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Roy Freeland President, Perpetuum Ltd

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1 Roy Freeland President, Perpetuum Ltd
Chair ISA Power Sources Working Group. Chair UK Government Energy Harvesting S.I.G EU Zeropower Scientific Advisory Committee

2 Standards for WSN Power Sources
International Society for Automation ISA100 Family of Standards for Industrial WSN’s a Wireless Standard ISA Power Sources Working Group Key objectives are Define specifications for the interchangeability of power sources Use cases in range 0.1mW to 30mW Including batteries, energy harvesters, and other power sources Define performance specifications to facilitate comparison and selection of optimum power sources for application. Cooperating with a range of organizations VDI on battery standards for WSNs Other organizations using (e.g. WirelessHART, Zigbee) “Metrology for Energy Harvesting “project (EU funded European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP))

3 No Single Harvester is Universal Solution
Easy choice of Power Source is needed Leading wireless instrumentation suppliers have chosen universal system Generic Energy Harvester Adapter Module – GEHAM Enables Plug and Play Interchangeability: Vibration Harvester Thermal Harvester 24V DC

4 Battery Pack to IPM Wide range of input voltage levels: 8V – 24V.
Standard OEM Battery Module GEHAM Circuit Integrate GEHAM into OEM Battery Module Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Wide range of input voltage levels: 8V – 24V. Integrated robust capacitive storage for duty cycle Intelligent Power Management circuitry Hazardous Zone 0, Class 1 Division 1 Same form, fit & function as original OEM battery module Reduce or eliminate battery change costs & logistics Add energy harvesting now or later

5 Example GEHAM: Emerson IPM
Emerson Intelligent Power Module accepts Perpetuum Vibration Harvester Micropelt Thermal Harvester Perpetua Thermal Harvester 24V DC Others to be added ATEX, IECEx, FM approved (Not all power sources)

6 Example Installations
Oxea and Firestone

7 Honeywell Power Module
Battery pack - regulated external power input Internal harvester energy storage Replaces the standard IS Battery Pack in a Honeywell XYR 6000 transmitter Accepts external harvester power up to 20V Batteries only necessary for network joining Internal capacitance power for normal radio transmissions With Perpetuum Energy Harvester on a suitable vibration source Extend battery life >10years 4 second transmitter repetition rate ATEX, IECEx, FM approved

8 Rapid growth in EH powered WSN’s
Wireless Sensor Nodes deployed in many new applications Train bearings – many thousands being monitored EH powered self contained WSN Harvester ARM processor RF transmitter Live bearing data available Displayed over Internet Powerful business case On demand maintenance

9 WiBRATE FP7 Project

10 Performance Standards
End Users want to know if Harvester will “work” in their plant Will not know How much power needed What energy sources available (heat, vibration etc..) Characteristics of energy source Performance Standard needs to help select Harvester Type (Thermal. Vibration etc.) – this problem being solved by GEHAM Which Thermal/other Harvester will give best power output in particular or all applications So - Easy Task!!!

11 Vibration Harvesters Issues
Performance depends on many variables Type of vibration Sinusoidal fixed /sinusoidal variable/ stochastic/ variable/multi frequency/ other Magnitude (g) Nominal Frequency/Frequencies Variation in Frequency During operation From one machine to another Reference test conditions typical of practical applications (also applies to other harvesters) Measurement of output : Time to charge energy storage Output achieved through GEHAM

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