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WP2 – communication and dissemination

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1 WP2 – communication and dissemination
Dubrovnik-Neretva county 1st PSC Meeting 5th February 2014 Trieste, Italy Europe-Adriatic SEA-WAY EA SEA-WAY

2 GENERAL OBJECTIVES WP2 PMCM: „External communication and information of project results to key stakeholders and target groups → project’s appearance to the outside world ” What needs to be communicated and to what level of detail? Who needs to be informed? When and how often they need to be informed? How they should be informed? What is the most appropriate medium? Recommendation: to appoint a communication manager is the person in charge for the implementation of the communication plan, for the coordination of all the communication and publicity activities General communiction activities and promotion Coordination of communication done by FBs Monitoring and checking communication activities Coordination of meetings and events and all the necessary documents to be produced- EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

3 WP2 communication and visibility activity – general scope
to increase transparency in the use of European Union funds during the Project implementation, to achieve the knowledge of the activities and the joint cooperation strategy, to raise awareness of the main project’s achievements and results among the specific target groups and the general public, to let citizen know the benefits obtained in the involved territories. EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

4 WP2 OUTPUTS 1 Communication Plan 1 Website & Visual Identity,
1Database of target groups and stakeholders 50 Press Conferences/Articles 1 Project publication 1 Final Cross Border conference 14 Open Days to present the pilot action 10 Regional/National conferences 9 Promotional materials in English and National language EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

5 WP2 RESULTS Good visibility of the project
Positive evaluation of the communication Raised awareness of target groups (administrations, institutions competent in transport & infrastructures, people, research and technical centres, associations…) EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

The foreseen duration for WP2 is 28 months (November 2013 – February 2016). The foreseen AF budget is € ,93

7 WP2: SUBACTIVITIES 2.1. Elaboration of the Communication Plan (CP) and evaluation 2.2. Website, visual identity and promotional materials 2.3. Awareness raising at transnational and regional level EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

8 2.1.Elaboration of the Communication Plan & evaluation
Content: Reference framework Communication objectives, target audiences, contents of the communications, Communication methods/tools CP is divided in 2 sections: Internal Communication External Communication Provision of CP Implementation in accordance to CP Evalution of CP Responsible PP Dubrovnik Neretva County All PP’s FB1 Foreseen deadline 28/2/2014 During lifeline of project Mid term and at end of project Target # 1 / 2 EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

9 2.2. Website, visual identity and promotional materials
project visual identity is designed and used in all communication Activities promotional material: common and local/regional use transnational events, regional/local events Set up of website Update of website Visual identity Promotional material on project level Promo material on national/regional level Responsible PP Dubrovnik Neretva County All PP’s Foreseen deadline 28/2/2014 During lifeline of project 28/2/2016 Target # 1 N/A 9 EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

10 2.3. Awareness raising at transnational and regional level
Transnational directory for stakeholders/ target groups Final CB conference Regional/ national conferences Publication of articles, press releases/conferences Responsible PP FB4, All PP’s Dubrovnik Neretva County FB8,9,10,11,4,16,12,14,13,3 All PP’s Foreseen deadline 30/3/2014 28/2/2016 Target # 1 10 regional/national events + 14 open days 50 EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

Draft of PCP for February Proposals for visual identity Website structure proposal Creating of the Project templates. Media List to be collected/realized; in correlation with the database of target groups and stakeholders EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

12 COMMUNICATION PLAN Programme Management and Control Manual -PMCM communication and visibility manual for EU external actions definition of a more detailed project’s communication and dissemination strategy expenditures related to communication and visibility activities that do not comply with the requirements described in PMCM (project visibility and communication chapter) or the Communication plan that is in line with this chapter, are considered as ineligible. Copy of any visibility and communication material (e.g. publications, CDs, etc.) produced during the implementation of the project by any of its Project’s partner have to be provided to demonstrate that these requirements have been respected EA SEA-WAY 1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

13 Contents of Communication plan
1 Objectives 1.1 Overall communication objectives 1.2 Target groups 1.2 Specific objectives for each target group, related to the project’s objectives and the phases of the project cycle 2 COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES 2.1 Communication tools chosen 2.1.1 Internal Publications 2.1.2 Dissemination Pack Visual identity Templates / Posters, flyers& brochures 2.1.3 External Communication Tools EA SEA WAY website Press releases & press conferences Newsletters / Audiovisuals / Social media

14 2.1.4 Events Project Conferences and events External events Awareness campaigns 2.2 Main activities that will take place during the period covered by the communication and visibility plan 2.2.1 Internal Publications 2.2.2 Dissemination Pack 2.2.3 EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION TOOLS 2.2.4 EVENTS 3 INDICATORS OF ACHIEVEMENT 3.1 Completion of the communication objectives 3.2 Provisions for feedback (when applicable) 4 RESOURCES 4.1 Human Resources 4.2 Financial resources

15 WEBSITE Design and content of website
main dissemination tool with up to date information regarding the status of project, its advancement and its connection with other themes two main sections: public area and restricted area – intranet design: Programme project partners Target groups and stakeholders Gallery News feed Downloads → connected to the intranet section FB’s task: uploading deliverables, organisation logo's (in high resolution). Links from website: knowledge management tool (WP3), links to social network profiles example....


17 EA SEA-WAY visual identity proposals
1st PSC Meeting – TRIESTE

18 Thank you for your attention

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