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EU Opportunities for Tourism within COSME Program 2014-2020 Bruxelles, 22 May 2014 Cinzia De Marzo European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry Tourism.

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1 EU Opportunities for Tourism within COSME Program 2014-2020 Bruxelles, 22 May 2014 Cinzia De Marzo European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry Tourism Policy Unit

2 Tourism Measures from Europe 2020 perspective The Commission’s 2010 Communication “Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination – a new political framework for tourism in Europe” (COM 2010 (352)final) Implementation along 4 Axes for 21 action : Stimulate competitiveness in the European tourism sector (smart growth) Promote the development of sustainable, responsible and high quality tourism (sustainable and inclusive growth) Consolidate the image and profile of Europe as home to sustainable and high-quality destinations (smart growth) Maximise the potential of EU policies and financial instruments (smart growth 2 2

3 (2009-2011) Preparatory Action on Sustainable Tourism » Objectives: Promote sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism especially cycling tourism, its benefits and regional economic impacts Promote a trans-border cycle-tourism trail, which follows the former iron curtain (Iron Curtain Trail). Promote cultural tourism – transnational thematic tourism products tourism/index_en.htm tourism/index_en.htm Sustainable transnational thematic tourism products

4 11 Projects co-financed under the Preparatory Action on Sustainable Tourism - (2009-2011) 2010 - 6 projects to support the development of cycling tourism ( Iron Curtain Trail, EuroVelo Network coordination and EuroVelo 3 – St James Way 2011 - 5 projects to support the development and promotion of transnational thematic tourism products ( trails/itineraries/routes focused on different themes : cycling, culture…) 2012 (under Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme) – 7 projects co- financed 2013 call for proposals – 6 projects will be co-financed under 2013 call. tourism/index_en.htm tourism/index_en.htm 4 4

5 Trans-European cultural & industrial tourism Improve EU supply by supporting the development of new touristic products based on European cultural and industrial heritage and direct funding, i.e. Physical routes (e.g. iron curtain route, pilgrims routes, cultural route along the Danube, …) and thematic products (e.g. European route of Historic Thermal Towns including Spa, Bath, Baden-Baden; Itinéraire culturel des Ports & Cultures de la Méditerranée, …) Cooperation with Council of Europe – European Institute of Cultural Routes through the Join Management Program 2013-2014 17-20 June2014 – 3rd edition of “Crossroads of Europe" Ferrol, Galicia, Spain &title=%22Identity%2C%2DIndustry%2Dand%2DCulture%22%2D &title=%22Identity%2C%2DIndustry%2Dand%2DCulture%22%2D 5 5

6 CALYPSO 'TOURISM FOR ALL!' Calypso was a pilot initiative launched in 2009, aiming at facilitating low-season transnational tourism exchanges between Member States, Regions and other stakeholders, addressing 4 target groups : Pensioners (>65) Youth (18-30years) Disabled people Families facing difficult social circumstances Transnational projects 10 EU projects have been co-financed so far, involving 17 EU Member States and 2 non EU countries (Serbia and Montenegro). One of those projects developed a web-based platform eCalypso (, to facilitate transnational tourism in Europe, linking the supply and demand for accommodation and tourism services, professionals (B2B) and social oriented entities, helping local economies beat the offseason. 6 6

7 Calypso plus: "Tourism for Seniors" Objectives Objectives 1. Foster the demand and supply of transnational tourism for seniors; 2. Improve tourism seasonality patterns across Europe, by contributing to the extension of the tourism season, promoting regional development and increasing European citizenship; 3. Create innovative tourism packages for seniors, which will be available and sustainable after the EU co-financed period; 4. Set up and strengthen sustainable public-private European partnerships, including SMEs, to contribute creating a European tourism domestic market for seniors in the long term in 2014 the Commission provided co-funding to 4 projects out of about 60 applications received under the first call for proposals, published in 2013 7 7

8 119 EDEN destinations 26 EIP member countries : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. Different annual themes: 2007 – rural tourism 2008 – local intangible heritage 2009 – protected areas 2010 – aquatic tourism 2011 – tourism and regeneration of physical sites 2013 – accessible tourism 2014 - gastronomy

9 COSME 2014-2020 objectives 9 9 The Union’s programme to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the Union’s enterprises and to encourage an entrepreneurial culture and promote the creation and growth of SMEs Objective 1: Access to Finance Objective 2: Access to Markets Objective 3: Framework Conditions Objective 4: Entrepreneurship

10 Allocation of the COSME Budget overall budget: € 2.5 billion from 2014 to 2020 10

11 TOURISM WORK PROGRAMME 2014 Budget: €108.9 million for the 7 - year period to tourism-related actions. Description: The actions will contribute to the implementation of the 2010 Tourism Communication "Europe, the world's No 1 tourist destination“ and ensure a sustainable continuation to initiatives already undertaken under COSME 2014 as well as under EIP. Objectives: (1) increasing tourism demand, (2) diversifying tourism offer, (3) enhancing tourism quality, sustainability, accessibility, skills, information and innovation, (4) Improving socio-economic knowledge of the sector and (5) increasing Europe's visibility as a tourist destination as well as of its diverse destinations Implementation Mode: Calls for Proposals (4), Call for Tender and Framework Contracts (6), Ad-hoc Grants (2) 11

12 "Diversifying the EU tourism offer and products – Sustainable transnational tourism products" Overall Objective: to support the enhancement and promotion of sustainable transnational thematic tourism products - by improving their visibility and market uptake - so as to contribute to the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in Europe Key elements of the proposals: promotion of a concrete transnational thematic tourism product based on a certain type of tourism (theme) - SUSTAINABILITY -BE TRANSNATIONAL (5 countries + cooperation between SMEs & local public authorities) - BE THEMATIC - HAVE HIGH POTENTIAL FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT - HAVE A ROBUST BUSINESS PLAN Budget: 1.000.000€ - co-financement of up to 75% around 250.000€/project => 4/5 projects granted Calendar: - publication in May 2014 (tentative) - submission by August 2014 - 12

13 " Increasing tourism flows in low/medium seasons" Overall Objective: to facilitate the increase of tourism flows during the low and medium seasons between Member States and from third countries targeting two specific age groups (seniors and youth) What we expect from the proposals: To foster transnational public and private partnerships To contribute to the creation of a European domestic market for seniors and youths To extend the tourism season and spread the economic and social benefits To capitalize on other European and national initiatives and on the exchange of good practices To foster European identity and combat social exclusion Budget: 1.650.000€ (2 strands) co-financement of up to 75% around 150-200.000€/project => 8/10 projects granted Calendar: - publication in June 2014 (tentative)- submission by September 2014 - 13

14 “Synergies between tourism, high-end and creative industries” Overall Objective: to launch a pilot exercise to increase tourist flows around niche products exploiting synergies between tourism and creative industries at European level supporting the development and promotion of a new European Route around a high-end product. Test phase: high-end products selected on the basis of their economic potential and capacity to diversify European offer during the low season (will be defined in the specifications). Key elements of the proposals: - DIVERSIFICATION OF THE EUROPEAN OFFER -BE TRANSNATIONAL (at least 5 countries) - PUBLIC – PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (minimum 2 SMEs and 1 public Authority) Budget: 400.000€ co-financement of up to 75% total budget of the project = 533.333€ Calendar: - publication 27 May 2014 (tentative)- submission by early July 2014 - 14

15 PREPARATORY ACTION - “Promotion of European and transnational tourism products with special emphasis on cultural and industrial products” "Development and/or promotion of European Routes based on European cultural and industrial heritage" Overall Objective: To support the development and/or promotion of “routes” (physical or virtual) which have transnational or European Key elements of the proposals: These Routes must represent a “tourism product”, be transnational – so offered in the territories of several countries– and thematic (conceived, structured and developed around a common theme). - 4-5 countries -Minimum 2 SMEs + public authority - Budget: 1.000.000€ co-financement of up to 75% 5 projects will be selected Calendar: - publication end May 2014 (tentative)- submission by July - 15

16 PREPARATORY ACTION - “TOURISM ACCESSIBILITY FOR ALL” "Fostering Accessible Tourism entrepreneurship and management (title TBC)" Overall Objective: To test the implementation of capacity building schemes whereby managers, destination managers, entrepreneurs, can learn from experienced and successful “accessible” operators, create new synergies with other operators along the supply chain, explore new market opportunities and discover a new way to make business Key elements of the proposals: - Public-private partnerships (SMEs and public authorities), Chambers of Commerce, other entrepreneurs, business federations -Civil society, disability groups -Business schools, universities -Cross-border or national level (tbd) Budget: 650.000€ co-financement of up to 75% 3 – 4 projects will be selected Calendar: - publication in June 2014 (tentative)- submission by early September 2014 - 16

17 Contact details Unit E1. Tourism policy ctors/tourism/index_en.htm 17 Thank you for your attention!

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