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ESSnet on Data Warehousing - WP2 Overview Amsterdam September 2013.

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1 ESSnet on Data Warehousing - WP2 Overview Amsterdam September 2013

2 Overview Where WP2 fits in Countries involved in WP2 Deliverables for WP2 Summary for each deliverable Conclusion

3 Where WP2 fits in The work package was designed to provide the methodological clarity for the ESSnet Vital link with the metadata work package and the technical work package Also provided guidance on specific aspects of a statistical data warehouse

4 Countries Involved The work was led by the UK with a subset of the other countries: Netherlands Italy Lithuania Most deliverables involved joint working between at least two countries

5 Detailed deliverables - 1 One of the initial deliverables was the pivot table output of the responses to the SDWH questionnaire (part of SGA1) This tool was presented in the Cardiff workshop A Useful tool to be used in conjunction with the handbook

6 Detailed deliverables - 2.1 Build on deliverable 1.1 (metadata model from WP1) and evaluate from a methodological standpoint Lithuania and Netherlands worked jointly Documents will be retained within the working area of the CROS portal but important conclusions held in the public area

7 Detailed deliverables - 2.2 Guidance on how the Business Register interacts with the SDWH There was a strong signal from the SDWH questionnaires that the BR was a crucial part of the warehouse Netherlands led but some UK input More detail will be presented by Pieter Vlag later

8 Detailed deliverables - 2.3 Populate the GSBPM architecture of the S-DW Started from the output of WP3 (3.1 the architecure model) Netherlands and Lithuania worked jointly here As with 2.1 the CROS portal will only contain the important conclusions

9 Detailed deliverables - 2.4 Data linking aspects of combining survey and admin data Lithuania led and Netherlands contributed Conclusions will appear on the CROS portal (there was a presentation in Tallinn in March)

10 Detailed deliverables - 2.5 Confidentiality aspects of data held within a SDW Lithuania and UK worked jointly, Netherlands also contributed There is a draft document but the boundaries between the work already completed and pointers for the Centre of Competence need to be clarified

11 Detailed deliverables - 2.6 Selective editing options within a SDW UK and Italy worked jointly There is a draft document which is fairly clear about its recommendations Some guidance for work whichshould be continued through the CoC Gary Brown will give a little more of the flavour of this work

12 Detailed deliverables - 2.7 This deliverable provided a mapping at the outset for links between completed and continuing ESSnet projects UK led with input from the Netherlands This was delivered early in 2012 and presented at the Cardiff workshop There may be some merit in updating this in light of further progress (eg Memobust - yet to report)

13 Detailed deliverables - 2.8 Outlier detection and treatment within a SDWH UK led with input from Italy A presentation was given in Tallinn in March Gary Brown will give a little more of the flavour of this work

14 Conclusions Tremendous amount of work completed under this work package including a diverse breadth of coverage Also provided the glue between other work packages Large number of documents completed or drafted with some finalising required

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