age limit

9 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 9 Who can participate? Study programmes outside the EU (Action 2)  Undergraduates, Master students, PhDs and post-docs currently enrolled in a EU university (shot-term scholarships)  Graduates from EU universities (full degrees) NB: eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific programme

10 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 10 Where can you go?  Destinations depend on the specific Erasmus Mundus course/programme (mainly EU unis. for Masters and Doctorates – enrolling in a Master/Doctorate course will imply that you study at at least 2 different universities; 1 university outside the EU for study-abroad programmes)  You first have to choose the programme, then the destination(s). Not the other way round!

11 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 11 Scholarships MASTERSAmount Monthly allowance500 EUR Travel expenses (only where travel outside the EU is foreseen) Up to 3000 EUR DOCTORATESAmount Monthly allowance 2800 EUR (work contract – gross amount) or 1400 EUR (stipend) Travel expenses (only where travel outside the EU is foreseen) Up to 3000 EUR NB: You can enrol in a Master or Doctorate programme also if you are not granted a scholarship

12 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 12 Scholarships NB: You cannot participate in an EM study-programme outside the EU without a scholarship! STUDY PROGRAMMES OUTSIDE THE EU Amount Undergraduate1000 EUR/month + travel expenses + insurance Master1000 EUR/month + travel expenses + insurance PhD1500 EUR/month + travel expenses + insurance Post-doc1800 EUR/month + travel expenses + insurance

13 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 13 How can you apply? 1.Think of what your study plans and objectives are: are you about to graduate and looking for a top-quality degree offered by different institutions? Are you enrolled in a EU uni. and would like to spend a semester in a country outside the EU? 2.Search for Erasmus Mundus programmes which suit your profile, interests, field of study and degree level 3.Decide to which programme(s) you would like to apply for. 4.Visit the website of the programme(s) you selected. 5.Gather information about the deadlines (usually Dec-Feb) + application procedures and requested documents  available on the programme websites. 6.Send your application directly to the coordinator of your selected programme.


15 SEARCH YOUR STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMME Choose the geographical region Check the project description to see whether you can apply: is your field of study covered? Does your university participate in the programme? If not, are ‘Target Group 2’ scholarship available?


17 THE ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAMME 17 Example of frequently requested documents Online application form (available on the programme website) Copy of the degree + translation into English Copy of the transcript of records + translation into English. Proof of English/other language proficiency. CV Copy of passport Letters of recommendation List of publications (if applicable) Study/Research plan (if applicable) Please, check the website of the chosen programme(s) for detailed information on the required documents. 

18 LET’S SUM UP… Still thinking that Erasmus Mundus is = Erasmus? 18 ERASMUSERASMUS MUNDUS MASTERS AND DOCTORATES ERASMUS MUNDUS – STUDY OUTSIDE THE EU WHO? European StudentsStudents from all over the world, including Europe WHAT? Mobility periods (3-12 months) Masters/Doctorates in mobility (1-3 years) Short-term mobility or full degree HOW? Students depend on their home university Students are enrolled in the EM courses as regular students  No link to university where previous degree has been awarded Students depend on their home university RECOGN ITION/ DEGREE The period of mobility is recognized by the home institution as part of their national degree After completing the course,a joint or double diploma of master / doctor is awarded The period of mobility is recognized by the home institution as part of their national degree OR A non-EU degree is awarded

19 LET’S SUM UP 19 Bust your Erasmus Mundus myths! Myth 1. Erasmus Mundus is only for non-EU students. No, it is open to EU students as well! No matter what your gender, age, background or interests are, there are over 250 Erasmus Mundus programmes available for you! Myth 2. Studying abroad is a waste of time and money. An international experience broadens your mind and increases your employability! Myth 3. I have already done an Erasmus semester. Why bother with Erasmus Mundus? Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus are two very different programme!

20 LET’S SUM UP 20 Myth 4. It is easier and just as good to travel once I have a job. Easier said than done. Once you have a job and responsibilities, it is often more difficult to get away. Myth 5. The scholarship money is not enough to finance my studies. Erasmus Mundus scholarships are quite generous and in line with most other European and national funding schemes! Myth 6. I can only go to study abroad to the UK or U.S. because I don't speak any other foreign languages besides English. Most Erasmus Mundus programmes offer courses in English although the universities are not located in other countries outside the UK or the US.

21 The Future: ERASMUS+ 21 In 2014 the European Commission’s new Erasmus+ funding programme will be launched It will encompass all activities for Youth and Education Erasmus Mundus will be a ‘sub-brand’ Joint Master programmes will still be supported The number of programmes will be increased to 300 by 2020 25,000+ scholarships will be awarded for these programmes The mobility for EU students to non-EU destinations will remain, but will be organised differently Current Erasmus Mundus projects will run until the end of their funding contract

22 EM-ACE YOUR WAY TO ERASMUS MUNDUS Our Objective To enhance the visibility, awareness and attractiveness of the EM programme across Europe, with the final goal to raise both the quantity and quality of applications received from European candidates Many organizations working to achieve the same goal

23 EM-ACE PROMOTIONAL TOOLKIT Developed for and in collaboration with students Marketing materials  focus on EU students Guidelines on how to prepare a successful EM application PRINT MATERIAL EM-ACE portal Web material (student- friendly content developed by and for students); Social networks MULTIMEDIA PowerPoint presentations; Promotional videos on EM experience in Europe;. WEB


25 EM-ACE ONLINE ONE-STOP-SHOP Find out about & search…  the different opportunities offered under the Erasmus Mundus programme Get to know …  the Erasmus Mundus programme explained by Erasmus Mundus students and Alumni Discover the benefits of...  a prestigious European Commission scholarship  top-quality study programmes  increased employability Hear from...  other students sharing their experience Learn how...  to apply – using our newly launched Application guidelines!  to increase your chances of selection!

26 USEFUL LINKS Erasmus Mundus for European Students: Official Erasmus Mundus page: Erasmus Mundus - Spain Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association

27 T AKE UP THE CHALLENGE! Apply for an Erasmus Mundus programme NOW! E-MAIL WEB

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