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Instalación y configuración de CE+WN Angelines Alberto CIEMAT Grid Tutorial, Sept. 2007.

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1 Instalación y configuración de CE+WN Angelines Alberto CIEMAT Grid Tutorial, Sept. 2007

2 2To change: View -> Header and Footer What is a Computing Element (CE) ? What is a Torque Server ? What is a Worker Node? How to install and configure a Computing Element with Torque Server. How to install and configure a Worker Node with Torque Computing Element Testing Outline

3 3 What is CE? The CE is a service representing a computing resource.Its main functionality is job management (job submission, job control, etc.). For job submission, the CE can work in:  push model  push model (where the job is pushed to a CE for its execution).  pull model  pull model (where the CE asks the WMS for jobs).

4 4 What is Torque? TORQUE TORQUE (Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue management) is a resource management providing control over batch jobs and distribuited compute resource. The Torque System is composed by a:  pbs_server  pbs_server which provides the basic batch services such as receiving/creating a batch job or protecting the job against system crashes.  job_scheduler  job_scheduler which contains the site's policy used to decide which job must be executed.  pbs_mom  pbs_mom which places the job into execution. It is also responsible for returning the job’s output to the user.

5 5 What is a Worker Node? The Worker Node (WN) is a set of clients required to run jobs sent by the CE via the Local Resource Management System. It currently includes the:  gLite I/O Client,  the Logging and Bookkeeping Client,  the R-GMA Client and  the WMS Checkpointing library.

6 6 Installing CE + Torque Server WN + Torque

7 7 root GildaVM.06./netconfig

8 8 Preliminary and common steps Start from an instalation of SLC 3.0.X Install JAVA SDK Install and configure ntp daemon Install the latest version of YAIM Install the latest version of GILDA YAIM Install X.509 host certificates (it is necessary for CE, SE and RB) /etc/grid- security and check their file permissions. Install the middleware

9 9 Installing pre-requisites Check the FQDN hostname  Ensure that the hostnames of your machines are correctly set. Run the command: hostname -f

10 10 Installing pre-requisites Edit the list file of your WNs: vi /opt/glite/yaim/examples/ gilda_wn-list.conf and insert a line for each WN, with its Fully Qualified Domain Name

11 11 Installing pre-requisites Copy the gilda_wn_list.conf file to the yaim folder cp /opt/glite/yaim/examples/gilda_wn- list.conf /opt/glite/yaim/ Ensure that the file is right

12 12 Customize gilda_ig-site-info.def Open file /root/my-site-info.def and set the values according to your grid environment: CE_HOST=gridXX.$MY_DOMAIN NTP_HOSTS_IP=“”

13 OS_REPOSITORY="rpm slc306-i386 os updates extras " LCG_REPOSITORY="rpm glite_sl3-i386 3_0_0 3_0_0_externals 3_0_0_updates" IG_REPOSITORY="rpm ig_sl3-i386 3_0_0 utils“ GILDA_REPOSITORY="rpm gilda_app-i386 app 3_0_0" CA_REPOSITORY="rpm glite_sl3-i386 security" Customize gilda_ig-site-info.def

14 MYSQL_PASSWORD=sevillaxx JOB_MANAGER=lcgpbs CE_BATCH_SYS=pbs BATCH_BIN_DIR=/usr/bin BATCH_VERSION=torque-1.0.1b VOS= “gilda” ALL_VOMS_VOS=“gilda” Customize gilda_ig-site-info.def


16 16 Installing CE+Torque Server Copy from /opt/glite/yaim/examples to /opt/glite/yaim the files: users.conf  is right wn-list.conf  and modify them according to your site.

17 17 Installing CE+Torque Server Install the node /opt/glite/bin/gilda_ig_install_node /root/my-site- info.def GILDA_ig_CE_torque Configure the node /opt/glite/bin/gilda_ig_configure_node /root/my- site-info.def GILDA_ig_CE_torque GILDA_ig_BDII_site

18 18 Installing CE+Torque Server /etc/ssh/sshd_config Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the following lines at the end: HostbasedAuthentication yes IgnoreUserKnownHosts yes IgnoreRhosts yes Restart the server with: /sbin/service sshd restart

19 19 Installing CE+Torque Server /etc/ssh/ssh_know_hosts On the CE generate an updated version of /etc/ssh/ssh_know_hosts by running: /opt/edg/sbin/edg-pbs-knownhosts You have to copy this file in each WN

20 20 Installing WN Server Install the node /opt/glite/bin/gilda_ig-install_node /root/my-site-info.def GILDA_ig_WN_torque Configure the node /opt/glite/bin/gilda_ig-configure_node /root/my-site-info.def GILDA_ig_WN_torque

21 21 Computing Element Testing

22 22 CE Testing Log as a new created user (e.g gilda003) Edit a file and write #!/bin/sh hostname sleep 10 Save it (as and set the permission of execution chmod +x Submit the job: qsub –q short Test the status of the job qstat -a

23 23 CE Testing After the job execution there are two output files: ls And show these files:  Error file cat  Output file more

24 24 References A/ComputingElement A/ComputingElement A/WorkerNode A/WorkerNode

25 25 Questions

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