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1 Our lobby approach Bruges 26 April 2013 Henk Kok

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1 1 Our lobby approach Bruges 26 April 2013 Henk Kok

2 2 European projects, why?

3 3 Your motivation in Sintropher 1.Why are you in Sintropher? (use chart) 2.What did you formulate as your result = success in Sintropher? 3.Where do you stand at the moment (which aims realized and which aims still to reach?)

4 4 Eindhoven’s motivation in SYNAPTIC Result = success when: 1.International connections improve (RoCK) and OP 2014 – 2020 opens opportunities to assist this 2.New SUMP concentrates on pedestrians, bicyclists, multi modal sharing and seamlessness 3.Influence national policy 4.DNA (ICT, technology and RTD contributes to smart and seamless mobility

5 5 Some more SYNAPTIC Methodology Lobby levels Positive lessons

6 What does the passenger want? 1. Begin with the end in mind 2. Look backwards from the vision to the present 3. Move step by step towards the vision Present Future (Source:The Natural Step) Gather good practises Describe crunchpoints and enablers

7 7 Lobby levels

8 8 EU level, how? –Soft lobby Sending info: website, presentations, articles, press releases; Consultation / discussion: RT’s, seamless travel award –Hard Lobby Informing / charming EU decision makers: MP’s, 4 DG’s, JTS Lille, DG experts tickle National contact points and steering committee members Organizing stakeholder support: UITP, ECOMM, POLIS, Eltis and EPF

9 9 National Level, how? Soft Lobby –Informing the national contact point –short lines with the Steering Committee –Presentations: at national study days, Ministry Hard Lobby Sending a letter to the PPG Using the unexpected momentum (Fyra debacle) Ongoing lobby to influence the text for the new national rail conscession

10 10 Regional and Urban level, how? Influencing the E’hoven colleagues SUMP 2013 – 2020 Triple helix platform on seamless mobility / smart mobility

11 11 Lessons Open discussions: –Between ‘academics and the marketeers’; –The different orientation of the 4 projects Message: skill, reliability, involvement Product: attractive, conscise, practical recom’s Timing (using political momentum)

12 12 SYNAPTIC’s legacy Trying to find stakeholders with parallel aims –EPF, POLIS, EPOMM, ELTIS –Influential individuals Final meeting Manchester June 18th –building new partnerships; ‘speed dating’ for new project ideas

13 13 Seamlessness 2.0 Thank you!

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