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Harry Goossens ESSnet on Data Warehousing Centre of Competence.

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1 Harry Goossens ESSnet on Data Warehousing Centre of Competence

2 ESSnet on Datawarehousing Active support of ESS member states : putting results ESSnet DWH in practice 2

3 Content  Why a Centre of Competence on DWH ?  Main goals  Planned actions  Input from workshop 3

4 Why ? - The Challenges 4 Keep results updated Support Implementation Sustainability Tackle new Info demand Test in practice C o C

5 Main Goals  Contacting ESS members for identifying and prioritizing relevant projects and support requests  Provide ad-hoc support and consultancy to ESS members on their specific subjects as requested.  Active dissemination and implementation in daily practice of the deliverables of the ESSnet 5

6 Main Goals  Set up the knowledge repository in the ESSnet DWH domain of the CROS portal and implement a plan for active maintenance, incl. S-DWH best practice cases in ESS member states.  Further elaboration of specific deliverables from the ESSnet DWH that are characterized as continuous activities (’living documents’).  Keeping up-to-date the Handbook 6

7 Planned actions of the CoC  Setting up and managing the 1st line help desk function;  Work planning and coordination of tasks and activities between the partners;  Establishing the ESS-wide network of experts/specialists;  Dissemination and promotion of results of the CoC DWH;  Develop and evaluate an effective way of organising a CoC 7

8 Questions / Homework 8 What support in your opinion is most important for the CoC to provide:  Review  Advice & Consultancy  Implementing deliverables  Knowledge repository  Information broker  Supporting Business Case

9 Questions / Homework 9 Is your NSI interested in contacting the CoC for support ? Are you currently in need of support by the CoC ?  What type ?  How soon ?

10 Questions / Homework 10 The CoC intends to make an inventory of tool-solutions in the S-DWH context per NSI. What tools is your NSI using in the 4 S-DWH layers ?  Access  Interpretation and Analysis  Integration  Source

11 Questions / Homework 11 Are you willing to share your solutions with other NSIs ? Are you looking for specific solutions ? Are you willing to re-use components from colleagues ?

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